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I love when someone tells you how it is. I love make up but it doesn’t mean that I am going to try to fool myself and spackle it on and think it makes me look like a whole different person. I honestly want to look like me a human being, not a poreless lineless mannequin. I try to take good care of my health and my skin, and I want the make up to reflect that. So when I apply foundation I look for one that will protect my skin and maybe enhance it a bit.

That being said we live in a youth oriented culture, everyone seems to want to stay a teenager. I am always a bit shocked when I hear of teenage girls getting botox (it’s pretty common in Orange County) and young women in their early twenties getting facial peels to diminish their “wrinkles”. I don’t think gals in their twenties have but one wrinkle, the one their sitting on. But make-up companies have seen this paranoia as an opportunity and tend to prey on the hopes of women with thinly veiled promises of renewed youth. I love that Goss has taken the time to debunk the myth.

Lastly the best thing to do is take care of your skin from an early age. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and remember that water is your best friend. If you are dehydrated the first place that shows is your skin. And yes having good genes helps, but staying out of the sun and using sun screen helps too.

8 thoughts on “Because Knowledge Is Power…

  1. I’d be far too scared to have botox. I do use a few creams though in the vein hope I can keep the wrinkles away šŸ˜‰ I think a lot of it is done to genes though.

    • I think the creams and masks do help a bit. It’s good to pamper your skin. It’s the same way that plants receive nutrients through osmosis I think. Plus I think it registers to the body that it’s being cared for.

  2. As much as I moan and b*tch about my skin, I’m glad to have grown up in a culture/time when emphasis wasn’t on plastic surgeries and invasive procedures to maintain the appearance of youth. I probably won’t be any better than the average botox junkie had I grown up modern day Orange County.

    I like Goss’s emphasis on paying attention to marketing language. That’s a great point. But I find it kind of funny coming from the guy who always asks viewers to subscribe to his channel.

    • I think LA and OC are just so obsessed with looks. I’m so used to some folks being like that, that it doesn’t really phase me. I just think they’re like that and I don’t have to be. In my family it just seemed so unnecessary to take those measures. But I think I do try to take care of my skin as much as I can. More so than if I were a teenager or in my early twenties. I started some where in my mid-twenties, after college paying attention to my skin and I am happy that I did.

      It is true about the marketing. But you know the funny thing, and this is coming from a person who majored in business for their undergrad, is that marketing is the act of trying to get someone to buy something that they probably don’t need or want. Product’s that you need have very little need for marketing. And yes I did note the irony of Goss pimping his channel calling folks out on marketing ploys, nutty no?

  3. Amen to that! I didn’t go over the video clip yet, but I will as soon as I finish writing here. You are so completely on target with this entire makeup obsession, or at least the more unhealthy side of it. Like everything, there’s a bright and dark side and for companies to be targeting people’s insecurities and fears, is reprehensible. A healthy, happy and safe lifestyle will certainly go a long way towards keeping you young, both physically and mentally, but it’s nice to know that we have some products we can fall back on to just add a little zing to our appearance. Spackle? Uh…no thank you. I personally have been on the hunt (it’s my new mission!) to find THE perfect foundation; one that applies easily, doesn’t look cake-y or corpse-like, doesn’t smother my skin, helps to balance my tone and hopefully add benefits as well. I haven’t found it yet, but I’m narrowing the field a little every day (I have samples galore still to test out!). Today, I tried a different tinted moisturizer and you know what? I like that it evened my skin out, without looking like I actually had anything on. Like you said, my dear friend, makeup should be used to enhance what you were born with, not make you part of the witness protection program! Love this post…wonderful words of wisdom!!

    • Oh I can’t wait to hear more about your mission. Will you be doing posts on this research. I think that would a good and fun read.
      I think make-up should be fun. But I also understand that is good to put effort into our appearance, I just read a post where a beautiful woman on the occassion of her 90th Birthday confided that it is very important to make an effort in your appearance. And it totally agree. But at the same time if you are using it as a mask then there is something psychologically wrong, I’d worry that the person was trying to hide something and would find it difficult to see their own true beauty. A beautiful smile is far more important than looking like a twelve year old. And if you’re a grown woman trying to look like a preteen, that’s even worse. I think it’s a matter of accepting yourself for who you are and looking forward to who will be as well as cherishing who you were. All a beautiful part of your patchwork quilt, I think. But that’s my thinking.

  4. I’ve seen videos of people getting botox and its just to scary for me! I agree with you, as much as I love make up, I still want to look like myself. As I get older, I find myself preferring the natural made up look more and more. Make up is to enhance features, not hide it under a layer of um….paint.

    • I know, I keep thinking botox is a derivative of botulinum toxin, you know botulism. And now folks are injecting it into their face, in order to paralyze the facial muscles. How badly can this go?

      That being said I do like a good facial or face mask. I think I just like taking good care of myself.

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