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This post is brought to you by our lovely friend Vix over at Little Miss Everything who has tagged me. Today we are going to play a little game, a sort of Name That Post. So let’s begin shall we?

1. Most Beautiful Post…

I have been trying to improve my photography skills as well as playing with some of my graphics software, and while I am still an amateur I am quite happy with A Day with Flowers. It was just fun to do and I liked the outcome.

2. Most Popular Post…

I think the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Posts were the most popular. Of the series, where I went a bit hog-wild for a week, Nordstrom Anniversay Sale MAC Cine-Matics was the most popular, and only by a hair. I was surprised by all the visits, and even more surprised by part of my reaction. You see I felt a little taken aback by the hits and felt apprehensive to post anything of a more personal nature on here. While I don’t post all my personal details, I do have a little bit of myself in this blog. I think developing friendships with other bloggers made it feel a bit more personal, like a community. But people who were coming by were strangers, just there to get some info and run. Which is fine, that’s what it’s there for, but I guess my private nature felt awkward. It wasn’t something I was anticipating

3. Most Controversial Post…

Hmm….I don’t think I’ve had a controversy on my blog per se, but I did write about something that was a bit more serious. I think the post on negative comments, Drawbacks, handled a different subject matter than I normally do. And there were some really great thoughtful comments left, actually most (if not all) of my blogger friends leave really great comments consistently.

4. Most Helpful Post…

What I’ve noticed is that my posts are quite varied, which is a very accurate reflection of me as a person. Choosing one post under the label of most helpful was difficult. There are a few posts which may fall under the category of helpful. But for this heading I am going to go with Daijoubou Daijoubu…, because it was written for someone and anyone who ever felt like they were having a harder time in life to read and hopefully feel a bit more optimistic about things. Sometimes we just need to be told that things will be OK in order for us to look past the problem.

5.  A Post Whose Success Surprised Me…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog on Facebook was just a blurb linking folks over to Facebook, but it came in a close second to most popular post.

6. A Post That Didn’t Get The Attention I Felt it deserved…

This is an awkward choice to make. Some posts are hit or miss, blogging is a leisurely thing, or at least it should be. I don’t think we take too much offense if one post is popular while another swept under the rug. But I had to pick one, I pour over all the seemingly unloved posts and found one that I liked, but maybe some folks missed…Business Idea: One for One. I am really interested in any innovative business approach which thinks of the community. Money is just a way of getting it done and status is irrelevant, rather it gets in the way of evolution and productivity.

7. Post I’m Most Proud Of…

Egads this was also hard to pick. I think I am going to have to pick The Importance of Being Creative. This post came from a very personal epiphany, and it’s something that after it was written gave me a pretty good feeling. It was cathartic in nature. And I thought if anyone could benefit from what I was feeling and thinking, all the better. But I write a lot of these posts with that thought.


This was really a challenge, but it was a great way to look back at the last five months. This will be my 118th post. I hadn’t realized how many posts I had written. So with this I pass on this tag to five more fabulous bloggers:

  1. Skyraftwander
  2. Tien
  3. Pervisha
  4. Eugenia
  5. Tipsy Lucy 
Have fun kids, it’s a great opportunity to go over your work. Woohoo!!!!!

14 thoughts on “Taking Stock…

  1. I got tagged!! I haven’t even finished the top 10 beauty post you tagged *blush*. Congrats on the 118th post, yayyy!!

    • Teehee…I know, I’ve been piling them on you. Maybe do a combo-tag-mania post. It’s fun and kind of hard at the same time. It’s like going through a photo album, but like the tech word version of it.

  2. Thank you for the tag! I don’t have very many posts as Tipsy Lucy even though I’ve been blogging for years under a different name, but I’ll see what I can put together.
    Now to read your linked posts! 😀

    • It’s supposed to be fun. Just do what makes you feel comfortable. Skip the ones that aren’t applicable I think. Teehee…you are a secret blogger, aren’t we all?

  3. Neat post.

    One thing, is there a time limit on this? Because my little Mexican Skeleton thing has much of my attention right now and it might take me a while to get round to this.

    Still, I’ll get it done.

  4. Really interesting, I love number 6 – it really is hard to let go sometimes when you think you’ve written something interesting and it just gets glossed over.

    • It really is, I think because we take the time to write these posts, sometimes they coincide with people visiting and sometimes not. It really just depends on when people feel like reading your blog. Some days you are really busy or not in a bloggy mood. Such is blog life.

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  6. Oh i have been tagged ! 😀 like tien, I still haven’t done the beauty post yet.

  7. Can I do it after Ramadan, psh ? :$ Im preparing to blog about something already.

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