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A Beauty Fairy Tale…


Ever since I was a small girl I have loved fashion and beauty. Ah yes, I just have a love of beautiful things. As an adult I still love fashion, but find that I look at it from a different perspective a bit more objective. But sometimes I see things presented in such a way that makes me feel a little soft and squishy (I’m not sure what the appropriate terminology for soft and squishy would be). I must confess I went a bit soft and squishy when I saw this video. As my friend Liz points out, Lisa Eldridge has such a charming voice and comes across as being a calm and nice person one can just listen to her and feel so relaxed. I think she must be great to work with, with that soothing voice making you feel like there is no need to worry.

Sweet dreams beauty lovers…

6 thoughts on “A Beauty Fairy Tale…

  1. It’s also interesting to see Lisa at work backstage. I’ve grown used to seeing her only on her YT videos in which she always turns out to look fabulous by the end. She seems like a normal, nice, approachable person — and I love that she understands our curiosity about what goes on at the backstage level.

    Is soft and squishy kind of like warm and fuzzy? 🙂

    • You’re quite right, it’s a less controlled environment. Out of all the self professed Youtube gurus she is one of the very few that I actually would call a beauty guru. It’s that she is an established professional and generous nature I think. Liz, we may be fangirls. I’m OK with that though.

      I think it may be the Danielle version of warm and fuzzy. Apparently my feelings have a more gel like texture to them. Go figure. 😀

      • I know! I don’t mean to gush whenever we talk about her but she’s such a refreshing change from the inarticulate babblers that crowd the YT beauty scene. I unfollowed everyone else, actually. I keep up with a few via their blogs but I don’t care to listen to their awkward, stunted non-sentences. She really blows everyone out of the water and put a lot of “gurus” to shame!

      • I don’t know if it’s because I’m older or because I cherish the English language, but at times it feels like some of these gurus masticate the words with their delivery. I think they are doing the best they can, but I do shudder a bit when I hear some of their egregious faux pas. So rather than continue to shake my head with my hypercritical ways I do unsubscribe to many, lest my repeated shudders be mistaken for some condition.
        But we still have Lisa, apparently she comes out in a lot of English programmes (my spell checker said it was wrong, but I spelt it the way our UK friends would have :D).

  2. loved the video. she really knows her work!

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