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Last week I gave myself a bit of a birthday present. Initially I just thought that I would skip blogging for the day on Thursday. Then I thought eh, Friday is close to the weekend and I normally don’t do too much blogging on the weekend. I also extended the effort to limited commenting and emailing. Initially this was all unintended, I just felt a bit glutinous that day or maybe a bit too busy enjoying myself that I didn’t have much time to log on and live my electronic life.

At first I missed logging on as it has become part of my daily routine. However, after a day or two of it, it felt like a nice vacation, somewhat liberating.  I started to think about how the internet has become an integral part of my life over a period of about ten years, but taking on more of an addictive role about four years ago. It’s something that I was aware of, that e-mails and sites like Facebook had allowed me to keep in contact with people (most of my pals live very far away from me :|), but justified it as part of the world we live in. Alas, I fear that I am becoming lazy in my face-to-face relationships, or perhaps as I am changing as my priorities are changing. I’ve given up cable and barely watch TV, a lot of times I will be working on something, while online shopping and watching some program on my computer (God bless the dual core processor). Additionally, I find it so easy to get things done from home, which means my outings seem to have decreased. This made me think more and more about how my lifestyle had morphed, and wasn’t into something that I necessarily liked. So as an experiment I continued to boycott the log on life for a week, after a while I naturally started turning my computer off rather than putting it to sleep. I found my little self out and about more enjoying the day. I walked around in a carefree way and chatted with strangers. It was all very lovely.

I went on expeditions, and found new and exciting little places. For instance I found a fabulous Cuban bakery which had the best French Bread, Empanadas, Potato Balls and Pastries. Thankfully, it’s not so close and there is a huge line a lot of times, so I can forego the possibility of it being habit-forming. There were also many a time when I wish I had a camera to take some pictures to share my little findings and new friends. Just yesterday, whilst in search of food in this crazy little Asian strip mall (I love crazy Asian strip malls by the way), I met this cute chill little pug. He was tied to a chair and I was going back and forth to a few different stores to compile something which resembled a meal. The little fella just looked at me while I went back and forth, effectively he watched me as I watched him. I waved and could have sworn the little dude was smiling back. I wish I had a camera to capture the moment, but I am down one, and it seems it will be so for a bit longer. That’s when I thought I miss blogging and posting this sort of moment.

I think that it could be so easy to stop blogging, it could just be one of those things that gets put on the back burner till you forget about it entirely, and when you do remember it, you can’t remember why you did it in the first place. I guess that’s how it happens with a lot of people. I think a lot of people start blogging and phase it out of their lives very quickly. It is after all a hobby for most, as it is for myself. And I think someone can let it get stressful if  becomes more than something fun to do and share with the world. Allowing the numbers and the desire to be popular to take precedence makes it a lot less fun and make blogging seem like more of a chore of maintenance. And really who needs that as a hobby? I think what my experimental ban has taught me that I just need to be better at balancing my tech life with my real life. I am getting better and shutting my iMac down and going out for a bit of play. Now all I have to do is get a new camera.

Does anybody else feel a little too wired?

6 thoughts on “Unplugged Respite…

  1. There are days, where I can *almost* feel a smidge resentful about blogging, but that feeling is usually so fleeting and gone so fast, that I feel like I never had the thought in the first place. When that happens, though, it’s usually because real life makes itself known (duties as mom, wife, home-tender, cook, housekeeping, chauffeuring….) and while I understand the need for balance, I have also come to appreciate blogging for many, many reasons. First of all, it has become an outlet for my love of beauty products, beauty advice and joy of writing. Secondly, it has given me the opportunity to connect with so many people, both near and far and I have come to treasure these friendships, as they began based on a common bond and have flourished since then. That this forum should never take the place of “live” experiences, is undoubted; but since you’ve proven yourself wise enough to understand this, then I have every confidence that this glitch you’re experiencing will pass, and you will learn to accommodate your blogging life companionably with your real life. Remember my friend: your glass should always be looked at as half full and take the best from this “hobby”, because it is a part of you too!

    • You see I wonder about that. I wonder if some beauty bloggers feel a pressure from their readers to swatch and review products, especially when the readers start hinting at requests. I’ve heard some people have to make the statements: “I have to pay for them” and “I’ll do it when I get a chance.” I feel bad for them when they have to make those obvious statements. It’s not right for people to feel forced to write or purchase things. If someone is asking you to give them blogging ideas then yes, but no one should feel forced. By the same token, I read a blog where everyone left comments trying to be helpful and the blogger kind of just blew up and said “I don’t mean to be rude but…” I have always felt anyone who started a sentence like that had every intention of being rude, but didn’t want to face the consequence for it.
      As for little old me, well I have been trying to find my path this year. When idle I think I spent too much time in front of the computer, it can be so easy to do (it’s the editing that can be a bear). Those times I did, I shook myself and said you can’t do this. But I think you’re right, this hobby has so many good qualities. I find I enjoy the conversations with all the new lovely friends I’ve met. It’s really a blessing, to be honest this has been a great way to meet people who have the same sort of interests. I have a lot of friends and they live far away, but also our interests can be very different. While I love that diversity I also like to speak on things that are of interest to me, in a way that I enjoy. So I this is really a positive outlet, and absolutely a part of me. It feels like a digital home in it’s own way, although as you say it can never take the place of “live” experiences. But I don’t think that there was any true danger of that happening.

  2. Firstly it great to see you again.

    And secondly, probably yeah, a little too wired. Sometimes its just spending too much time on the net itself, sometimes its scrambling for a blog update when its not there(though I am getting better at that).

    And as you said its about finding that balance. I do think at some point in the future I will only update once a week. Not right now but I think its gonna come.

    Also exploring is fun. Randomly walking in one direction can lead to fun things.

    And again, great to see you blogging again. I missed it.

    • I missed you too. I have to catch up on your blog. I have been reading some of the new work.

      I think when you first start blogging, there’s a bit of trepidation (at least for me). That what to write and is it OK to post that feeling. But as I progressed I felt more comfortable and had a great deal of ideas coming to me. I still do, but sometimes I found that it dominated my thoughts. So I was mentally drafting and redrafting ideas all while having new ideas. Half of what I thought to post I didn’t. And then there were times that I felt it was like an electrical tether.

      I think you are really good at spacing out your posts and comments. If you go with once a week I would miss you too. But I would understand. I know you have to go through a lot with your writing, so posting it on a weekly schedule may be less stressful.

      Walking and exploring is fun and something I should do more often, but a lot of times I get a bit lost and forget where I parked. It’s a really ick sort of feeling when you are lost in the parking lot. My last resort is setting off my car alarm to find it.

  3. I guess it all depends on what the purpose of writing/the blog is. If you’ve set yourself up as someone who takes a lot of requests and fronted as someone who’s writing as doing favours to the readers, then I think you ask for some of that demanding attention that can often wear people down. (I’m using “you” generically, not meaning you, D. :))

    If you write for the enjoyment of writing and sharing experiences rather than dishing out public service announcements, then the priority goes to yourself and your own enjoyment out of the writing process.

    For myself personally, if I stop enjoying blogging, I won’t do it. It keeps me focused on what my vision and purpose were and stops me from pandering to others’ expectations, which is a road down to misery and pressed time. I’ve never had readers make me feel cornered and annoyed (yet), but lately I’m receiving some PR emails which can range from downright pushy and abrasive to super nice and accommodating. There’s one deal that I wish I hadn’t made and it’s making me feel slightly annoyed (more at myself for saying yes when I should have said no) but I’m going to chalk it up to learning experience, fulfill the obligation, and not repeat it.

    And for those who are simply burnt out or feeling writing fatigue, I think a rest is exactly what the doctor ordered, and if you love it enough, you’ll find your way back in one social media form or another. 😉

    • When I started posting regularly I was pretty excited, but then it started to feel like a chore. I think because it started to take a bit of my time away from other things. The pleasure was being drained out of blogging. When I took the break I felt a bit better. I now blog when I feel like it and at my own speed.

      I think PR people are in it for another reason. They can be like telemarketers or salespeople, just down right pushy. I’d be annoyed with it a little too. I don’t know how you girls handle it. That’s way to much pressure, and from the outside it looks like there may be a potential for competition. Well at least if you are are trying to be popular and feel like you want to sell something. I think I’ve seen some blogs that are set up to push products or some people want to push their own celebrity. I blame Paris Hilton, the original no talent celebrity.

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