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Ever Feel Like a Ping Pong Ball???


I think after industrialization took hold and became a driving factor of modern society there has been very little that we could do to control it. It was something that was established way before most of us were born and we have known little else. I watched as child in the eighties as large corporations offered cheaper products which meant that we all flocked to these mega marts to let the Mom and Pop store wither and die. Majority of the companies we buy from are large corporations and with little recourse we are left to whims.

One such whim bothered me today. When I opened up Firefox the Adobe Player window popped up saying there was a new version. I had noticed playback had been choppy so I started the download only to find out I could not install as I needed to purchase and install the new Leopard operating system. Something I do not want to do as it has a lot of problems and I feel that my computer’s overall performance would suffer. Why pay 30 dollars to ruin your computer?

Now the feud between Apple and Flash has been well documented. And honestly Apple’s desire to maintain exclusivity with its proprietary software is really annoying, they also have issues with Java (but that’s more on the development side, grrrr…). While Adobe’s software is ridiculously priced (the basic suite is $1,299 and the Master collection is $2,599), but in truth a lot of professional software has a very high price.  Last summer Adobe’s CEO Narayen said the feud had ended, but you still can’t get the flash on your iPhone/iTouch. If you compare the version requirements, you notice you can use Windows XP or higher, but the required processor had increased a lot (2.33 GHz or higher). My PC works but it’s getting on in years so I’ll probably end up having to get a new computer in sometime in the “near” future, but I don’t like the idea that one software application is forcing me to do so. I wonder if anyone else finds this annoying…

2 thoughts on “Ever Feel Like a Ping Pong Ball???

  1. I feel like a ping pong 😦 first people treat us like this…then even the technology started playing with us!!! 😦 boohoo!

    • I’m dizzy from being bandied about. I feel like I don’t have as much control as I should.

      It’s the people that make the technology that are doing it to us. I think they just want us to buy new computers. Grrr…

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