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I’m Melting…


Have you ever felt the Ughs? If you don’t know what I am talking about, that’s good. But if you do, I’m sorry. Lately I’ve been feeling the ughs. I think it’s the warm weather, it makes me feel not happy. I’ve started a few other posts, but didn’t or rather haven’t finish(ed) them yet. I’ve laid the groundwork for them so to speak, but I haven’t been able to finish composing them. Instead I tend to pop out and do things. I’ve been on a pottery quest lately, my expeditions have been quite successful. The problem that remains is what to do with all this pottery…clearly I need some sort of display cabinet. So that shall be my next hunt. Other than that I have just been making myself busy. But I think I need to suck it up and finish those posts. So it shall be tonight…I hope…

8 thoughts on “I’m Melting…

  1. Hey D….I know exactly what you mean. I just got back home from more than 5 weeks away, and know that I have a ton of catching up to do, but seem to find all sorts of silly excuses to put things off! I came home to find that a ton of packages had arrived for me (some I was aware of, others a complete surprise) and in the 3 days I’ve been back, I’ve been scrambling to try and cobble things together; to some part, I’ve succeeded in making a small dent in my work pile, but my bags are still lying on the floor *unpacked* and my place looks like a pigsty! So, don’t feel bad…don’t beat yourself up; you see, it happens to us all. Just do what you have to do to feel happy, and the rest will follow! Now, excuse me, but I’m off to take my own advice!! LOL!!

    • I was pretty consistent before, but when I took my break and then came back I felt a bit lazy. I have a few things to post, but they feel so incomplete. I think the heat just makes me uncomfortable and a lot of times I just don’t work as well. But we’re getting a break in the weather soon so I can get back to being me.

      Oh it’s always like that, go on vacation and your work piles up. Sometimes it feels like it’s not even worth going.

      OK, I’ve got to go comment on your posts. I’m loving those swatches. Must share love.

  2. You have a very catchy title for this post. …I’m melting…very alluring

  3. Can’t you picture a little ice cube melting?

  4. Wicked witch of the west, is that you?

    Just asking is all.

  5. Catchy title ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck with the pottery and the posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

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