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All The Pretty Colors…


I must admit to you, my friends, that I am easily seduced by color(s). This has always been the case ever since I can remember. For example: when I was small, say four, I was every bit a fan of the color pink. My walls had to be pink, I wanted a pink birthday cake, I loved bubblegum ice cream and it was pink. If it was pink I wanted to be its friend. Which isn’t to say I was a little pink blob of a child, in fact I was quite a little tart. I just liked pretty things, and the first thing that always seemed to catch my attention was the color.

I think many of us use color to communicate. We wear colors based upon our agenda. If a woman wants to be a bit more seductive she may choose a deeper color on her lips (YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture #4 in Rouge Vermillon is a nice choice) . But if she wants to appear more demure or soften her looks she may choose to pick a more neutral color, say a peachy nude lipstick (like MAC’s Freckletone, one of my all time favorites). Men tend to try to stay away from clothes which may have a more effeminate feeling assigned to it by society, say a pink tee-shirt may not be the go to shirt for a first date.  We also choose colors to display how we feel. People who are in mourning wear black. We tend to associate soft pastels with children, and I think the young at heart may tend to wear it. If you want to display a serious attitude you may opt to wear a grey or navy suit. But I think some of these are preset by culture and may vary accordingly. Given the cultural differences we can examine the colors we choose to paint our homes and businesses. The intention is to communicate what sort of business it is or what kind of home you are about to enter. Hospitals paint their rooms in neutral colors and prisons tend to paint their room in soft subdued colors also. Why, because colors tend to influence people’s behavior. A vibrant color may make an already ill person feel even worse or a person with violent tendencies may feel a little more on edge in a room painted with intense colors.

When I think about it, humans are not the only creature to be swayed  by color. Flowers are beautiful and bright, their colors are meant to attract insects so that they can pollinate other flowers. Plants also change their color according to their life cycle, the once lush green leaves of deciduous trees turn to beautiful golds and oranges as they herald the coming of Autumn. It is a really gorgeous sight to behold, if you are blessed with the gift of sight.

We tell people so much about ourselves in so many ways. It’s really interesting how we choose to speak to others without saying a word, whether or not we planned to. I guess this post was a pit of a ramble, but I’ve had a romance with color for so long that I thought I would share my thoughts with you and introduce it as a topic. My dear friends, do any of you feel that way? Do colors sometimes strike you and make you take pause? Or is it something you’ve never really paid much attention to? And if you didn’t, when you think back have there been times when it may have spoken to you without you really realizing it?

8 thoughts on “All The Pretty Colors…

  1. Sometiems I do get seduced by pink, glittery thigns – ooh the sparkle, makes me feel all girly and princess like 🙂

  2. I love colours.

    Mark Rothko is my favourite painter and I just love abstract impressionism. Amazes me how abstract forms can be used to create such wonderful art.

    Also I finally resolved my thing with colours, finally writing a poem I’ve wanted to write for months.

    Love me some colours.

    • I googled Mark Rothko, he really had an appreciation for color. Really wonderful use of linear shapes and color coordination.

      Yay for colors, or colours 😀

      I can’t wait to read your inspired poem. I’ve got to get over to your site and read your new work. I’ve not been very good with being online lately.

  3. Yes it’s quite fascinating, sometimes i become obsessed by a colour for weeks on end.
    I can’t wear black now during the day as it always depresses me, it just sucks me into the dark abyss.

    • I went through a sad period in my life and had no idea how prominently black my wardrobe had become till someone was looking at my laundry. I had to snap myself out of it.

      It’s so funny how colors can affect my outlook. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  4. I love looking at all shades of colours and would say I have a discerning eye, yet it’s so difficult to incorporate into my everyday wardrobe! I like the flash of brights as accents, wear a lot of neutrals and lean towards blues and winter colours which is more flattering on me than warm colours that can clash horribly with my skin tone or wash me out. But colours do so much to open up the eyes, take a different perspective and change the mood. I’m always looking out for a way to incorporate more colours in life.

    • I think for some people they may like a color and it may not like them. I always think that’s the saddest when that happens. I want to take them by the hand and say,
      “there, there, it will be alright, now let’s go find you something that will make you look pretty.” But it’s great when you know what colors are flattering to you, and I am going to agree with your discerning eye. I can’t think of you as walking around looking like a hot mess. Not my friend Liz.

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