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Dear Friends,


I think I have been quite forthright with my disclosure of my love (bordering obsession) of make up. I have imposed upon myself a shopping ban, and to be honest it has not been easy. I think I am just short of waking up in a cold sweat and reaching for my credit card as I turn on my iMac. Those gorgeous temptations are always there. Indeed, they come into my inbox and try to lure me into their den of desire. My constitution waivers as I think of all the pretty toys I could have, but I remain for the most part resolute. And at the end of the day I have found a way to pass up majority of those darling little precious items.

However it seems that there will always be offers that will test me. Why just today Benefits is offering a 20% discount with offer code SOPOPULAR, it expires on 9/1/11. I also received this months catalog for Ulta and they seem to be doing something new. They’re starting a three-week beauty event. Here is a list of their daily steals (all prices are USD):

  • BareMinerals (9/4) – Prime Time Eyelid Primer $12 (reg $18)
  • Philosophy (9/5) – Lipshine buy one get one 50% off (reg $10)
  • Hydroxatone (9/6) – Hydrolyze 20% off (reg $80)
  • Stila (9/7) – Lip Glaze $11 (reg $22)
  • Pür Minerals (9/8) – Chisel Brush $10 (reg $23)
  • Too Faced (9/9) – Shadow Insurance $9 (reg $18)
  • Smashbox (9/10) – Photo Op Under Eye Brightener $10 (reg $18)
  • Tarte (9/11) – Gifted Mascara $10 (reg $19)
  • Philosophy (9/12) – Purity Wipes $12 (reg $20)
  • StriVectin (9/13) – Scrub free with any purchase
  • Murad (9/14) – Hybrids buy one get one 50% off (reg $35)
  • Fusion Beauty (9/15) – Stimulash Lash Enhancing and Lengthening Mascara 414 (reg $28)
  • Too Faced (9/16) Bronze Snow Bunny $19 (reg $28)
  • Urban Decay (9/17) Marshmallow Body Powder free with any Urban Decay $30 purchase
  • Kinerase (9/18) – buy one get one 50% off (reg $28 to $150)
  • Tarte (9/19) EmpasEyes Aqua Gel Eyeliner $9 (reg $18)
  • Butter London (9/20) Nail Lacquer buy one get one FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (reg $14)
  • Cargo (9/21) OneBase Foundation and Concealer in one $13 (reg $26)
  • Lorac (9/22) Sparkle Pencil $9 (Reg $18)
  • Stila (9/23) Forever Curl Mascara $11 (reg $22)
  • Benefit (9/24) Realness of Concealness $18 (reg 32)
I have no idea what the other events are. But I put together a calendar for you to see, it’s listed by brand. If it’s a little blurry here is a pdf copy.




Personally I am looking forward to the Butter London offer, because while I am determined one should acquiesce every so often. I am calling September 20th Butter London Day. Woohoo!!!!! Anyone else see something that looks good to them?


Happy Shopping,


8 thoughts on “My Naughty Little Ways…

  1. Holy crap. These are all amazing deals. Luckily (for me) we here in Canada rarely see non-drugstore brands on sale. If I could shop like this at Ulta, I’d be in HUGE trouble!!

    Having said that, if you can practice a little discipline and restraint, I don’t see any problem with a Butter London Day. 😉

    • I am pretty good, I’ve refrained from so many purchases. They even call my house to tempt me but I am remain steadfast.
      Yay Butter London day. You don’t get Ulta? Anything you want me to pick up for you?

  2. I love that you are having a Butter London day! That is a great sale they’re doing, I’d be tempted to stock up on everything too.

  3. Danielle, my lovely, let me begin by saying how much I admire your restraint (you call it a “ban”!) and while you know your reasons why you wish to do this, there is some hope at the end of this road. It just might turn out that you change your mind midway through your self-imposed ban; it may be that you stick it out til the end. You can, however, still admire things from afar, perhaps even live vicariously through others, but at the end of the day, if this course is what feels right for you, then I support your decision! The Butter London day sounds exciting…I think you know by now how much I admire the brand! What incredible effort and research you put into this post…kudos, my friend!

    • Well I have a few reasons for trying not to spend on make up for a bit. The biggest one is that I just have so much right now that I barely use. So I am determined to make a dent in the arsenal. Get this fire under control so to speak. But I love to feast my eyes on collections coming out. I’ve gotten pretty good at sussing out if it’s something I can’t do without. More often than not I already have something similar to it. And if it turns out that it is something that I don’t have, I then have to decide if i really want it. I don’t necessarily feel deprived, actually I feel a bit of accomplishment. Right now this works for me.

      I know you love Butter London just as I do. I don’t know if you need anything, let me know. I can do a custom purchase if you want.

      Creating that calendar was harder than I anticipated. I think it’s because I was playing with my Adobe Illustrator, just for kicks. But I had to change the format to upload. A bit of a pain overall. But worth it if some gals find it useful.

  4. Woah, you really are a shopaholic. HIGH-FIVE. 😀

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