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Amazon Kindle Worst Product Ever!!!!!

I used to really like Amazon. I wanted to support them. But I really can’t anymore. After having two Kindles just fail (first Kindle lost its 3G and replacement was a refurbished and came apart) I am now just disgusted with the product. It just sits there and I resent this little refurbished little piece of junk. It’s slow and choppy and the software seems jumpy.

So it sits gathering dust and my animosity. They don’t seem to stand behind their product if you don’t buy it directly from them. Their remedy is for you to sell it on their website. I should have gotten the Nook. So with the launch of their new Kindle Fire, I say no, no to their pathetic technology. I’d rather look for another tablet, one that works and that the manufacturer stands behind.

***Addendum, I do have a third one, which is a replacement refurbished one. But I am so annoyed with the product as a whole that I won’t be using it.


All The Pretty Colors…

I must admit to you, my friends, that I am easily seduced by color(s). This has always been the case ever since I can remember. For example: when I was small, say four, I was every bit a fan of the color pink. My walls had to be pink, I wanted a pink birthday cake, I loved bubblegum ice cream and it was pink. If it was pink I wanted to be its friend. Which isn’t to say I was a little pink blob of a child, in fact I was quite a little tart. I just liked pretty things, and the first thing that always seemed to catch my attention was the color.

I think many of us use color to communicate. We wear colors based upon our agenda. If a woman wants to be a bit more seductive she may choose a deeper color on her lips (YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture #4 in Rouge Vermillon is a nice choice) . But if she wants to appear more demure or soften her looks she may choose to pick a more neutral color, say a peachy nude lipstick (like MAC’s Freckletone, one of my all time favorites). Men tend to try to stay away from clothes which may have a more effeminate feeling assigned to it by society, say a pink tee-shirt may not be the go to shirt for a first date.  We also choose colors to display how we feel. People who are in mourning wear black. We tend to associate soft pastels with children, and I think the young at heart may tend to wear it. If you want to display a serious attitude you may opt to wear a grey or navy suit. But I think some of these are preset by culture and may vary accordingly. Given the cultural differences we can examine the colors we choose to paint our homes and businesses. The intention is to communicate what sort of business it is or what kind of home you are about to enter. Hospitals paint their rooms in neutral colors and prisons tend to paint their room in soft subdued colors also. Why, because colors tend to influence people’s behavior. A vibrant color may make an already ill person feel even worse or a person with violent tendencies may feel a little more on edge in a room painted with intense colors.

When I think about it, humans are not the only creature to be swayed  by color. Flowers are beautiful and bright, their colors are meant to attract insects so that they can pollinate other flowers. Plants also change their color according to their life cycle, the once lush green leaves of deciduous trees turn to beautiful golds and oranges as they herald the coming of Autumn. It is a really gorgeous sight to behold, if you are blessed with the gift of sight.

We tell people so much about ourselves in so many ways. It’s really interesting how we choose to speak to others without saying a word, whether or not we planned to. I guess this post was a pit of a ramble, but I’ve had a romance with color for so long that I thought I would share my thoughts with you and introduce it as a topic. My dear friends, do any of you feel that way? Do colors sometimes strike you and make you take pause? Or is it something you’ve never really paid much attention to? And if you didn’t, when you think back have there been times when it may have spoken to you without you really realizing it?


Choices…Cast Your Fate To The Wind…

***Please note this one is long, so you may want to grab a cup of tea and settle in.

Dear Friends,

I am so grateful for all your comments which you all made for the last post Choices. I was writing a follow-up post the day after posting and got about three sentences in when I thought it would be great to incorporate your wonderful sentiments into it. Indeed your words gave me quite a bit to think over, your varying perspectives ruminated in my head and new ideas began to brew. Additionally I am trying to make some decisions about the direction of my life and your thoughts have really been helpful, and I would like to reiterate my Thanks 😀 for that too.

I think we are faced with choices to make over varying sizes and each decision will  have their own impact on your life. Sweet Tien reminded me that if we regret or have remorse for our actions that we always have the power to take new steps to correct it. A lot of times the path back can be a harder path to travel, but worth it. I also see a value in going down a path you didn’t want, it not only teaches you to appreciate what you had/have but also strengthens you as you work/battle to regain it. Additionally you learn a lesson, you understand why you don’t want to repeat that mistake as well as what not to do so you don’t repeat it. One of life’s great experiences are the lessons that we’ve learned which lead to the skills that we master.

In our choices we must be willing to accept the element of fate. Dear Eugenia spoke of fate and the role that it plays in our lives. I am inclined to agree with her philosophy of fate as it is my personal belief that, “Everything Happens for a Reason.”   I tend to feel that some things are less an accident and more a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding in the sense that we don’t understand yet why we need to have that experience, but it will be of some value at a later time. And Eugenia you are quite right, taking personal stock like this does help one to become more self-aware. I think it’s a good thing to strive to better your understanding of yourself, it’s the best way to deepen your relationship with yourself.

When you think about your choices you can’t help but think about what effect they had on the future. Lovely Vicky brought up the idea of what if we had made different choices, would the outcome have changed? Also what if we knew had the “gift” of precognition would that help us make better choices? Although it seems like a bit of science fiction, but I also wonder about what the outcomes would be had I made a different choice. I can’t help but let my imagination run away with me when I consider what could have been. Of course what I envision depends entirely on my mood and my imagined scenario. Some of them are down right hysterical, and I think of these “fantasies” as a bit of an indulgence and would rather not take it too seriously since you really can’t change the past. But every so often the scenarios help me to make future decisions. I wonder if anyone else participates in such exercises.

Which brings me to my homie Skyraft Wander’s concept of infinite possibilities. When it comes down to it the our choices are really limited by us and what we are willing to do, beyond that there are choices that we could make that may seem out of character, so we tend to rule it out without even considering them. If we think of these choices as threads or pathways the possibilities for a variety of outcomes lies in the realm of the infinite. One decision could be the catalyst which changes our entire future and we currently have no real way of being certain of that. Again we theorize what it would be like to know before hand what the effect of each of our choices would make. It can be truly mind-boggling (consider my mind truly boggled). But if we factor in the possibility for destiny or even there being an underlying system which is working without our knowledge and calculates all possibilities and adjusts events and pathways based upon our decisions so that we reach the proper destination, then theorizing on what might have been becomes a bit of a moot point.

Confused, yes, me too. But it’s probably because I began to overanalyze it at this point. Thankfully my delightful friend Pervisha brought me back to my original thought: that all our choices are important. We just have to make every effort to make the best choice given our resources and state of mind. I think the caveat to this is that there are some things that we cannot control, and maybe in its own way we have to give up that desire to control things and move with the momentum of (chosen?) destiny. So our choices can be fluid and adaptable. Our choices become tailored as we walk our paths.

I think of Rex Stout’s character Nero Wolfe’s instructions to his right hand man Archie Goodwin is pretty good advice, “You are to act in the light of experience as guided by intelligence.”  My gal pal Liz brought up the how many of us, myself included, believed that when we were of a certain age (i.e. past our twenties) we would have an easy time making decisions. But I do believe that time and experience are useful and that they temper our decisions. I think for me a veil has been lifted, I have personally given up many preconceived notions as most of them have not been able to hold water. I find it amusing that time has taught me to be open, flexible and patient. I know that in my teens and twenties there may have been a rigidity to my thinking, but as I have aged (hmm…that phrasing makes me sound like I have been trapped inside some tar pit) I have softened quite a bit and I am far less judgmental (at least I hope I am). As a person I feel like I am still evolving, but principally I am the same person. To tie it in with the theme of destiny, they say that your personality is your destiny. I think there is a ring of truth to that, and maybe that is what marries your choices to destiny.

At the time of this posting the last comment was made by my young friend Avanthika’s wish to know what choices to make. After considering it quite a bit I think it’s less about making the right choice, I don’t there is such a thing. But I think when considering your choices some of your alternatives yield may more desirable choices than others. And if we were told what the outcome of our choices may be paradoxically our knowledge of this outcome may change the outcome as our actions may change with this information. If this supposition is true then knowing the future is impossible. But it’s all just a theory and right now I can’t see of a way to prove or disprove it.

I’ll close this super long post with the following thoughts:

If I could know the future, I wouldn’t want to because I think it may be stressful. If I could change the past, I wouldn’t because my history good, bad or indifferent it has contributed to who I am today and that makes me happy. If somethings are destined then I can’t control it, but I can try to make choices that make people happy and causes the least amount of harm in the short and long run.

That being said maybe the best thing to do is cast our fate to the wind. Thanks again for all of your insightful input. I would appreciate hearing any further thoughts you have.






Life, in a way, is a series of choices. We make them everyday. I would say that most of the choices we make are small, so the repercussions are smaller and we don’t notice them as much. It’s the big life choices that we remember, the ones that we mulled over for a long time, the ones that we knew we had to make a commitment to, the ones that could possibly change the direction of our lives. Those are the ones that we think have the most impact.

While those big impact choices do have a way of changing how we live, I say the small choices we make are really the ones that make us who we are. For instance we make a decision of what we should eat every day. And whether we realize it or not, we tend to establish a pattern. The next thing you know you look in the mirror and see a burger hanging out your mouth with a surprised expression at how much weight you gained and how bad your skin looks. This shock drives you to the decision to eat healthier and join a gym or some other form of activity. But you realize that it is harder to make such a dramatic change, finding it a challenge you may stop and start again until you realize you have to implement the change the same way you start, with small choices. In this way the small choices are like a steady flow of water drops etching away an indentation on a rock. It won’t happen overnight, but with constant dripping it will forge a small indentation which may lead to a hole.

If we continue the analogy of water as a choices and it’s effect upon the rock (i.e. us), we can think of a big impact choice as a gush of water. It can sweep us away into waters unknown. It has an unsettling effect upon us as it jostles us into situations which are new and unfamiliar. We may end up in a better place or we may end up in a situation which we would rather not be in (worst case scenario is that you are smashed to bits by another rock, but that’s improbable). These sorts of choices can entail such turmoil for us, but once it settles the rewards may be great. Those are the risks we take in life. We also take a risk by not doing anything. When we are honest with ourselves we realize that all of our future days have an element of the unknown. The key to life’s risk management is accepting that unknown quality of tomorrow and making the best choices you can right now. Tomorrow you may choose to make a different choice.

When I have downtime I tend to think about these things. I tend to reevaluate the choices that I have made in my life. Some good and some bad, but I try not regret the choices that may have felt like a bad experience, rather I try to see it as a learning experience. It’s easier to do that when you have distance, there is a clarity that one can achieve. With all these life experiences as a learning tool I hope to make better choices.

Right now it feels like a rich bit of tapestry that I have been creating, a healthy balance of light and dark, with so much of the canvas it is still blank. I bet everyone has some really wonderful stories of the choices, big and small, that they’ve made. If you’re willing, I’d love to hear them.



Lucky You If You Can Be in London Next Week…

Lucky Lovely Londoners!!!!!!!! Lisa Eldridge is having a make-up give away…there are two prizes. The first one requires you be available for London Fashion Week (specifically next week Friday). The second prize is a make-up consultation via Youtube and that is open internationally, plus you get a little kit of supplies. Woohoo!!!!!! Below is the video with details, and here is the LINK for Lisa Eldridge’s blog post. Good luck gals (and boys if you’re interested).


I’m at it again…

As usual I am still in search for the right theme. And none of them feel right. I am looking for one with the following qualities:

  1. Clean and simple but not boring. I personally don’t want to many things to clutter your view when you visit. I know it can be hard to look at if there are too many options and no real organization. At the same time I don’t want anything too bland.
  2. Easy to navigate. I think the last two themes I liked, but I think it may have been confusing as it only had the title of the new postings, it almost looked like I didn’t post at all.
  3. My qualm with this one is that the whole bloody posting is listed on the first page, if you want to skim to find something you can’t. It can be really bad if I just keep yammering on. And sometimes a gal can’t just say it in one paragraph (I wonder why that is).
So the search continues….


The Red Balloon…

There is a 1956 French movie called “The Red Balloon.” It has minimal dialog and is about a little boy who has a red balloon for a pet, and yes the balloon sort of wiggles and interacts with the boy. It’s a sweet little fantasy film in which the boy and the little boy face ever day sort of challenges, which only seems to strengthen their friendship. The filmmaker found a way to communicate in a simple manner a range of human interaction, such as friendship, envy, and sacrifice.

I personally enjoyed the way the cinematography managed to capture vintage France, although it wasn’t vintage when it was done. I like to watch these old films and to see how things were. There is a certain romance to it. I especially like the little guy’s book bag. It looks so quaint, with its rich patina and simple styling. Little dude does not realize how chic his little bag looks in 2011. I’ve noticed quite a few designers have been paying homage to the style. Here are a few cute choices that I’ve found. I know there are a lot more coming out for Fall. Ah Fall is anyone else excited for the new season. I’m ready to get cozy.

Edie Purse (J. Crew $238)

Handmade Tan Leather Shoulder Bag (Chic Leather $138)
Tarnish Turnlock Flap Messenger Bag (Nordstroms $198)


Something Yummy To Do With Eggplant…

This is just sort of a whim. It’s finally starting to cool down a bit. Last week it was about 101 degrees here for a couple of days. Then it cooled off to low 80’s over the weekend. You know cool weather means I get to cook. I saw Chinese Eggplant while I was at the Chinese market and grabbed a couple. I figured I would give it a go. Now I’ve used Japanese eggplant and the chubby eggplant (sorry I am not sure where that one is from exactly) but this was my first time trying to use a Chinese Eggplant. So I looked for a recipe on Youtube, and this one seemed decent.

Only problem is I didn’t have all the ingredients. So my sauce consisted of:

  • Soy Sauce (about 3 tablespoons)
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • Oyster Sauce (about 1 tablespoon)
  • sesame oil (about 1 tablespoon)
  • rice wine vinegar (about 1.5 tablespoon)
  • brown sugar (about 1 tablespoon)
  • a few slices of gari (pickled ginger)
Give it a bit of a taste to see if it’s something you’d want to eat, and adjust seasoning. I par-cooked the eggplants (which were cut into one inch triangle shapes) for three minutes. Then I added the sauce. I cooked that down for about two minutes and then added in the chicken stock and some cornstarch (I actually added the cornstarch to my chicken stock and mixed before adding). I let the roux cook (roux is the cornstarch mixed with the stock and the sauce) for about another two minutes to thicken the sauce. Cook to your taste. I personally liked it a lot. Let me know what you think.