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The Red Balloon…


There is a 1956 French movie called “The Red Balloon.” It has minimal dialog and is about a little boy who has a red balloon for a pet, and yes the balloon sort of wiggles and interacts with the boy. It’s a sweet little fantasy film in which the boy and the little boy face ever day sort of challenges, which only seems to strengthen their friendship. The filmmaker found a way to communicate in a simple manner a range of human interaction, such as friendship, envy, and sacrifice.

I personally enjoyed the way the cinematography managed to capture vintage France, although it wasn’t vintage when it was done. I like to watch these old films and to see how things were. There is a certain romance to it. I especially like the little guy’s book bag. It looks so quaint, with its rich patina and simple styling. Little dude does not realize how chic his little bag looks in 2011. I’ve noticed quite a few designers have been paying homage to the style. Here are a few cute choices that I’ve found. I know there are a lot more coming out for Fall. Ah Fall is anyone else excited for the new season. I’m ready to get cozy.

Edie Purse (J. Crew $238)

Handmade Tan Leather Shoulder Bag (Chic Leather $138)
Tarnish Turnlock Flap Messenger Bag (Nordstroms $198)

6 thoughts on “The Red Balloon…

  1. I was just looking at the picture thinking, “The kid is carrying a briefcase!!!!” Glad you cleared that up for me, D. lol

    I love the second option! Agreed, it’s a timeless and chic style. Vintage is back with a vengeance. I bought a pair of cropped navy pants yesterday and want to wear with ballet flats a la Hepburn like we talked about here before.

    Going back to the picture from the movie, I think the boy’s entire outfit is back, even down to his shoes!

    • I know, it’s kind of a crack up to see him carrying that bag. But they used to make book bags that way. I wonder how they say it in french.

      I know, the second one is a find. It’s handmade by this french couple. They take special orders too. I found them on Etsy a while back and I just love their take on leather goods. But I think there’s a more rustic style to the pieces too. If you click on the photos it should open up a link. I usually link the pictures. Yes, yes absolutely, very Audrey Hepburnesque. I’m so glad we’re fans of the chic modern look, even though she wore it in the 60’s. I love that era, it’s the last bit of ladylike gentile.

      That little boy is entirely chic, we could wear it in grey cashmere with some simple accessories. I just picture a low ponytail with side swept bangs being oh so cute with it. He actually the director’s son. It’s such a cute and endearing movie.

  2. Danielle, you managed to find something fashionable to write about even from a simple old French film, you’re brilliant! I personally love the 3rd bag you posted. Always loved that shade of brown. I think I saw my friend carrying that Edie purse the other day. It looked expensive, now I know it really is!

    • Thanks for saying that. I see things and absolutely fall in love with them, they really tug at my heart. I liked the third one too, it has a sort of modern edge to it with the webbed strap. It reminds me of those leather jackets from the eighties, sort of flight jackets they were. Paired with a cute pair of aviator sunglasses, and I want to say leg warmers. I don’t know why but I miss them. They remind me of dance class. It’s all so cute.

      I liked the Edie purse too, I don’t think the price is so bad compared to luxury brands. My Mom still thinks my LV is ridiculous, all that money and it’s not even leather. She’s come to terms with it though, I think.

  3. Not that I know anything about bags (what with mine being a New Orleans Saints backpack) but the Red Balloon is a wonderful film.

    So simple yet so brilliant.

    • New Orleans always makes me think of crab boils. It’s a fun town. You really do like American Football 😀

      Red Balloon, to me, is a refreshing sort of film. It’s so simple and have such an uplifting spirit to it.

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