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In Search of….Eyeshadow


I think we have all had that moment. That moment when you fear for the safety of one of your favorite objects. That fear that clutches at your heart when you worry that if something were to happen to that favorite object could you replace it? In truth I have quite a few objects that I love, but I try (notice the use of the word try) not to get so attached. It’s only material items and they all have fade away into their infinite nothingness at one time or another. The rational me realizes that material items do not have an infinite quality and their and were always meant to have a temporal life. But the ridiculous part of me, the one that likes shiny objects much like a crow, becomes somewhat attached to some of our pretty things (wait, should I worry that I’ve dissected my personality only to  reconfigure it in a plural nature?). Well, that side of me has sent me on a frantic search. Yes a frantic search for eyeshadow.

It may be better to tell you my tale of woe from the beginning, so this ramble seems less idiotic. I have a “collection” of various make-up products, but I found it hard to use them. I mean, I have but two eyes and locating the right shade seemed cumbersome sometimes when one has to root through said collection. To compound the problem I ended up buying and forgetting some products while amassing a large inventory that is both hard to categorize as well as utilize. A couple of years ago I decided I would buy palettes to take out the pans of eyeshadow and organize them in a way which made sense. Originally I had them labeled and organized as well as remembering which ones were which. But I kept acquiring more and more palettes which allowed a false sense of confidence, some of the labels have fallen off and I have forgotten some of the less used products as I have, in my infinite wisdom switched around the pans in various palette coordination. I finally had to have an intervention with myself. This year my goal has been to keep my purchases down and to work on shrinking the my inventory. And slowly I’ve been using up my product  and reacquainting myself with some interesting acquisitions by continuing to switch products in various palettes.

In the shuffle I found the most beautiful plummy taupe with a slight sheen/shimmer to it. It’s just a simply beautiful shade, and it had been neglected for long time. It’s texture is both creamy and powdery and it’s application is just fool-proof. With one swipe you get the a wash of taupe and plum just enough to have create depth to your eye. It’s one of those easy colors to apply and leave the house for your day out and about, but can also add dimension to your look if you are trying to blend with other colors. As the French would say c’est manifique, I say it’s terribly chic.   Then one day I realized how gorgeous it was and ranked it as a staple. However by the time I realized it I had no idea which one it was. To add to my pain I had used it so much I hit pan and in my clumsy attempt to find a replacement it broke in my bag. Luckily my bag was not soiled, but my heart was broken. So I am not desperately trying to find it or to find a duplicate for it.

So apparently I had the insight to document my eyeshadows in photos (I just realized it tonight), but not to label them. I found them in the palettes, and I think it’s the one on the left (in the black palette). But the one on the right looks similar.  If I’m right and it is the one on the left, it’s a Smashbox eyeshadow. So thusly, here is my first hurdle; which one is it?

If it is Smashbox, and I think it is (I think I gave the Stila palette to my best friend, I’ll check with her), I think they made this color as a one-off.  The closest colors they have in their range are Minx and Truffle. Now Minx is to be discontinued and when I swatched it, it looked darker and bit more to the grey side than plum. I have not been able to find Truffle to swatch, but the Smashbox gal said it’s more to the purple side than Minx. Truffle is not available in a single pot, but is available in palettes and in the trio which means you have pay more to get other products you may or may not want, not ideal. Hurdle #2 is where to find it or a duplicate.

Now there are a lot of taupe eyeshadows out there, but finding the one with the right influence of plum in it has proven to be difficult. I am still searching but have thus far come up empty. I did find a lavender almost taupe in my own arsenal, one that I had forgotten about (it’s like finding buried treasure with me, isn’t it?). It’s Innocence from Lorac and turns out it’s not a duplicate as it’s a bit more purple than taupe. The search continues both in-house and  other sources, does anyone have suggestions?

8 thoughts on “In Search of….Eyeshadow

  1. I like those colours, I hope you find who makes them. You could always ask at a department store if they have similar ones.

    • I hope so too. But I’ve been having a fun time trying to find it, I’ve gone to quite a few stores and haven’t come up with anything similar yet..

  2. Oh man. I’m not enough of a shadow expert to help you out here. I feel your pain. I had an Essie polish that no longer has the label with the shade name on it and it’s driving me nuts. I’m pretty sure it’s Geranium but not 100% sure. The neurotic, anal side of me wants to settle it once and for all.

    Going back to the first part of your post re: material things, I learned since early age not to get too attached to things as my parents gave away my first and only puppy without my consent, gave me three younger siblings with whom I’ve had to share all my material wealth… I feel like my accumulation of makeup and clothes are now a way to psychologically make up for the deprivation I experienced earlier on. Half of me knows none of this stuff really matters while the other half ecstatically delight in it. The battle continues!

    • I hear you, I’ve lost the label on nail polishes too. And I even have bought some sale OPI polishes that had the label taken off. So I’ll never really know. I’m also right there with you about wanting some sort of closure. Liz how did we become so emotional about our cosmetics? I ask you.

      I think with family we have to learn how to share. Every so often I want to have a special moment or a treat and I don’t want to share, but as an adult I also enjoy sharing. It’s something that I learned though. I do agree that I buy clothes and make-up solely for myself and truthfully I don’t think anyone in my immediate family would want to take that from me. But I feel for you, losing your puppy is really sad.

  3. Hmmm…a nice little conundrum you’ve got going here, Danny! Ok, for starters, these two shades are nothing alike. Not even close cousins. Secondly, I absolutely love the one on the left and before I even finished your paragraph on it, I was already saying in my head how much I love this hue as it totally reminds me of another: If you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favour and take what’s left of this shade (if you still kept any of the pieces) and head over to your nearest Chanel counter. Once there, check out their latest quad released with their Fall collection and look at the one on the bottom left. They both even seem to bear a similar, secretive duo-chrome like shimmer! Of course, it comes in a quad compact so you may not want that, but on the plus side, all four shades are incredible (one of my most versatile and wearable compacts ever) and it’s not limited edition. Another compact which has a close colour to your lost love, is from Dior’s Mitzah compact, but that is a limited edition set, and as it was available only at Sephora, I’m not sure if you’d still be able to find it, if only to compare. Lastly, check out Urban Decay’s ‘Stray Dog’…it seems to have shared qualities to your shade. I’ll dig around and see if I can find others, but maybe you can try any of these and see!

    • I know exactly what you mean about them being two different colors, I meant to say that in certain lights they look similar to the crushed eyeshadow. The problem is the picture. I don’t trust that my camera read it right. Where as one comes across in the cool family (more plummy so closer to what I think it looks like in real life) the other has a warmer brown finish. Here is the freaky thing, the thing I didn’t and wouldn’t expect. The color looks plummy in the pan (and I absolutely salvaged what I could) but when swatched on a white canvas (say a tissue or paper) it has a taupe warm feel to it. In a way it’s like MAC’s Club, but it’s not a duochrome, so the color doesn’t necessarily shift. It’s a plum and a taupe at the same time, but has a bit of brown undertones at the same time, the color is both plum and taupe at the same time, but it reveals more plum or taupe in certain light. It’s ridiculous and totally a beautiful surprise. I love it so.
      Ok I’ll check out Dior. I think Chanel’s Fauve may be similar. It’s one of those fun journeys. I’ll let you know how it goes. I will also look at their quads. I think Estee Lauders Smokey Embers looks similar but when applied there us a difference. Also the quality is so fantastic when applied creamy and soft yet powder formula. Spreads like butter. Like fairy dust.

  4. I have a similar problem. I buy and buy and end up using only 20% of each. I recently threw out all expired make up and is now left high and dry. This time around I vow to only purchase what I need and only buy again when something runs out!

    • I am trying to stay good about using out these products. And theoretically not purchasing more. But I am some kind of sucker when it comes to sales. Dangle a discount code in front on me and I’m a goner.

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