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Autumn in New York…


Sometimes I get a little sentimental. Sometimes I think of my childhood and get lost in the memory. If you will indulge me, I’m in one of those moments. I’m thinking of my hometown New York and although I would be considered a transplant (East Coast to West Coast) there will always be a special place in my heart for New York. Oh, I know, loads of people think New Yorkers are rude. But I don’t think so, New Yorkers may seem like they have a brusque way of handling things, I think it’s more like there’s an honesty to them. They see things as they are and are less inclined to sugar coat it. I personally love this seemingly blunt way of communicating, although it’s something that does not go over well in Southern California; where folks are laid back and want communication to be a little more soft. Butย this isn’t really about a turf war. It’s just that today (which was actually 9/28 when I first started to write this) was a bit overcast and while there aren’t too many seasonal changes in Southern California, there are a few trees that are losing their leaves and it made think of New York.

Right now I miss New York, as I do every so often. I miss the falling golden and russet colored leaves. I miss the fabulous museums. I miss the beautiful Brownstones. I miss the suspension bridges. I miss the pizza, pastries (I especially love those almond horns you get in Italian bakeries), and all the other yummy foods that you can get, even at two in the morning. I miss the plays and jazz clubs. I miss the fashion and being able to buy for Fall. I miss being able to go for a walk in Central Park. I miss a few other things as well.

I am sure I’ve romanticized it, we all tend to romanticize some aspects of our past. But much like any other relationship you have when you love something you tend to come to terms with the parts that may not be so pretty. Sometimes those unique attributes are the things that draw you closer and makes you love it even more. Yes there are things I like about Southern California, but there is something about the place where you are from that will always hold a special place in your heart.

When I hear Billie Holiday sing Autumn in New York, I can close my eyes and all enjoy my memories. Lost in thoughts of the moments that were and hopeful for the moments to come.

Does anyone else have a beloved place to spend Fall? What are your favorite autumnal moments?

*** Full disclosure: I started writing this last week Wednesday and was pulled away to take care of something. Then it got hot and I just didn’t feel like writing about Fall. It just made me a little sadder that I don’t get the full effect of the season. But I soon cheered up when my Mom mentioned that we were fast approaching on baking season. In celebration I picked up a few mini chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.

10 thoughts on “Autumn in New York…

  1. Wow I agree, I’ve been to NYC twice and loved it. The second time I went in autumn and Central Park was gorgeous!

  2. I’ve been to NYC in spring and summer but never fall. This makes me want to go there RIGHT NOW. I try to go to NY at least once a year since Toronto is rather close, but I’m saving up for a big getaway at Xmas and can’t squeeze in mini-trips right now.

    But to answer your question, I love going applepicking in autumn. The air is crisp, but the sun is warm, the sky is blue but the trees are golden and coppery. I want to bottle the moment and cuddle it during winter snowstorms.

  3. Big trips are the best. Too bad the kill off the mini-trips. Maybe next year, New York in Fall.

    I’ve never been apple picking. That makes me want to go. I bet it’s lovely. And now I want to wear my new coppery eyeshadow. I may be easily distracted ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hee, I like your train of thoughts!

      The apple farm I like to go to has become much more commercialized in the recent years so I need to find a new, quieter farm now.

      As for NYC, I had an idea to plan the mini-trip around one tourist spot, a few cultural sites, and about a gazillion beauty-related boutiques and stores. Someday it will come to fruition!

      • That sounds like a good idea, a mini-trip with a specific destination along with some shopping. I think any New York trip would mean family reunion time, which can be a mixed bag. I think they’d want to take me to their other homes, which are out of state. So I don’t get my full New York experience. Makes me wonder if I can slip in under the radar (but that’s not cool). I would just want a week long trip of all my favorite New York memories, pass by my old house, pick up the variety of foods that my Mom would request (request being an understatement), munching and shopping.

        Maybe one day we can meet up in New York and go beauty shopping with fueling(s) at Serendipity3.

      • You’re so lucky to have lived there! It’s such a great city. And I hear you on obligations to see the relatives — it’s probably why I haven’t ever gone back to Korea. It’d take a million years to see everyone and I only get 3 weeks of vacation a year.

        I would so love to meet you in NYC some day! Your proposal sounds fabulous!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Our mutual friend Eugenia and I also dream-talk of such gatherings. Oh the food we’ll eat, the conversations we’ll have and the products we’ll purchase!

      • I was there as a small child, but haven’t had many chances to visit. I personally would like to visit Korea some day. I have some friends who are from there and some who have worked there. It sounds like a great country, plus I am addicted to K-doramas. I just can’t get enough of them. Oh yeah, you’d need to take some kind of reunion sabbatical to go there.

        Let’s plan on all meeting up in New York one day. It will be something we have to save for, with all the shopping and munching we’ll be doing. I wonder if we can persuade Eugenia to make it an threesome shopathon? Hmm….I’ll need to find the perfect walking shoes. It’s like planning for Spring training.

      • God, that would be fantabulous. I am in! Can we revisit this conversation in May after I finish my degree and hopefully find a better job??? ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Absolutely, there’s no rush. I’d have to save and plan for some things too. Economy isn’t so great right now, but we’ll plan for this trip happening later on. ๐Ÿ˜€

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