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Hair Chronicles…The Grass is Always Greener…


*** I ask in advance for forgiveness for the following. Please forgive me for going on about my hair, rereading what I wrote I rolled my eyes at myself, but I thought the dynamic of my natural hair opposed to what I would like would play well against each other. 


Dear Friends,

Isn’t it always the way? I was born blessed with the typical Asian thick straight glossy black hair. The type of hair that is wash-and-go. It looks pretty no matter what the weather, and I know this makes me sound full of my…hair, but I setting it up my story. By all accounts I should be grateful and happy with my hair, and for the most part I am, but (and I how it sounds that I have the nerve to say but) ever since I was little I dreamt of having curls in my hair. For some reason, as a small child, I thought that Carol Brady had pretty long blonde hair with curls. I think I was about four or five. I have no idea who I was referencing, or if it was just a figment of my imagination, but when I got older I realized that I was wrong.

As a girl I would beg my Mom and my Tías to curl my hair. If I was consistent enough they would acquiesce. Needless to say as a young girl I did not have the patience nor the tolerance to wear those curlers in my hair. Even if I endured long enough for it to dry with the rollers on my new found curls would not last very long. Within a few minutes my hair was poker straight once again. Eventually I realized that curls were not in the cards for me, and I relented to my straight fate. I learned to love my hair, but secretly I still longed for curls.

As a grown woman I realized that a curling iron, hairs products, and a textured cut can help me have curls for a little bit longer. Not for an extended period, after a few hours they would start to go straight again. It bothered me that I was frying my hair with heat, as it seemed like torturing my shiny locks, so it was a feat that I did not attempt often. In fact I have a straightener (don’t ask there is no logic behind the purchase) and a curling iron, both of which I paid a good deal of money for and take up real estate within my drawer. I am also quite lazy with my hair, being spoilt by the ease of just rolling out of bed and raking my fingers through as a style. So there they lie, waiting for the day.

However I do have these moments where I still wish for a bit of something different. Since it is Summer here, I’ve gotten it in my head that I could do with a bit of natural wave in my hair. What I do is put it in that half ponytail, you know the one that we all did in college where it’s a ponytail but the end isn’t pulled through all the way on the last round. Or I roll it in a bun. And normally do it while it’s wet and since it’s so hot it dries really quickly. Added benefit, it’s been so hot here that I need to get my hair off my neck and out of my face. To get that beachy look I sometimes spray it with a sea salt spray. I’ve been using KMS Sea Salt Spray. It gives your hair texture and bit of matte, so you have that fresh from the beach feel. I got a sample of Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray and plan to try that next. I’ve also used other texture products to hold the wave and body when I wanted less of a sticky feel. If you’re interested below are the two products mentioned. Click on them to take you to their site.

I hope everyone is having a good hair day,



KMS Sea Salt Spray

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray


15 thoughts on “Hair Chronicles…The Grass is Always Greener…

  1. Everyone always wants different hair to what they have 🙂

    • I wonder why that is. Actually I like my hair most of the time, but I think I get bored and want to try something new. That’s when I chop it off or maybe want to curl it or try bangs. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

  2. Very cool product advice! Makes me want to try sea salt sprays.

    • It’s a lot of fun to play with the texture of your hair. But some people don’t like it. If you have a Sephora near you I would try on Bumble and Bumble before you buy it, it’s 23 bucks yikes. Try it in the store and have them make a sample for you, they can pour some in a spray bottle and you can try it at home. I would try it wet and dry. If you want to try the KMS, look at a discount beauty supply store. I only paid 11 bucks for it. Also if you have an Ulta check out their range of sea salt sprays. I want to try the Paul Mitchell one but have not been able to source it locally. Remember not to overspray, you may not like the texture.

      You may also want to look at texturizing products. I like the Aveda light elements line. I also want to try Bumble and Bumble’s texture cream and Redkins Wool Shake, I’ve heard nothing but good things. But I am trying to finish off my products now before I buy anymore. Let me know how your beachy hair experiment goes.

  3. I have dry, frizzy and messy, inconsistent waves and kinks (not curls!) which are really hard to manage. I can’t wear my hair in its natural state unless its boy-cut short or tied into a bun. Its not thick but it swells when its dried. So I had to either perm it with curls and style it everyday or straighten and have limp looking hair! Having it permed or strightened means I have to go back to the salon once every few months spending lots of money to maintain it! Its a nightmare I tell you. In February 2010 I had the roots straightened and the ends curled permanently and the style looked good for about 9 months, then the roots start to get wavy and frizzy. Not wanting to spend money to fix it then, I wore my hair in a bun, everyday for another 9 months until I couldn’t take the frizz and split ends anymore I rebonded it last week. Not very happy now because its limp, I’ll have to wait a few weeks when the roots grow a little to give volume and then another 2-3 months of bliss before I have to wear the bun again or spend more money! Sighs. I am jealous of you!!

    • Oh no, I’ve had friends who have had to had their hair done so it can be the way they like it. It’s really expensive, and just one of those things we do for beauty. I’m sorry, and I feel a bit like a jerk for going on about my genetic luck, which is what it is. I honestly am grateful, but the thing is that I need to be slapped around to be reminded. And if when we meet some day, you can slap me around a little, just let me know before why I’m getting slapped 😀

      Which process are you using? I hear good things about the Japanese one.

      • The hairdresser is Korean but I don’t know where the treatment cream comes from. But I think the technology came from Japan….I think…. 😉

      • It’s probably the same one. I heard really good things. Too bad there isn’t anything that’s more permanent yet, but you know they’re working a pill for gray hairs.

  4. I know boys often don’t talk about hair but after reading this I figured out I can lay out the stages my hair has been through.

    Bowl cut, all shaved off, discovery of Grateful Dead leading to not visiting a hair dressers in nigh on 6 years.

    And people sometimes asking me do I use straighteners. I do not.

    • I’m so glad you played along 😀

      There must be some boys who talk about hair. I think they do over here, some fellas are obsessed with it.

      You must have pretty hair, I knew a boy in college who was Mexican but he had Inca features. His hair was so long, shiny and pretty. He really looked like an Inca, but with Doc Martins.

  5. It’s funny; growing up, I had the blonde version of your hair, but I always longed for the full head of curls my brother had (and he always wanted straight hair!). I tried everything under the sun to get a curl going, but my hair had other ideas. I finally accepted and learned to love my straight hair but when I began colouring it a paler blonde, everything changed again…..I now have wavy-ish hair!! It’s just that only now, do I fully understand how easy I had it with my hair THEN, as opposed to now, needing to go to sometimes elaborate lengths in order to be “hair-happy”!! Loved your post, D!!!

    • Isn’t that something? Coloring your hair can change it so much, also cuts can make it easier to style. But wavy-ish hair is so pretty and you can go either curly or straight. I think your hair changes a little bit as you get older. The sun’s had it’s way with my head, it is more of a dark brown right now and now I keep in a bit shorter, it’s midway down my back. It’s also textured so it has more body right now. Ahh, the things we gals go through.

  6. Given my recent post and your comment on it, this post has been illuminating! Ah, hair struggles. It’s all a part of the journey. 🙂

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