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Personally I love to look at and borrow from styles of yesteryear. Fashion tends to be the same way taking old ideas and recycling them. To wit you often hear some self-appointed aficionado herald that the [insert proper era here] is back. Only to have that same person six months later say something completely different. Mainly because fashion seasons are basically Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer with the resort season squeezed in (yeah, I am not certain about that one either). They are also planned out a season ahead and dictated to us with the threat that ignorance and noncompliance would mean that you not on trend. This dictatorship has led to the rise of the plebeians namely in the role of fashion bloggers and lead to a decrease in authority/power of magazines, or maybe it’s just a shift in power to another group? It may be a sort of fashion republic, where we find fashionista bloggers and become fans/followers/commenters which may reflect our desired personal style. I think there are so many fashion bloggers out there that it makes fashion feel fun again, and some of them are even popular enough to influence fashion designers.

However I noticed something reading my Lucky September Issue (y’all know September is the big fashion month). The styles featured are quite varied. I saw fashions from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. There were bell bottoms, midi skirts, bowed shirts, vintage dresses, and kiss lock bags just to name a few. A lot of the fashions featured in the Nordstrom Fall Sale (which is an indicator of the direction fashion merchandisers are heading) were distinctly 70s, and they showcase a lot of designers with 70s styled pieces. Too me this swingy midi dress has a bit of a Halston feel to it.

MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Michaela' Silk Dress

It’s like a time capsule. ASOS is filled with retro-wear also. This mod little salmon pink shift with the peter pan collar is just one example and totally sixties. There is something very “That Girl” about it.

River Island Peter Pan Collar Shift Dress at ASOS

Front of Tupelo Dress from Maple by Some Odd Rubies for sale at Anthropologie

Tupelo Dress back...click to buy at Anthropologie

Anthropologie never disappoints me when I feel like finding some retro gem. This dress makes me think of the movie Picnic. I can picture the utterly beautiful Kim Novak wearing this dress making the most of the sweetheart neckline. The best part is walking away coyly displaying a bit of your back while your hair is twisted in a chignon. Would you really get tired of being liked because you’re pretty? (Too much like a J. Peterman catalogue?)

This is just a small selection of what is available. I am so excited to see all these fun pieces becoming available to us. Lately I have felt in a style rut. It’s been too much SoCal dressed down for me. I miss the theatrics of fun dressing. Friends I love a good outfit. Oh and the accessories are just also too fab. I have so many pocketbooks (handbags/purses whatever you call them) that will just flatter the look. With so many options to choose from there is something liberating about fashion lately. I hope that a variety will be the new status quo, rather than a stranger trying to force me into an outfit I don’t like all. I don’t want to hear X is the new black, unless you say freedom of style is the new black.

Is anyone else inspired by the new offerings? If so, which ones?

8 thoughts on “Retro Styling…

  1. I love fashion from other eras also.. there’s something so classic about fashion from every decade. Why else would many of them be coming back in style now! The only I don’t understand is the 80’s… spandex and neon colors should just stay in the past 🙂

    • Hi Megan, so glad to see you!!! You’re right, there are some awful 80s fashions that never need to be resurrected. And they do include the spandex and neon. Did you notice a lot of people were trying to bring those awful trends back. Mostly club kids, they looked so junky to me. They looked like Rainbow Brite got a hold of them and Punky Brewstered them. It was, in a word, a hot mess.
      But there are some great trends from the past. This post was fun, had my imagination going. I think I may go with this for a bit.

  2. The salmon dress is darling! The collar, color and length are wonderful. Couldn’t rock those long sleeves though in this heat.

  3. D. You blog about almost everything. And I may not know about fashion that much but one thing is certain. I know my D is a fashionista! 😛 or close to being it.

    • I guess I just blog about what is one my mind/in my heart, almost like a journal would be. I really like when we start a conversation, it brings in new thoughts and provides me with a different perspective.

      Your D does love style/fashion. I just enjoy the creative part of it. I think of it as a way to express yourself. But I am not necessarily as fussy as I used to be. As a little girl (say three or four) I was just so ridiculous, quite a vain little thing as my Mom would put it. I had to have a flowy skirt and puff sleeves for parties. I think they fussed over me so much that I was silly like that. But by the time I was seven I grew out of it. Thank goodness. I now think it’s just a fun thing to do, to dress up. I really enjoy it too :D.

  4. Fashion always repeats itself! Vintage clothes are the best 🙂
    Oh, and I’m loving the pink dress. 🙂

    • That’s a good way of looking at it. Like your favorite tracks that are on repeat. I love how we go back and pay respects by wearing some fantastic vintage items or sometimes reinvent them to be our own. Absolutely the best.

      I think the pink dress is sweet too.

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