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Or Treat…Make Me Something Good To Eat…


Warm treats that make Autumn yummy…

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Yesterday it was a bit chilly, well chilly for Southern California, so I made myself some hot cocoa (World Market Salted Caramel) and popped in a couple of gourmet marshmallows (Plush Puffs) that I got at the market. It was such a warm and yummy treat. The marshmallows complimented the cocoa as they were fluffy with a delicate hint of vanilla, and melted gently into the cocoa. So it got me thinking, why don’t I make my own marshmallows, since they are so yummy in cocoa. Thus began my search for the secrets to marshmallows began. After reviewing a few videos and recipes the task seemed achievable, but it does require a lot of sugar (I may cut down the volume or freeze them so they remain fresh).

The recipe is pretty simple, and once you get it down you can experiment, say encrust them with toasted coconut or maybe add some chocolate. You can also play around with flavors. I also think homemade marshmallows would be a sweet little addition when thinking of party favors or gift giving (maybe make a hot cocoa gift basket).

Also if you are not inclined to buy the World Market cocoa (one of my favorites) or any other cocoa mix you can easily use cocoa powder and add sugar and vanilla to taste. I am probably going to use Alton Brown’s method. But if you are interested and they don’t let you view his video here’s another person’s method (always have a backup). Bonus this guy gives you a bit of the marshmallow history.

7 thoughts on “Or Treat…Make Me Something Good To Eat…

  1. needagoodidea reblogged this on needagoodidea and commented: I love making things from scratch and knowing the the history about the food I am making is even better! (Not to mention that it always helps me when I am playing trivial pursuit!)

  2. What a great idea! It never occurred to me to try to make marshmallows from scratch! I am of course way too lazy to do it anytime soon but now I know it can be done. The thing that appeals to me the most is the smell that would fill the house as you make them… mmmm.

    • Oh it would be sugary goodness throughout the whole house with plumes of vanilla clouds wafting throughout. Mmm…yummy good.

      I think between work and school it wouldn’t be the easiest thing to make stuff from scratch. But it’s mostly boiling and whipping, then smooshing.

  3. I have never thought of making my own marshmallows, but as soon as I read that line in your post, I could feel my salivary glands going into overdrive! Toasted coconut encrusted homemade marshmallows….what a brilliant idea! I NEED to make these! Naturally, my daughter will be hanging around the kitchen from start to finish, but I’m afraid my husband will run out of the house screaming….he has this bizarre aversion to coconut, lol! I’m going to bookmark this video….thanks for sharing (and coming up with) this fab, fab, fab post!!

    • You are so welcome my friend. Let me know how they turn out. Isn’t that the best time, hanging out in the kitchen when something delish is about to make it’s appearance, everyone drooling. Hmmm…maybe make a few without the coconuts. Maybe there’s some deep rooted coconut issues your husband had, bonked on the head as a tyke? I’d be mad and scared of coconuts if I was bonked on the head as a kid.

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