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My Naughty Little Ways…


Dear Friends,


I think I have been quite forthright with my disclosure of my love (bordering obsession) of make up. I have imposed upon myself a shopping ban, and to be honest it has not been easy. I think I am just short of waking up in a cold sweat and reaching for my credit card as I turn on my iMac. Those gorgeous temptations are always there. Indeed, they come into my inbox and try to lure me into their den of desire. My constitution waivers as I think of all the pretty toys I could have, but I remain for the most part resolute. And at the end of the day I have found a way to pass up majority of those darling little precious items.

However it seems that there will always be offers that will test me. Why just today Benefits is offering a 20% discount with offer code SOPOPULAR, it expires on 9/1/11. I also received this months catalog for Ulta and they seem to be doing something new. They’re starting a three-week beauty event. Here is a list of their daily steals (all prices are USD):

  • BareMinerals (9/4) – Prime Time Eyelid Primer $12 (reg $18)
  • Philosophy (9/5) – Lipshine buy one get one 50% off (reg $10)
  • Hydroxatone (9/6) – Hydrolyze 20% off (reg $80)
  • Stila (9/7) – Lip Glaze $11 (reg $22)
  • Pür Minerals (9/8) – Chisel Brush $10 (reg $23)
  • Too Faced (9/9) – Shadow Insurance $9 (reg $18)
  • Smashbox (9/10) – Photo Op Under Eye Brightener $10 (reg $18)
  • Tarte (9/11) – Gifted Mascara $10 (reg $19)
  • Philosophy (9/12) – Purity Wipes $12 (reg $20)
  • StriVectin (9/13) – Scrub free with any purchase
  • Murad (9/14) – Hybrids buy one get one 50% off (reg $35)
  • Fusion Beauty (9/15) – Stimulash Lash Enhancing and Lengthening Mascara 414 (reg $28)
  • Too Faced (9/16) Bronze Snow Bunny $19 (reg $28)
  • Urban Decay (9/17) Marshmallow Body Powder free with any Urban Decay $30 purchase
  • Kinerase (9/18) – buy one get one 50% off (reg $28 to $150)
  • Tarte (9/19) EmpasEyes Aqua Gel Eyeliner $9 (reg $18)
  • Butter London (9/20) Nail Lacquer buy one get one FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (reg $14)
  • Cargo (9/21) OneBase Foundation and Concealer in one $13 (reg $26)
  • Lorac (9/22) Sparkle Pencil $9 (Reg $18)
  • Stila (9/23) Forever Curl Mascara $11 (reg $22)
  • Benefit (9/24) Realness of Concealness $18 (reg 32)
I have no idea what the other events are. But I put together a calendar for you to see, it’s listed by brand. If it’s a little blurry here is a pdf copy.




Personally I am looking forward to the Butter London offer, because while I am determined one should acquiesce every so often. I am calling September 20th Butter London Day. Woohoo!!!!! Anyone else see something that looks good to them?


Happy Shopping,




Doing The Math…

One thing you must know about me is that I am quite the Asian stereotype when it comes to math. I am pretty good when it comes to upper division math, which is to say I can do the rudimentary work well enough (add, multiply, subtract etc), but I am not a human calculator. However, I am quite adept at algebra, statistics and all other logistical analyses. Which means when I go to buy something I will sit there and calculate the numbers, and odds are I won’t get lost. This has served me quite well, but it has also shown me that a lot of people don’t really care or they may not be capable of it. I only say this because I have had to stand there and explain the number crunching to quite a few people, sometimes over and over again as they stare at me with a blank look. Just yesterday I saw that my credit was lower than expected, as it had been prorated but calculated incorrectly. I called the company up and it took me close to twenty minutes to explain the calculations for the correct value. It may not be a lot of money and some people may write it off, but for me it’s the principle. On a more abstract level I worry about that people just disregard math as of little importance.

Another thing that concerns me is that we are not getting the best value, or misunderstand the true value, when we shop. Now there are many considerations one must make when shopping one is, of course, quality. But when quality is considerably equal then we must look at quantity. So many times we think we are getting the same amount, but what we are getting is a systematically minimized version of the original. Just yesterday i bought the regular tub of ice cream and noticed it was quite smaller than the older tub. Now it had been a long time since I’ve had ice cream, but it had gone down from 2 quarts to 1.5 quarts. That’s 25% percent less. I understand that inflation occurs, but I also noticed it seemed a little bit higher in price than what I had been paying. Yes ice cream is something I indulge in periodically in the summer, and I think I may have skipped it last year. So let’s say that two years ago I was paying 2.50 for 2 quarts, whereas I am not paying 3.50 for 1.5 quarts (and those are the sale prices). I know these sort of practices are common among companies, and maybe that’s just the cost of being a customer.

Want to know something even more queer? It’s with make-up. Now I know it’s a relative price that we pay. A Guerlain lip gloss can run you around $30.50, MAC $14.50, and NYX $6.99. Sometimes it’s better and sometimes it’s not, case in point, there’s a Dior lip gloss that looks like vaseline and runs for 27.50, talk about the emperor has not lip gloss on. One of my new favorite lip glosses is from NYX, it’s called Smokey Looks, and it’s gorgeous, and I paid less than seven dollars for it. I think the most important thing is how it looks, how it wears, and what it smells like. Once you’ve applied it I doubt people will say that’s Dior you’re wearing right. Although I have had women ask what I was wearing and whether it’s cheap or expensive I will tell them. If they like the way it looks why not, and if they care about the brand more than the product then that’s their issue. Sometimes you can get seemingly similar products and the luxury brand is giving you more at the price or a higher quality. In that case your money is better spent with the luxury brand. It’s best to calculate and research in any event.

Lastly, and actually what really prompted this rant, is the new smaller MAC packaging. Now MAC has come out with some travel sized products for some of their skin care products. I’m personally interested in the Strobe Cream. I’ve heard great things and would like to try it. It’s $15.00 for the 1.0 fl oz and $30.00 for their 1.7 fl oz. Now does that make sense to you? You could get 2 of the 1.0 fl oz for $30.00, essentially getting an extra .3 fl oz. The packaging seems relatively similar, but I have yet to try it out.  And I don’t know if either is qualifies for the back to MAC program as they are skin care items (I think that applies only to make-up). So where is the loss? In fact since they are in separate packaging they can probably last longer. Can anyone find the ding in getting the wee size? I can’t.

Hmm…I did sort of ramble there. Blame it on the excessive “warmth”. But for some reason I was a bit irked with such trivial things. Ah well, does anyone else check the volume and the price? Is it sometimes just about quality? Or is it solely about being loyal to the brand?


Burberry Body…Free Sample

I just saw this on A Model Recommends and did it. Burberry is launching a new fragrance called Burberry Body. They’re sending out free samples and gathering your info via Facebook, if you are interested here’s the link. I’ve been noticing a lot of free samples available via Facebook. I haven’t put them up here as a few of you aren’t in the States, so it seems sort of mean to taunt you. But this one is international. Yay!!!


How to be Lovely…

Dear Friends,

I was thinking, don’t we love lovely people. It’s not looks, it’s not attitude, it’s just their state of being. There is something about these folks that we find attractive; they are lovely in their own way. Again this can be a subjective subject, but I thought I would try to list the five qualities that lovely people tend to share. A Loveliness Starter Kit if you will. Being of an engineering background I thought I would reverse engineer Loveliness and deconstruct it to come up with my list. I thought I needed a Loveliness Subject, and who to better serve as said subject than the irrefutably lovely Audrey Hepburn. Yesterday, today and tomorrow her beauty, charm and kindness serve as a benchmark for a beautiful creature.

So here is my Loveliness Starter Kit, which includes but is not limited to:

Be Interested...

  • We’ve all had those moments where we couldn’t care less about what’s going on around us or the ongoing conversation, hey it happens. But I think part of being lovely is being interested in what other people are saying and doing. Taking notice of what is beautiful around you. Being observant of someone’s feelings. I think it communicates that we care. And there is something special about people who care.

Remember to Listen...

  • There is a difference in hearing and listening. When you listen you pay attention to the sound and you identify it, you take time to process the information and make decisions based on what has been heard. Not only will you be able to partake in this and future conversations, but you it translates to being thoughtful and considerate.

Don't over-complicate things...

  •  Simple is good. When I see someone making things complicated it tells me that they are trying to hide something. If I ask someone to do a simple task and they come back with this drawn out plan I realize they did not understand the direction. Same thing with asking someone to answer a question, if they answer with extraneous words and concepts, odds are they are lying and most likely are trying to hide something. And of course with make-up  if a woman comes in with way too much on her face, I feel like she doesn’t know how to apply, blend and balance her colors. Or maybe she doesn’t feel good about her face and is trying to cover it up. I’m not saying that things need to be plain, but if the balance isn’t there, if there is anything included that should not be included and the person has overcomplicated a matter, odds are they don’t understand and/or are trying to hide something. For me overcomplicated responses read like subterfuge and spurs more questions. If you come as you are, if you make things clear and allow for simplicity, people will see you and their trust in you can develop rather than focus on what you are trying to distract them from.

Enjoy Yourself...

  • I strongly believe that people should do their best to enjoy themselves. You make the decision as to whether you are having a good time or a bad time. If you make the best of whatever your situation is the odds that you will enjoy yourself are greatly in your favor. A true smile is one of the most attractive things one can wear. It pulls people in and makes them smile too.

Remember to Play...

  • You can make all the excuses in the world to avoid playing, but you’re only depriving yourself of fun. I can’t think of a good reason to abandon fun. When we play we can let go of the stern facade we may have developed as adults. It’s cathartic and good for your health as you are releasing stress. When you play you tend to not take yourself to seriously and tend to be able to laugh at yourself and shake off stressful situations a bit better than before. A bit of silliness is good for the soul and laughter is your smile dancing.

I am sure I missed a few, but since this is just a quick list I will pass on reprimanding myself. But I would love to hear your suggestions to add to the Loveliness Recipe.

As a final treat for this post we will continue with our trip down retro reel lane I thought look inspired by the fabulous Breakfast At Tiffany’s was in order. Who else but Audrey Hepburn could take Truman Capote’s jaded prostitute Holly Golightly and make her seem a chic and sophisticated gal with a penchant for making bad choices. Take it away Lisa Eldridge.

Love and Hugs,



The King of Cool…

Some people just are cool. They aren’t trying to be anything, they are simply themselves. They are self-assured and under no delusions. They make interesting decisions that people ultimately remember and some times are left in awe of. It is not only what they choose to do, but also how they do it. They do it in their own style, and their style is admirable. There is a uniqueness to them and we like that.

I think everyone’s version of what and who is cool is probably different. I thought I would share with you a movie I think is cool and is one of my favorites. The movie I write of is 1968’s Bullitt, which starred the King of Cool (actual a.k.a.) himself Mr. Steve McQueen as Lt. Frank Bullitt. The basic plot line is this: Bullitt is charged with protecting a witness, the witness is to testify in a trial which will help the promote the image of aspiring politician Walter Chalmers (Robert Vaughn). Needless to say everything doesn’t go right and problem ensue. If you were interested in seeing the movie I didn’t want to give anything away. The movie itself has a subdued undertone even though the entire movie progresses with tension. The soundtrack was done by Lalo Schifrin and is comprised of mostly jazz scores which play magnificently with the scenes. McQueen wasn’t classically handsome, he was more of a man’s man. I think his face had character and he never seemed like one to overact a scene.

I am not sure who to credit for this photo, it's a pretty stock photo that everyone has and it was used for the promo...

I also love the fashion, there was just something so smart about the outfits they wore. Rugged Steve McQueen in a dark navy turtleneck paired with charcoal trousers whilst sex kitten Jacqueline Bisset wore a camel colored jacket, complimenting pants, and black turtleneck. Both could be with us in present day and still look chic.

Image courtesy of http://www.toutlecine.com

One of the things that made this movie so amazing was the car chase scene. It was one of the first of its kind and is often times emulated. It not only pays tribute to the streets of San Francisco but also showcases one of the best American Muscle Cars the ’68 Ford Mustang. Here’s a clip of the chase.

McQueen was an avid car enthusiast and enjoyed racing, so this must have been an absolute joy for him. I know I would have had fun. Man, listen to that engine and do you see how that thing handles those curves. It makes me think I should find a Mustang and rebuild the engine. Hmm…that would be a fun project.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this movie and shares my opinion. I also wonder if this has peeked anyones interest. What say you?


One Option…

I wonder how artists find ways to support their art. It’s a common theme that they have to take other jobs in order to pay for everyday things till they can…turn a profit/make money for their work. I think that was one thing that sticks in my mind when I think of a creative occupation and I continue to wonder how can these poor people make a living. It seems more disturbing when you think about society’s role in this, that we have become so industrialized and mass marketed that arts and artisans find it a challenge to make a living off their work. This makes me sad, and even sadder when I realize that my choices have contributed to their difficulty. But then I saw this and thought, there’s hope.

Yes, I know it’s a little bit of a commercial for the Goethe Institute, but the effort seems solid. I admit I looked up the Goethe Institute and started poking around in the services they provide, mind you I have never had any interest in learning German, but nevertheless I found myself looking at their tuition prices. I then caught myself saying, do you want to learn German? Not that it’s a bad language, but it was not on my list of things to do and that list is long enough no need to add another language to it yet. It was nice to see that artists can still find patronage from sources.

But it made me wonder why we, as an advanced society, don’t seem to produce as much support for the arts and crafts. It made me think of an interview I watched which featured Muhammad Yunnis on NHK where he was of course discussing microcredit/microfinance (small loans issued to impoverished people to aid in entrepreneurial projects) which are designed to help people gain financial independence and leave behind poverty. It’s a very noble idea and has proved to be quite successful. Now whether you like the guy or not is up to you, but he brought up an interesting topic, that of social business. Social business practices as opposed to selfish (from any business structure) motivations are two different things. To me they are two different ways of handling your goals, selfish is short-term planning the organization thinks of only how much money you can make for yourself regardless of the effect it will have on the community whereas social considers how your business improves the community which is long-term growth as a growing community helps to improve and grow your business. Most times a business which focus on only maximizing its profit creates a culture of self-interest. Effectively if the company is only looking out for itself by the same token the employees will only work in a way that serves their own interests. Employee will do the least amount of work for as much money as they can get. The only motivation is money, there are minimal benefits as they are directed to the individual. But if a business sees money as a means to an end and makes the community an integral part of their business plan, they seek to create a vested interest for the community and one outcome is helping to develop the community. Inherently the business grows with the community.  The benefit is exponential growth, the entire team looks to produce in a way that is good for the community and good for the company. As a byproduct as the community improves and the company grows the value for the individual grows.

My thinking is that social business also has a tendency not to neglect arts and supports the craftsman. It has to be on a smaller scale and focus on a smaller scope. My own opinion is that in place of a corporate entity (which legally is not an individual but a legal entity) it should be a collective of smaller groups. This creates a checks and balance system as the business structure is flat rather than top-down. The craftsman can create their niche market and establish a stable customer base. Artists may be able to achieve the same structure, additionally the community can create a fund which helps to fund artists or galleries which help showcases their work. Other creative structures can be developed. But the community has to understand the value of artists and craftsman, and that appreciation needs to be developed from a young age and rooted in the community. I think this will help improve the community overall. I don’t think it’s about amassing a lot of things we don’t need, but evaluating and considering what the true value of craftsman and an artist. But this is just my opinion. What’s your stance?


Silver Eyes…

I was writing another post and watching YouTube when I saw these two videos and thought, oh summers over and it’s time for silver eyes? Yes indeed it very well might be. In fact I wore a bit of silver today and came home thinking I had to dig up a few more of my silver shades. So the search began, in addition to the color Platinum I had recently procured from Smashbox I found some shimmery shades from Bare Escentuals that I never used. What better to take away the ughs than some fairy dust? What’s that you say, you want to sprinkle yourself with fairy dust too but you’re not sure where to start. Well my dears, here the two videos of which I spoke to give you a couple of ideas.

Here’s the first video, it’s a very pretty ladylike look. Guess whose face this is going to be on come tomorrow. Yeah, that’s right little old me. 😀

I don’t really want Pretty Little Liars, I don’t think I am part of the audience they’re looking for. I think if I were to wear it during the day I would take it down a notch.


P.S. I am still working on some other posts, but there’s something weird about the writing. I think it’s the transitions. Oh grrr….