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Lucky You If You Can Be in London Next Week…


Lucky Lovely Londoners!!!!!!!! Lisa Eldridge is having a make-up give away…there are two prizes. The first one requires you be available for London Fashion Week (specifically next week Friday). The second prize is a make-up consultation via Youtube and that is open internationally, plus you get a little kit of supplies. Woohoo!!!!!! Below is the video with details, and here is the LINK for Lisa Eldridge’s blog post. Good luck gals (and boys if you’re interested).

6 thoughts on “Lucky You If You Can Be in London Next Week…

  1. Ahh Ahh ahh! Why can’t I be there ?

    • I know, I’m really sad that I can’t be there either. But there’s a second prize, so yay. I have yet to win anything really, so maybe I’ll be lucky this time fingers crossed.

  2. Danielle you have to stop. You got me hooked on watching Lisa Eldridge’s videos back to back all evening!!! P.S. She is awesome!

    • I know, she’s so amazing it’s addictive. It’s a combo of her talent and charm. But she doesn’t post that often, so you won’t be locked in for a long time. And her vids aren’t that long. Plus she’s got that great accent. So easy to just sit and watch.

  3. I used to watch her old videos just before bed and find she doesn’t just give great tips but her voice is really soothing and perfect for a late night viewing. Since then I’ve had to unsubscribe from all the other YT “gurus” who are irritating and grating by comparison. Lisa seems so kind and down to earth in a really genuine way!

    • She really does, it sort of spoils it to listen to other chicks just ramble on and who don’t speak as well (I can’t listen to them anymore either). I am so over YT “gurus”, I think it’s the 15 minutes of fame thing. Oh and Butter London Day is tomorrow, wahoo!!!!!

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