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Critters Make Me Laugh…


I am a sucker for cute small furry animals. But when there is goofiness involved, it makes me chuckle intensely. This insurance commercial had me laughing and thinking, I wonder what I can train a hamster to do…

Just because the premise is ridiculous, here’s an extended version of this commercial.

I’m still wondering where that other guinea pig went.

6 thoughts on “Critters Make Me Laugh…

  1. That’s funny! Maybe the 4th hamster is dancing in his new Kia. 🙂

  2. Hee. I wonder what kind of critter can be trained to make my morning coffee. (I know: human male.)

    You have to watch this — it’s hilarious:

    • OMG Liz, you’ve got me chuckling all over the place. That little guy was so wasted, poor thing *chortle*

      I kept hearing the first one trying to climb up saying in a slurred voice, “no wait I can do it, I can do it, hang on…”

      Haha, you can train a man to make you coffee in the morning, but it may be easier to get a coffee maker with a timer 😀

  3. Well if critters make you laugh


    Hours of fun. No really, hours upon hours of fun.

    • You know what I like it based on the name already. I can see it being one of those time gobblers, like time has flown and you have no idea where it went.

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