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Oh no…no, no, no, no, no….


I love cute and clever ways of interpreting an outfit, but there are somethings that just need to never be done. Why, why should I dare to make rulings on fashion when I have espoused the virtues of creativity and individualism. And who really cares what I think? Eh, maybe no one, but being a logical little creature I tend to find trends that I deem silly somewhat dumb. To me some fashion ideas come off as a desperate attempt to look chic or interesting, and in fact come off more as some nutbar waving their hands in the air frantically screaming, “notice me, notice me!!!” And yes there are so many trends that seem to be saying that, sometimes I think people try out these odd ball trends in order to either a) stand out or b) fit in. Now isn’t that ironic.

For the most part I think of some trends as people trying out new identities, no harm there. Some people are trying to develop character by the choice of clothes, which can be worrying. I know they say clothes make the man, but there is more value if you focus on developing more substantive qualities. Clothing, in my opinion, should be enjoyed and a way of communicating your established identity, after all it is the first thing people see and it does make quite an impression. So what of stupid trends? Is a dumb outfit the calling card of a not so bright person? Maybe, because it is the choice that they made. Or maybe it’s just an off day (we all have those). At this point I would like to point out that I know that the words stupid/dumb/silly are subjective, and while it’s qualitative I would like to explain my viewpoint on it. I think we all make stupid/dumb/silly choices from time to time, but there are some who tend to use make bad choices a personal pattern. Additionally in my mind I think of the words as describing an act done by someone who knows better but proceeds with the poor decision in spite of it. If it is someone who does not understand or does not have the means to make better choices, I don’t view their choices as dumb or anything derogatory, rather just the best that they can do at the time.

What a build up, right? Well here is what prompted this post. I was looking at J. Crew’s tumbler blog and saw that they posted on the PJ top as a daywear.  And to this I say, “why, why would anyone do this?” I am all for breakfast for lunch, hey who doesn’t want to do things their own way. It’s fun to have pancakes, sausage, and eggs in the middle of the day or cereal for lunch. Some people get up at noon, maybe they work the night shift, are a late bird, or perhaps have a hang over and want to nosh on a little greasy goodness. But I draw the line at walking out in the middle of the day with my PJs, and I love my PJs. But it looks weird to me, especially with a purse. And these girls look so proud, so proud to look so….I don’t even know. Here’s the pictures so you can understand what I’m talking about, click on it and it will take you to their post.


J. Crew Blog post entitled Pajama Party


I remember a former coworker telling me that they worked for this unprofessional company where the owner would come in to work in her PJs, not just sweats and a tee, but negligee and other completely inappropriate outfits. Of course all her employees laughed at her and talked about her, who could respect someone who did that? How can you take orders from someone who couldn’t be bothered to change? I cringe at the idea that this will spread. I really doubt it though. I think some people just want attention and I guess I was the boob who just wrote a whole post on it. A well, I guess I played a part. I’m over it. Sigh…

14 thoughts on “Oh no…no, no, no, no, no….

  1. I also used to work for a super casual place where people looked like they rolled out of bed on a regular day. Then they took it even further when “Casual Friday” rolled around. I ignored them and dressed professionally anyway… because clients just would not take me seriously if I showed up in sweats like everyone else.

    Having said that, I don’t really care about the trendsetters who wear ridiculous things on purpose. Sure, it looks dumb, but I give them credit for having the balls to do so. But the women who are so sloppy and lazy that they can’t ever change out of their ugly khaki capris and cotton t-shirts? I have less respect for them than the gal with the stupid PJ top in that J Crew pic above.

    • I’ve worked in small casual offices the last two office jobs. And maybe because it’s Southern California it’s not a big deal. We’d wear jeans and a cute top with some ballet flats or cute shoes, we never saw customers. But the point is to be comfortable, but neat. I missed dressing up though and I don’t feel the same if I don’t get all dolled up, motivation can be low. All my other jobs I was in heels, skirts, blazer and nice tops, etc. I think it really depends on the office.

      I don’t mind what most people do for fashion (99% of the time, plus I’ve played with some wacky looks just for fun), but there was something about this that made me roll my eyes and say, “now that’s ridiculous.” I will say I have a soft spot for black cotton capris and a cute black top and black flats. It’s so Audrey Hepburn. Put your hair up in a chignon spritz on your favorite fragrance and some diamond earrings and I think you’re good to go. Oh and some red nails. Classic minimalist chic. But some days when i go to the market I just throw on a linen sweater and some khakis and I’m out the door. I just figure it’s only milk, and I really don’t care what folks think.

      • Well, if one is seeking to emulate the great Audrey Hepburn, I cannot hold capris against them!

        To clarify, the look I hate is the look that sloppy people will wear at home, to the market, to work, to social events and everywhere else in between. Not with cute ballet flats but with plastic flip flops. Most people don’t dress up for the grocery store and that’s how it should be. I just can’t stand the look of someone who seems stuck to a sloppy uniform for every aspect of life. I do agree the PJ top is ridiculous, D. I just let my intense dislike for another fashion crime run away with me in my first comment!

      • Sorry, sorry I misunderstood. I kind of like chic casual, you know a cute james perse tee paired with a nice fitting j.crew khaki, or any other brand that you like. To me one important aspect of wearing your clothes is that they be well fitting. But I guess some people don’t really care about their appearance, and it can translate to, “I don’t care about myself.” I think I feel a bit sorry for those people, because I tend to worry about their mental health. I mean they can’t be happy with themselves if they aren’t really taking care of themselves. But that’s just been my experience. But I can see how it would be displeasing to see someone who’s just given up on themselves.

        Oh Liz, I tend to over analyze things sometimes. When I have my off nonfashion days, I sometimes worry if I’d gone down the sloppy road, you’ve got me stressing that I’ve been an eyesore at some point in time. But I have never worn my home clothes out the house. Now that is verboden.

      • Don’t overthink it! Certainly I’ve had many an “off day” myself. But generally speaking, I think we’re both conscientious enough that the off-day outfits don’t translate to everyday attire! I have a “uniform” for winter days when I don’t feel like leaving my bed but must: thick leggings, white cotton tee, long grey cashmere cardi and black knee-high boots. It’s super comfy but still chic. It’s possible to do both. It just baffles me when people want to look comfortable without the chic when it’s totally doable.

      • Thanks for saying that. I think it does take need to take the time to consider what they wear before they pop out the house. It’s the first thing people will see. I think your outfit does sound cute and absolutely fool proof. I actually have never been a leggings type of gal, but a good pair of jeans works well for me. I like it with a nice tee and a cute cardigan or a nice blazer. Depending on how much I have to walk I’ll either go flats or heels.

        I just don’t think that some people care that much about the way they look and then there are some who care a lot but make really bad choices. Like clothes that are too tight or don’t fit or fall well. I don’t understand why one would put themselves through that.

  2. No PJs is taken it way too far, no one can get away with this! Some trends work for your shape and style, others don’t and you need to do what works for you not just what is on all the celebs or stick thin models!

    • I think this is not really flattering on anyone. It’s not just the fit, it’s just what it stands for. In my mind this person is either too lazy to change or desperate to try and be unique. And the truth is that sort of uniqueness does not normally play well. It’s fabricated and generated. Plus for them to stand and pose on the street shows you how proud they are. All so weird.

  3. That look is so wrong. I wonder if they were taking bets on whether they could get away with fooling the public.

    • You’re so right, this could be some sort of big crazy joke. But I have this fear that these people are serious. Like they sat there and said to themselves, this looks good, this has got to happen. Well, I am not on board. Veto, veto I say.

  4. I don’t have a very good fashion sense. I guess I lacked practise because I am always tees and jeans – I am lazy to think of how and which clothes work together 😦 So I rather be safe. Even so, I have to agree with you that those PJ outfits does not look right!

    • You’re a grad student tees and jeans are the norm. You want to be comfy. I was like that for my undergrad, and I remember the girls who wore a tube top, mini skirts, and stripper heels. They didn’t quite make it to their upper divisions in the business department. You only saw them for the first few prerequisites. My friend used to say they were there looking for a husband. I know that sounds awful to be judgmental like that, but it felt so inappropriate. 😦

  5. No they didn’t? The only excuse for that is depression.

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