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Surprises Can Be Found When You Look Up…

Dear Friends,

Sometimes our daily lives can provide us with simple, gorgeous, and unexpected surprises. To start this story off I must preface it with the following admission: I have a tendency to be oblivious sometimes. It’s like I get tunnel vision and become focused on my goal, paying little attention to anything else. I am not sure this is some sort of detrimental condition I have developed or a strategic battle tactic¬†instinctively¬†devised to help me make my way through the day. But what I have come to realize that it is a disservice to my life, that I have missed out a few good bits of my environment. And I wonder if others who hustle through life with their gadgets, deadlines, and people to answer to have done the same. Odds are yes, I think we try to cram so much in to our lives that we end up ignoring the simple pleasures. We are so stressed that we forget to enjoy our surroundings. It’s so easy to do.

This stark, but true realization came to me as I have started to take pictures. I started to look for things around me of interest. A lot of times I just passed them by, or if I noticed them I didn’t really give them much thought. But when I began to want to preserve them with my wee camera it dawned on me how much of life’s beauty I had missed. It was quite a bitter-sweet notion. For instance, I run errands at the local Target all the time. I pop in and out, thinking about what I need to get, how much to spend, what to make for dinner, do I need to get gas and what else is on my list of things to do. I never paid attention to all the plants in the parking lot, it would look sad and depressing if they weren’t there. A couple of weeks ago I began to notice them. I saw the pretty marigold colored flowers on the shrub. I sheepishly took out my camera, knowing that my fellow shopper would think it odd, but bravely carried forth my self-appointed mission. I took a few pictures, and then made my way to my car. I had parked in front of a tree in an attempt of getting some shade. I tilted my head up and noticed how interesting the leaves were, but I also noticed their accompanying flowers. To me they looked so unique. Like little fans or peacock tail feathers playfully set about the sharp leaves. The sight of them tickled me, and so a snapshot I took.

I was glad that I took the time to look around and notice what small pleasures surrounded me. I had just wanted to share the thought and wondered if anyone else has had the same type of experience or revelation.