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California Carmageddon…and Other Ridiculous Notions…

There are these moments that makes me shake my head and feel completely embarrassed to be a Southern California resident. Oh there are so many, like when we elected Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the Governator, I mean even Gary Coleman ran in that recall election as well as Angelyne. If you don’t know who she is, she starred in such movies as “Earth Girls are Easy” and “The Angelyne Dream Experience”.

Another one of those only in LA moment is when it rains, and truly it does not rain often, but the weather forecasters go straight into panic mode. A little sprinkle will prompt the following phrase: “Storm Watch.” It’s not a storm, it’s barely a raspberry, we don’t need to call out the coast guard. Granted a couple of times in the winter it will rain heavily (especially if it’s an El niño year), and when it rains a lot there are mud slides, it was so bad one year the engines of a lot cars were flooded, but this is not the norm. My question is: knowing that your home was located in a Canyon that is prone to mudslides, why would you rebuild there? And to add to the madness sundae is this crazy cherry on top: it is very expensive to buy a home in these areas and they are very secluded and I suppose that exclusivity adds to their allure. I think it’s the Hollywood effect: everyone wants to think they are special, so they think that they need to buy a house where no one can reach the. This is not a good idea when you live  in an area prone to mudslides and did I mention brush fires? Because if no one can reach you, then that no one includes firemen and police officers. I think it’s completely illogical.

However the pièce de résistance is happening this weekend. This weekend the California natives are in rare form, their ridiculousness is in complete and total overdrive because, ready for it, ten miles of the 405 will closed down for 53 hours. Now I know it’s annoying and it’s an inconvenience, but did we really need to call it Carmageddon? And my local public broadcasting station has created this program which documents the fears of what chaos may happen. If you type in Carmageddon a list of articles chronicling all the paranoia and fears of what this will do LA’s society as a whole will pop up. The 405 is always jammed, even on the weekend, which is why I don’t head over to Santa Monica more often. And yes there will probably be some problems, but we’ll just have to deal with them. Is this an armageddon type situation, can we refer to it as an end-of-the world scenario, is this good versus evil, um…no. The closures are from 10 to the 101, which just means don’t head over to Santa Monica. Most people will take alternate routes, and those probably will be a little more congested, but it’s not going to kill us to go somewhere else, or spend some time at home. My assumption is that the media is making a bigger deal of it than it is, classic LA. Everyone calm down, there is really no need to panic, I think.

Oh and just in case you think I’m being overly dramatic, here’s that program trailer. Oh yeah, I’m totally serious.


Hair Chronicles…The Grass is Always Greener…

*** I ask in advance for forgiveness for the following. Please forgive me for going on about my hair, rereading what I wrote I rolled my eyes at myself, but I thought the dynamic of my natural hair opposed to what I would like would play well against each other. 


Dear Friends,

Isn’t it always the way? I was born blessed with the typical Asian thick straight glossy black hair. The type of hair that is wash-and-go. It looks pretty no matter what the weather, and I know this makes me sound full of my…hair, but I setting it up my story. By all accounts I should be grateful and happy with my hair, and for the most part I am, but (and I how it sounds that I have the nerve to say but) ever since I was little I dreamt of having curls in my hair. For some reason, as a small child, I thought that Carol Brady had pretty long blonde hair with curls. I think I was about four or five. I have no idea who I was referencing, or if it was just a figment of my imagination, but when I got older I realized that I was wrong.

As a girl I would beg my Mom and my Tías to curl my hair. If I was consistent enough they would acquiesce. Needless to say as a young girl I did not have the patience nor the tolerance to wear those curlers in my hair. Even if I endured long enough for it to dry with the rollers on my new found curls would not last very long. Within a few minutes my hair was poker straight once again. Eventually I realized that curls were not in the cards for me, and I relented to my straight fate. I learned to love my hair, but secretly I still longed for curls.

As a grown woman I realized that a curling iron, hairs products, and a textured cut can help me have curls for a little bit longer. Not for an extended period, after a few hours they would start to go straight again. It bothered me that I was frying my hair with heat, as it seemed like torturing my shiny locks, so it was a feat that I did not attempt often. In fact I have a straightener (don’t ask there is no logic behind the purchase) and a curling iron, both of which I paid a good deal of money for and take up real estate within my drawer. I am also quite lazy with my hair, being spoilt by the ease of just rolling out of bed and raking my fingers through as a style. So there they lie, waiting for the day.

However I do have these moments where I still wish for a bit of something different. Since it is Summer here, I’ve gotten it in my head that I could do with a bit of natural wave in my hair. What I do is put it in that half ponytail, you know the one that we all did in college where it’s a ponytail but the end isn’t pulled through all the way on the last round. Or I roll it in a bun. And normally do it while it’s wet and since it’s so hot it dries really quickly. Added benefit, it’s been so hot here that I need to get my hair off my neck and out of my face. To get that beachy look I sometimes spray it with a sea salt spray. I’ve been using KMS Sea Salt Spray. It gives your hair texture and bit of matte, so you have that fresh from the beach feel. I got a sample of Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray and plan to try that next. I’ve also used other texture products to hold the wave and body when I wanted less of a sticky feel. If you’re interested below are the two products mentioned. Click on them to take you to their site.

I hope everyone is having a good hair day,



KMS Sea Salt Spray

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray