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Whilst Sipping My Chamomile Tea…


I am sitting here just enjoying the end of this Sunday and the beginning of the coming Monday. I was working on another post, a longer one which I probably post tomorrow, and sipping some chamomile tea whilst listening to Simon and Garfunkle. It’s finally feeling like Autumn here, after all last week it was in the 90s here one day it was even 104 (of course that was the day that they decided to ship my wine even though they were instructed to wait for cooler temperatures, after a few attempts to deliver the wine has been received and is OK it did not turn to vinegar). Tomorrow it will rain, or drizzle, and I do so love those wet and almost dreary days. Maybe because it doesn’t happen often here, so I am looking forward to it.

In case you were wondering which song prompted me to write this small and seemingly innocuous post it was “I am a Rock”, I really like the guitar work on this one (tee hee I am pronouncing it “geee-taaar”). There is no correlation, it is absolutely non sequitur. I guess I just felt like sharing this moment with you…

6 thoughts on “Whilst Sipping My Chamomile Tea…

  1. Love the mellow mood/atmosphere you created with the post. 🙂

    *toasting you w/ my rice green tea*

  2. If you’ll excuse me, I have to make a cup of tea. And write some poems.

    • I wonder what sort of tea you had my friend. I think an evening with poetry and tea is always good. I think that’s how I’ll spend an evening this week, sitting, sipping and reading your written words.

      • Earl Gray. Well, some form of Grey tea. It’s nice.

        Whenever you want to drop by just go for it.

      • That sounds good, but I always wondered why they called it Earl Grey, was there an actual Earl named Grey? Too bad it’s not really grey, I guess that would be too on the nose.

        I just dropped by, I am still thinking about the bounty hunter post, so I’ve yet to comment. Sometimes it takes longer to come up with the right thought.

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