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Dear Friends,

I was thinking, don’t we love lovely people. It’s not looks, it’s not attitude, it’s just their state of being. There is something about these folks that we find attractive; they are lovely in their own way. Again this can be a subjective subject, but I thought I would try to list the five qualities that lovely people tend to share. A Loveliness Starter Kit if you will. Being of an engineering background I thought I would reverse engineer Loveliness and deconstruct it to come up with my list. I thought I needed a Loveliness Subject, and who to better serve as said subject than the irrefutably lovely Audrey Hepburn. Yesterday, today and tomorrow her beauty, charm and kindness serve as a benchmark for a beautiful creature.

So here is my Loveliness Starter Kit, which includes but is not limited to:

Be Interested...

  • We’ve all had those moments where we couldn’t care less about what’s going on around us or the ongoing conversation, hey it happens. But I think part of being lovely is being interested in what other people are saying and doing. Taking notice of what is beautiful around you. Being observant of someone’s feelings. I think it communicates that we care. And there is something special about people who care.

Remember to Listen...

  • There is a difference in hearing and listening. When you listen you pay attention to the sound and you identify it, you take time to process the information and make decisions based on what has been heard. Not only will you be able to partake in this and future conversations, but you it translates to being thoughtful and considerate.

Don't over-complicate things...

  •  Simple is good. When I see someone making things complicated it tells me that they are trying to hide something. If I ask someone to do a simple task and they come back with this drawn out plan I realize they did not understand the direction. Same thing with asking someone to answer a question, if they answer with extraneous words and concepts, odds are they are lying and most likely are trying to hide something. And of course with make-up  if a woman comes in with way too much on her face, I feel like she doesn’t know how to apply, blend and balance her colors. Or maybe she doesn’t feel good about her face and is trying to cover it up. I’m not saying that things need to be plain, but if the balance isn’t there, if there is anything included that should not be included and the person has overcomplicated a matter, odds are they don’t understand and/or are trying to hide something. For me overcomplicated responses read like subterfuge and spurs more questions. If you come as you are, if you make things clear and allow for simplicity, people will see you and their trust in you can develop rather than focus on what you are trying to distract them from.

Enjoy Yourself...

  • I strongly believe that people should do their best to enjoy themselves. You make the decision as to whether you are having a good time or a bad time. If you make the best of whatever your situation is the odds that you will enjoy yourself are greatly in your favor. A true smile is one of the most attractive things one can wear. It pulls people in and makes them smile too.

Remember to Play...

  • You can make all the excuses in the world to avoid playing, but you’re only depriving yourself of fun. I can’t think of a good reason to abandon fun. When we play we can let go of the stern facade we may have developed as adults. It’s cathartic and good for your health as you are releasing stress. When you play you tend to not take yourself to seriously and tend to be able to laugh at yourself and shake off stressful situations a bit better than before. A bit of silliness is good for the soul and laughter is your smile dancing.

I am sure I missed a few, but since this is just a quick list I will pass on reprimanding myself. But I would love to hear your suggestions to add to the Loveliness Recipe.

As a final treat for this post we will continue with our trip down retro reel lane I thought look inspired by the fabulous Breakfast At Tiffany’s was in order. Who else but Audrey Hepburn could take Truman Capote’s jaded prostitute Holly Golightly and make her seem a chic and sophisticated gal with a penchant for making bad choices. Take it away Lisa Eldridge.

Love and Hugs,


22 thoughts on “How to be Lovely…

  1. very nice post! i definitely agree that simple is definitely good and that being a good listener makes you a good person. thanks for an interesting post!

    • Thanks for the compliment and welcome. It’s funny how the little things are sometimes the things we forget to do.

      • well i guess it;s because we judge importance by the size of the task. sometimes we forget that even small things matter. again this was really a nice post, well worth the compliment!

      • That’s a really good point, and I think that’s the way we’re trained to manage our tasks. We all tend to try and prioritize, and it’s normally valued by stress, we mislead ourselves into thinking that this is the only route to take. Sometimes it’s better to just stop and just enjoy the things we take for granted. Which makes me reconsider why we give such importance to stressful things as well as why we keep them in our lives, is it because we are conditioned to do so?

  2. I kept nodding my head in agreement as I read this post. I especially liked the part about listening and hearing. Once done, I believe acting with compassion is the key ingredient, just have you have done by blogging and sharing a smile.

    Thank you.


    • Thanks so much for you wonderful comment and for stopping by.

      I’m really glad that you enjoyed my viewpoint. I feel that if we were kinder to one another we’d create a better environment.

      I hope you’re having a lovely day 😀

  3. God, I loved that Lisa Eldridge video. She’s almost as lovely as Audrey, in terms of the personality that is projected. But Audrey Hepburn had that indescribable thing called charm, plus poise, that just sets her apart from the pack even until this day.

    I do tend to get preoccupied with my own concerns so when I drift, I often drift far. This is a great reminder to not only be “lovely” but to live in the present and be there for the people around us. Thank you for that. 🙂

    • I thought she was quite lovely in that video too. She comes off as having a great personality, a good role model for us gals. Audrey Hepburn was just a phenomenon, and I am glad she still shines today even after her passing.

      That’s a great thought, to remember to live in the present. I fear I do the same thing too Liz, I tend to drift off, sometimes with my preoccupations and sometimes in a bit of my own imagination. But when I come back from my mental vacations I try to stay in the present, although I tend to vacationing to get away from my fabricated stress. I am getting better at managing it. I realize I just have to do the best that I can. It’s all any of us can do.

      • “fabricated stress”

        Truer phrase was never uttered. I mean, it’s stress if we only view it as such, right? Sometimes I love fabricated stress too much. lol

      • I know I make things more stressful than they need be a lot of times. And all I really need to do in unclench, relax and take care of what needs to be taken care of. Whatever happens is what needs to happen.

  4. Great post – I love Audrey and being lovely is a great goal!

  5. I don’t think theres a better thing you could aim for. Everyone should try for it.

    It would be like a world full of Amelie’s. Wonderful.

  6. Oh! I also love audrey’s make up !! Wow man! u n me love the same make up artisits 😀

    • Teehee, we both love her probably for the same reason, she’s a very talented artist. It’s a joy to watch her work, glean new techniques, and the outcome is breathtaking.

  7. Great post! I so agree with what you say about simplicity especially the lying part, people really do give themselves away so easily a lot of the time.

    • I never cared for people who like to fake their way through life. They’re always trying to pull one over on people, but if you know what to look for it’s easy to tell.

  8. Oh I’m a big fan of Kit myself! So I enjoyed the photos 🙂
    And I love the part where you say we must enjoy ourselves and never forget to play 🙂

    • Isn’t Audrey marvelous. Hmm…is Kit a nickname for her, or for something else.

      Oh remembering to play is important, especially as you grow up. That is what makes life fun.

  9. I love this post, especially that video! I am so trying it out. I have just moved and have thrown away a big chunk of my expired makeup supplies. So many of them are almost unused. I should really adopt minimalism while shopping for makeup this time around. Only essentials. And I think all I really need are just those shown in the video 🙂

    • I hate when they go bad. That’s why I try not to buy so many creams. Creams go bad quick. But powders stay for a while.

      I want to wear the tiara. Every girl should get to wear a tiara every once in a while. I think majority should be essentials and with a bit of fun toys thrown in. I think that’s a good way for any shopping list. At least when you have the budget.

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