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Silver Eyes…

I was writing another post and watching YouTube when I saw these two videos and thought, oh summers over and it’s time for silver eyes? Yes indeed it very well might be. In fact I wore a bit of silver today and came home thinking I had to dig up a few more of my silver shades. So the search began, in addition to the color Platinum I had recently procured from Smashbox I found some shimmery shades from Bare Escentuals that I never used. What better to take away the ughs than some fairy dust? What’s that you say, you want to sprinkle yourself with fairy dust too but you’re not sure where to start. Well my dears, here the two videos of which I spoke to give you a couple of ideas.

Here’s the first video, it’s a very pretty ladylike look. Guess whose face this is going to be on come tomorrow. Yeah, that’s right little old me. 😀

I don’t really want Pretty Little Liars, I don’t think I am part of the audience they’re looking for. I think if I were to wear it during the day I would take it down a notch.


P.S. I am still working on some other posts, but there’s something weird about the writing. I think it’s the transitions. Oh grrr….