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Little Black Rain Cloud…


Oh I think it happens to all of us from time to time. There are days when you just don’t feel you, or you can’t muster up enough jolly. So maybe you spend a little time grumbling or perhaps even sulking or brooding.  Maybe there is a reason or maybe there isn’t one. But my friends, I think it’s permissible to have those days. The caveat being that it’s not good to stay stuck in those days for a long period. When I have those sort of days I think I am a bit more touchy, it seems that things bother me more than they normally would. I think on those seldom extreme cases I may come across as a grouchy elf. Which is why I like to keep to myself on those days.  Last week when I posted the PJ as street wear, and cast my veto against, I was having that sort of day. Not that I was sour, but I will say I was feeling a little less optimistic. On any other day I think I would have thought, “oh how silly,” and moved on with my life. But for some reason I felt the desire to post my grumble. I did end up having some interesting conversations which made me think about the days when I feel frumpy and don’t want to bother getting gussied up. In the Summer when I feel hot and sometimes miserable I think frumpy happens more often than not. Thinking about it made feel like ditching the shabby and shaping up. So it was a good thing I posted the grumble overall I suppose.

When I feel the grumps, I tend to envision a little black rain clouds just hovering over my head. Inevitably I begin to hear Winnie the Pooh singing the Little Black Rain cloud song. Haven’t heard it, give it a listen below. Played in my head enough times I start to hum it, sometimes sing it, then a smile comes across my face. And thus the cycle is complete, lucky for me I have a device which can snap me out of the grumps.

Now if you haven’t guessed it, music plays a part of my everyday life. A lot of times I hear a song and it sticks with me, and sometimes I can’t get it out, sort of like gum in your hair. In fact while I was in the midst of the grumps I heard the song O Fortuna, and it made me feel quite anxious. Let me tell you anxious and grumpy are a bad combination. That song always makes me think that something foreboding is on the horizon. It’s used quite often in movies, and it’s never a scene with someone petting a bunny, unless that person is going to be mercilessly hacked to bits or some other terrible fate befalls them. But it’s in Latin and I since I don’t speak it I was making some odd noises while, and this is a stretch, singing it. Now that was actually funny. Spurred by curiosity I looked up the translation, man this is the definition of a bad attitude towards life. It’s pretty much about fate, the last line is “everyone weep with me.” Um….yeah…someone needs a hug.

And if all that made you feel down. Watch the entire Winnie the Pooh Little Black Rain Cloud cartoon. Heck, if Pooh can’t put a smile on your face, then you’re going to need some ice cream. Ice cream and a hug. I’ll go get the Ben and Jerry’s.

4 thoughts on “Little Black Rain Cloud…

  1. *raises hand* Today was a major grump day for me. I don’t know the Black Cloud song but this one below always makes me feel much better. (Hope it’s okay to post the link here.) I agree we’re all entitled to grumpy moments but they can be ever so difficult to climb out of without a helping hand. Hugs and ice cream all around!

    • The link is cool, it’s a helping link. Awww, can’t be wrong when it’s Kenny Loggins singing about a little Pooh Bear. I think that anything that can take you out of a funk is good. Now I want a little chunky monkey and to watch something silly.

  2. I hate slump days but generally I go with them and hope the next day will be brighter and better. Hope you feel a bit better today!

    • Today is better I think. I feel less grumpy, somewhat stressed and hot, but not surly. Hmm…that sounded like a weather forecast, hot with a bit of stress, but a grump free day is ahead of us.

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