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I am not a very political person. For the most part I think it’s a machine which has minimal interaction with my real life. I understand it and I think it needs some fixing. It needs to be for the people and not for the lobbyist. I actually have a lot of feelings about large corporations and their effect on our lives. I see both sides of the coin; on one hand you have a regulated workforce which creates standards while on the other hand you have a large economic force which can forcibly drive smaller companies out of business and devastate communities.

These goliath businesses tend to be controlled by a select few, many of which make money the deciding factor. Now this may be a generalized thought, and I can’t say that this is true for all large corporations, but I can say that I am not the only one who has had these thoughts. Over the weekend I came across this Tavis Smiley Interview with Tom Morello (click on link to interview). It was very interesting to hear their discussion on the protests that are cropping up all over the U.S. What I walked away with was this line, “there’s something not right in the water.” The protests made me think of a conversation I had with a friend earlier this year. We were talking about how bad things were and how fed up a lot of people were. She said to me that people may eventually have to riot. At the time we said that things weren’t that bad and it was unlikely to happen. But looking around and taking stock of the year that has been globally, I wonder what direction we will take.

If you’ll indulge me I think this is a subject I’d like to explore…what are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “What He Said…

  1. History is cyclical. Whether it’s inherited aristocracy or corporate wealth, there’ll always be struggle between the few with power vs. the masses with less. As a part of the “less” faction, I’m not sure what can be done. Recently my rather large firm has been instituting a lot of changes that are clearly money-oriented rather than personnel-related (though they always present the change as something positive). I chose this firm in the first place because it was different from many of the other firms in the financial district and used to place value on importance of people and work/life balance. And now I feel like I have to take a pay cut just to be able to work in an environment where I don’t always have to watch my back or stress about being seen as a resource rather than a person. I’m looking for a way out. Hopefully it won’t come to the point where I have to leave the country to find what I’m looking for.

    • Liz, you and I are contemplating the same thing. I’ve been considering my next move for a long time. I’ve worked for large organizations and I don’t think that is my arena, but at the same time I’ve been doing more free-lance work and I haven’t found what I’ve been looking for. So I am taking my time to make a better decision. And while the market is soft it feels sometimes like I am overqualified, overeducated and not employable. I know that’s just the psychology of it until I find the proper solution, but it’s been a bit of a struggle lately to be optimistic. I’ve been considering leaving the country, on some days it feels like the U.S. is a sinking ship. But on others I remember my business training and that it’s a trough and that we just have to ride it out. I counter with the thought that I want to travel a bit, so now may be the time.

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