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The King of Cool…


Some people just are cool. They aren’t trying to be anything, they are simply themselves. They are self-assured and under no delusions. They make interesting decisions that people ultimately remember and some times are left in awe of. It is not only what they choose to do, but also how they do it. They do it in their own style, and their style is admirable. There is a uniqueness to them and we like that.

I think everyone’s version of what and who is cool is probably different. I thought I would share with you a movie I think is cool and is one of my favorites. The movie I write of is 1968’s Bullitt, which starred the King of Cool (actual a.k.a.) himself Mr. Steve McQueen as Lt. Frank Bullitt. The basic plot line is this: Bullitt is charged with protecting a witness, the witness is to testify in a trial which will help the promote the image of aspiring politician Walter Chalmers (Robert Vaughn). Needless to say everything doesn’t go right and problem ensue. If you were interested in seeing the movie I didn’t want to give anything away. The movie itself has a subdued undertone even though the entire movie progresses with tension. The soundtrack was done by Lalo Schifrin and is comprised of mostly jazz scores which play magnificently with the scenes. McQueen wasn’t classically handsome, he was more of a man’s man. I think his face had character and he never seemed like one to overact a scene.

I am not sure who to credit for this photo, it's a pretty stock photo that everyone has and it was used for the promo...

I also love the fashion, there was just something so smart about the outfits they wore. Rugged Steve McQueen in a dark navy turtleneck paired with charcoal trousers whilst sex kitten Jacqueline Bisset wore a camel colored jacket, complimenting pants, and black turtleneck. Both could be with us in present day and still look chic.

Image courtesy of http://www.toutlecine.com

One of the things that made this movie so amazing was the car chase scene. It was one of the first of its kind and is often times emulated. It not only pays tribute to the streets of San Francisco but also showcases one of the best American Muscle Cars the ’68 Ford Mustang. Here’s a clip of the chase.

McQueen was an avid car enthusiast and enjoyed racing, so this must have been an absolute joy for him. I know I would have had fun. Man, listen to that engine and do you see how that thing handles those curves. It makes me think I should find a Mustang and rebuild the engine. Hmm…that would be a fun project.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this movie and shares my opinion. I also wonder if this has peeked anyones interest. What say you?

12 thoughts on “The King of Cool…

  1. I’ve never seen it but it sounds cool 🙂

  2. I like Steve McQueen too, and have seen the infamous chase scene that started it all. I can’t figure why he went gruff/unshaven in his later years. That (in my opinion) wasn’t a good look for our studly leading man.

    • I think some people can pull off the whole gruff look (like a bit of scruff), but the whole mountain man look is something else entirely. It does not sound attractive to me. It makes me think there is a reason you’re in the mountain by yourself. All weirdy beardy…:o But I wonder if some women like that sort of thing. You know there is some gal out there looking for some mountain man goodness. I don’t expect we’ll see her at Saks though (eh that’s stereotyping, she could be wearing Louboutins and looking for a mountain man). God bless that sista.

      • ::: snort! ::: Mountain man goodness! LOL! I’m sorry, but that made me laugh through my nose!

      • I know, I was chuckling at that too. I was picturing some unkempt fella with offering us something that he grew himself on the mountaintop that he shares with Sheila his goat companion. Wow, that was a little too descriptive, wasn’t it?

  3. Ah. Heard of him, of course, though I haven’t sat down to watch any of the movies. I’m really undereducated when it comes to classic cinema. Does it count that I’ve watched his grandson many times on The Vampire Diaries? Hee.

    • Mmmm…I am not sure. I think that’s a different, um, genre. You know I haven’t gotten in to much of the Vampire shows. I wonder what I am missing. I used to like Buffy back in the day. But after that, I haven’t really seen much of the second coming. I hear there’s a lot of skin….hmmm…..

      • You know how those vamps can get! 😉

        If you don’t mind the gore, nudity and swearing that HBO indulges in, True Blood is a good show for adults. It’s so crazy that I find it an excellent escape from the ordinary.

      • I don’t mind the gore or nudity (hmm…wonder what that says about me) or the swearing. I think I am going to have to check it out. I was watching King of Thrones, but stopped off for a bit, I got caught up in some other programs. I have to back and watch the rest. It’s just sort of sad that Ned gets it in the end.

  4. While I have heard of this movie, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never seen it, but now I REALLY WANT TO!!! Why am I ashamed, you may ask? Well, mainly because A) Steve McQueen is not only one of the coolest men who ever lived, but DAMN HOT!! (totally my style!) and B) being the car freak that I am, and loving speed as well, how can I hold my head up without having seen this movie? Oy! You are so right about the outfits the actors are wearing as well; their looks can just as easily be transposed to our decade and look right at home, not to mention super-chic. Love your random thoughts, D!! Hugs!

    • Hugs to you to my Friends 😀

      Ah, but that is what the weekend is for, to rectify these omissions. Because he is damn hot, it’s the strong manly type, gets us every time. I love vintage cars, they have such personalities. I also love vintage style, it really inspires me.

      Yeah, this was sort of random, but I think the whole blog is random, haha…I’m totally random too. Now I have to finish up the next post. I’ve been tinkering with it for a while. Hmn…

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