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Yesterday was the premiere of the Captain America movie at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. I could have gone, Hollywood isn’t really so far, just grab the 101 and technically you’re there. Although they did close off some streets, just to make it difficult. Folks can gather outside the premiere and take pictures and get autographs. I am not sure who does all that though. I can’t remember any of my friends ever wanting to go, nor of someone speaking of doing that. I think it may be a tourist thing to do or maybe it’s something that high school kids and families do. I really do wonder.

When I lived in New York as a child I never went to the Empire State building, passed it I am sure, but never really paid it much mind. Never went to see the Statue of Liberty. We did go to see the Rockets at Radio City Music Hall and played in Central Park. Now that I live in Southern California there are things that I wouldn’t think to do, but many people associate with SoCal. Going to see a taping of a TV show is something we did when there was a field trip and we wanted to get out of class. It doesn’t pay in the long run as it may take forever for the taping to be done and you may end up going home pretty late. When I think of Hollywood, I think that’s too much traffic to fight to go to see tourists. Going into Downtown L.A. and Hollywood means you may see surly prostitutes (don’t mess with them, they don’t like that) and bums peeing on your car (I’m not sure why but that’s a thing). Actually I went to the Chinatown New Years Parade and a few non-homeless people peeing in the streets, there aren’t any restrooms and well folks gotta pee. It’s as gross as it sounds.

That last passage was included to demonstrate my reasoning for not going, because of the traffic, and because of the possible yuck factor, not to mention gas prices, finding parking, paying for parking, and possible lameness, blah blah blah. I really have a whole laundry list of reasons. But really those are excuses and what it comes down to is the fact that I’m too lazy to put aside those reasons and just do it. My only reason for wanting to go would have been to peek at Richard Armitage, but I guess that motivation was not great enough. You know I must have spent about six minutes entertaining the thought, then went about doing something else. Namely washing my car and throwing together a little nosh.

Let’s put it in writing, I stink as a fan. I would never be a super fan or one of those stalker type folks, because I just couldn’t be bothered. Yikes, that just takes too much time to obsess over one person. The most I can do is admire someone’s work and think that they’re attractive (this may mean that I have a limitation on the whole lust thing). If I see them somewhere on street, maybe I would take a picture, but I need a better camera (look another excuse). And it is much easier  (ease a close relation to laziness) to just catch bits of it on TV and the internet. Voilà…

Yesterday is was super muggy,humidity was at 94%, I crossed my legs and I broke out in a sweat, and somewhat hot somewhere in the 90s. After watching that video I felt bad for the poor man he was wearing a suit, the people interviewing him couldn’t pronounce his name and asked the dumbest question. You could see his eyebrow twitch every time she mispronounced his name and he was way to polite to correct her. But then you see someone like Robert Downey Jr. who’s done this a few hundred, if not thousand, times. This fool has got his shizz down.

I wonder if it’s an American vs. British thing, are we just too relaxed and joke around a lot? Or maybe it’s starpower. I bet he says things in his head like, “I AM ROBERT DOWNEY JR.!!!!” Like it’s some sort of power mantra to remind him of his RobertDowneyness. I think everyone in that crowd knows who he is and I’m certain the reporter knew of his work, she had way better questions than that other “British” Interviewer, she did not sound British to me. And I think if they were crap questions Downey would have handled it and left the wrangler to deal with the aftermath.

I know this was a superficial and rambling sort of post, but I suppose I am in a superficial and rambling sort of mood. It’s hot here people and feel a bit scramblely in the old noodle. But I guess I was wondering if anyone would have (wanted to go or) gone to this sort of event. Am I missing something?

6 thoughts on “Gluttony vs. Lust….

  1. See, living in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), we hear/see/read about all these Hollywood premieres and it almost seems like it’s on another planet – that’s how removed we are from that whole scene. We may say things like “If I were there, I would take every chance to see all these celebrities up close & personal” but I guess when you’re living in a place, you tend to become complacent, lose the desire to invest yourself, and generally forget what it is the rest of the world comes there to see. It’s the same for me here in my hometown; when guests come to visit, they ask me all these questions about so many landmarks (after all, Quebec City is the oldest city in North America) and when I look blank, they cannot believe that I don’t take full advantage of everything my city has to offer. When you’re busy trying to make a living, it’s so easy to forget how to live….and enjoy. I hear you about all the negatives that attending such an event would entail, but surely there must be some positives too? Perhaps you need to focus on another angle of this picture….and I should do the same about my little neck of the woods!

    • That’s a really good point. I think I may take some of this for granted. But maybe it’s just something I’m not that interested in, because if I were really interested in it I would have made it my business to go.

      I had been reflecting on my actions and my motivation. I don’t think I would was motivated to go to a premiere to just stand outside with the crowd. I think if I were really interested I would want to participate in some way. Like I would want to work the venue or attend the actual premiere. Sounds outlandish, huh? But if you network a bit you can score tickets to these things. But I am not a network type of gal. Getting into the industry is doable, you just have to be persistent and into schmoozing, but I really can’t stand schmoozing. I think I am not really into that crowd. It’s a know thyself situation I suppose. But I also think it’s a different atmosphere in LA, it seems like everyone thinks they’e a star and they act like it. In general I think we’re ambivalent towards actors, after all they’re moving around in their natural habitat so we’re less likely to interrupt them.

      But I do think you are right, I need to approach it from a different perspective. I think that’s a big part of what I need to do with my life overall. I’ve spent a good bit of time just moving about doing what needs to get done, but I think I need to examine my path and change lanes, mindset, explore life a bit more.

  2. I heart Richard too! I’ve never gone purposfully to the West End to see a premiere but once I was there and they had one so I stopped for a bit and watched, nothing amazing really. I’d have liked to have see the Harry Potter one but people camped to get in and there’s no way I’m that bothered!

    • Don’t you think he’s getting better looking as he gets older? Sigh….

      Yeah, I think if I were there and just walking around I would have popped my head over. He was in New York last night, for some reason I thought it would have been more fun to go to that premiere, it was a Visa promotion. I bet my Aunt could have scored tickets, see that would have been fun.

      That Harry Potter phenomenon is insane. Some chick was crying when she came out. It was nuts. Yeah, I could not camp out for anything. I thought of doing it with the Rose Parade, but nah, too cold and my bed is so comfy. It’s on TV for the whole day.

  3. If I ever made it to that side of the world, I would want to go. And I would drag you with me Danielle. Because then I would be a tourist. A star-struck tourist (I heart Robert!) And you would be a tourist’s friend. You think that’s a good enough excuse to go? Tee hee…!

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