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Growing Pains…

I have been playing with the themes for this blog, I think the last one may have been confusing. Sometimes I did not have pictures to go with my post, so it would have been naked if I kept the current post as the feature post. And my camera has not been cooperating so pictures seem to not be in my immediate future. So I’ve changed the look of the blog again. Sorry friends, I personally liked the old one too.


On A Summer Day…

Good gravy is it warm/hot in Southern California, making it worse is that it’s humid and I am melting. I think it is hot in most of North America and I am sure other places like Asia. So what should the heat afflicted do? Well, the first thing to do is keep calm and don’t lose your head, I am here with a few suggestions. (FYI the heat makes me a little squirrelly so I may be the only one who panics a bit and feels a bit deflated by the weather)

  1. Stay hydrated, drink tons of water. You’ll drink more in the Summer since you are losing more water because of the human exhaust system (I know I could have just said sweat). Bored of water and want a treat. Try slicing some strawberries and tossing it into your lemonade and leave it overnight. I bought a bottle of lemonade and had some strawberries that I needed to use ASAP, so I made some homemade lemonade. It is quite good. I think I may pop some frozen peaches into some black tea and see what comes of it next. I tend to drink with a straw, it’s better for your teeth.
  2. Whenever you feel like you are going to melt go for a cool treat. Try throwing some frozen fruit with some juice in your blender. If you have a good blender throw in some ice. I personally love pomegranate juice with some berries and mango. You get a lot of vitamins from uncooked fruits, there are so many health benefits. You may need add sugar (simple syrup, stevia, or whatever you like) to sweeten to your taste.
  3.  I was at Henry’s today looking for almond flour to make macaroons. I was slapped in the face when I realized it was over eleven dollars for a small bag of flour. I then thought why would I want to bake in this heat. Back to reality. I haven’t tried this, but maybe I will pick up a sponge cake and some brandy. I bought some apricots yesterday, I may blend some brandy with the apricots and let it sit for a bit and then layer on the cake. I am not sure if this may be better with dried apricots. I think this may be a nice little quasi home-made desert for summer.
  4. For food I am all about salads and the broiler. I loved broiling chicken and putting together a salad, either green or pasta. I just don’t want to spend too much time over a stove when it’s hot to start with.
  5. I don’t know about you, but when it is hot at nights I tend to get up for a drink of water. So I like to freeze those individual bottles of water. Open the bottle before hand and drink some of the water so when it starts to defrost it won’t bubble up. If it’s starting to defrost and you open it will spill out. Also don’t leave it on wood as the dew from the melting bottle can ruin your furniture.
  6. If you feel miserable and want to cool off, I warn you this is old school, but wet a towel and place it on your neck. It will cool off your entire body this way. I have seen someone put it on their head, which probably works too.
I wonder what everyone else does to beat the heat. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

**Just to let you know, I do have a couple of  air conditioners, but I think it’s more environmentally friendly to use fans. Plus I figure why make yourself hotter than you need to?