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Growing Pains…


I have been playing with the themes for this blog, I think the last one may have been confusing. Sometimes I did not have pictures to go with my post, so it would have been naked if I kept the current post as the feature post. And my camera has not been cooperating so pictures seem to not be in my immediate future. So I’ve changed the look of the blog again. Sorry friends, I personally liked the old one too.

12 thoughts on “Growing Pains…

  1. This is a nice clean one.

    • It is, I may tinker with the formula some more. I want it to look clean but inspired, but since there isn’t so much we can do since they’re preset templates it has been a challenge. And I listen to the feedback of the readers, one gal thought another one was too difficult to read. The impetus for this change was that it came to my attention that the new posts were harder to find since the featured post was locked. I thought that was an issue. I think it’s a visual cue. If I unlocked it there would be days when it was blank since I don’t always post pictures.

  2. I have an idea. Try out our themes too. Like mine and Tien’s. Your last theme was really suitable. This one is kind of empty empty rather than clean. And I want to ask you two things. Are you good at drawing? secondly, how to set pictures on the sidebar? I cannot understand the widget thing.

    • Which theme are you guys using? I liked the last one too, but as I told Lucy I think it was confusing for some and hard to find the latest posts. I don’t want anyone to be put off by my theme choice. I just wish WordPress would either let us program our own or sort of hack the ones we’re offered.
      I like to draw, as for me being good at it, I think I am OK. But it is something that I do enjoy. On some days I feel a bit of a block, and on others I am just not happy with the outcome.
      It was a challenge with the widgets. But the pictures are image widgets. You just drag the available widget over to the sidebar and then program your picture in. So you select the edit button and it takes you to the field. You label your Widget title and write your brief caption. The image has to have a URL address, so if it’s from a website that has only that picture you can use that. But that’s not the best idea, because it can change. What I did was upload the picture to my ahappypeach gallery and then used the image URL they provide. I also linked it to the company where you can get the tea if someone is interested. Sizing it can be an issue, if it doesn’t fit in the sidebar it will crop it. You can select order placement (first, second, blah, blah, blah) or if you want it front and center. I hope that helps.

      • I’m under the influence theme by space person. What I do is, I don’t change the day I joined wordpress, it lectured me on how to maintain a look to your blog. You know, like a trademark that people start recognizing me through my consistent blog style. however, its also boring o just keep one look . So i keep changing the Header. I design n it gives the blog a fresh change. blogspot has variety of themes. WordPress sucks at it. anyway, all the best and don’t be sad. experiments makes us perfect at our projects.

        Thanks for lettin me know the image funda. and about the drawing thing. Im a good graphics designer, the header is the proof of it lol…but I suck at drawing alive things. I’m thinkin of writing a mahnwa. U must know mahnwa right? since v both love koreans. lol….
        now i just need somebody to help me with the drawings. or at least someone who can give it a try! my mother paints fantastic. but sadly, she doesn’t draw modern things n angles.

      • Thanks Pervisha, I think as my blogging changes I’ve changed the themes, but also so I’ve tried to adapt to my friends so it’s easy for them to navigate.
        I love manhwa/manga. I love that they get adapted to doramas. There are books that show how to draw like that. I’ve tried it, but I have a problem with left side/right side. Since it’s a different technique it’s harder to get it right. I love illustrators, their work is so gorgeous. I think I should spend some time working on my skills. Since I enjoy it. 😀

  3. Don’t worry too much Danielle, it’s your writings that keep us coming back 😉 This current one looks okay to me. I am very fickled minded on my theme too. I am starting to get bored with the one I am using now (again!). WordPress keeps releasing awesomer themes yikes! Anyway, you just need to do a little tweak here and there no matter which theme you choose until it looks right. Yes, I agree with Pervisha, try out some of the themes we are using and see how you like it! 🙂

    • Thanks Tien, I think I will give it a go. And thanks for the compliment about my writing. Yay, now I’m doing a happy dance, ala Snoopy.

    • agreed! 😀 i come to look for my happy peach. n by the way, i have a very peachy picture of D in my mind . Are u by any chance healthy like a peach, D? 😀

      • I am a bit juicy and I try to be sweet. I had a picture of when I was kid up, but I got embarrassed and took it down. I look exactly the same as when I was five, at least that’s what my friends say.

  4. Honestly, with your writing, I dont think anyone notices the changes in themes.

    • I think I just want it to be easy to read and find what you are looking for. If someone tells me it’s too hard to read or the theme isn’t easy to understand then I figure I need to change it. But it shouldn’t be a deterrent or too distracting. I just want everyone to be happy. But I think you’re right, the content should take priority over the looks. Thanks 😀

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