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A Thematic List of Seven


My dear friend Liz passed a set of awards to me, the Tell Me About Yourself and the Versatile Blogger awards. Now many of us have had an award or two and the conditions for these awards are normally list seven things about the award and then pass them on to other people. Very kindly Liz said that it was not necessary to do the entire list and pass action but listed seven blogs that she enjoys and if the recipients felt like they wanted to participate they could. I like this idea, because I don’t like the idea that someone feels forced to play along. So in this spirit I am going to create two lists: one lists of seven things about myself (with a theme) and another list of seven fantastic new blogs, just to introduce them and give a bit of a nod.

List # 1: Seven of My Favorite Sounds:

  1. The sound of the turn signal in my car. This was the first new car I had purchased and it was a belated graduation gift to myself. I had been waiting and looking for a new car and my other car had been on its last leg or should that be tire. So finally being able to buy that my car was a bit of a relief. The thing I remember that night was the sound of the turn signal as I waited at the light, click-click click-click, the engine quietly humming in the background. I took in my surroundings, it was a dark blue night with street lights glowing up and down Beach Blvd. I drove home with a serene smile on my face, tired a bit but elated mostly.
  2. I absolutely love music and one of my favorite genres is jazz. I credit the fabulous Miles Davis as one of the reasons for bringing around to jazz. The first few notes in “So What” have such a remarkable quality to them. Those initial slightly off kilter notes that Bill Evans played in repetition make you wonder what is going to come next, the following notes then bring it into focus all within 30 seconds. It feels like a conversation, one with music and without the constraints of words. What follows is poetry. Of course this part of its inherent genius as it is the first track and sets up the following tracks to create one of the best records ever made. Released in 1959 its sales rank it as quadruple platinum. It is a classic and I hope that there will never come a time when it is treated with any less respect and love, if that day were to ever come along I would question society.  
  3.  To me there is no sweeter sound than a child’s sincere little laugh or a baby’s coo. Children are mostly genuine little being, like little lights. So when they laugh it’s because they’re happy. Most likely it’s something a bit silly, because they hopefully haven’t been corrupted yet so they don’t understand sarcasm nor sardonic humor. But it puts a smile on my face to know that a child is happy.
  4. The sound of rain falling. I don’t know why exactly, but I like rain. Maybe because it rarely rains in Southern California. But when I’m home and it starts to rain I like that cozy feeling I get. I turn on the heat and make something yummy to eat, maybe a stew, pot roast or soup, and after have a cup of tea or cocoa. It’s also fun to get inside your warm cozy PJs and snuggle up in a soft bed with freshly laundered sheets and either watch a movie or maybe read a good book.
  5. The way my Mom says my name. I am not sure what it is, but when my Mom says Danny a certain way (especially if she’s calling me to taste something tasty she whipped up) it makes me feel good inside, there must be some sort of Pavlovian response conditioning involved. Even as the years pass I like to hear it, I think it also reminds me of when my Granny used to call my name.
  6. The sound of typing. This I have no real explanation for. I guess I just like the rhythmic click clacking.
  7. The sound my  heels make when I walk on hardtop surfaces. I think most women feel a bit sexy when they wear their heels, it’s a specifically feminine sort of thing to wear. We gals have to maintain our center of gravity in our hips which balance us while perhaps shifting our hips seductively, shoulders back (proper posture without looking like a drill sergeant) which forces our chest out (you know what I am getting at) all this while teetering in three-inch heels we walk on the balls of our feet. It’s quite a feat and a wonder that we do not spontaneously fall down more often, even more of a wonder is that I’ve got the whole thing down to where I can run in them (it may have been those dance classes as a girl, maybe not).

 List # 2: Seven Fantastic Photo Blogs

  1. Tokyobling’s Blog
  2. Gary Ng Photography – Gnostec
  3. Khanum – Visions of Earth 
  4. The Urbanhippie which I found by way of Skyraftwanderer 😀
  5. Tommy’s This is Naive
  6. Fortysixthatgrace
  7. Yourboyhood
There were so many that I wanted to list, but restricted myself to seven. I think of the ones I wanted to choose these all tend to treat you to a wonderful view of world through their lens. It’s like taking a trip with one click. Bon voyage my friends. 😀

10 thoughts on “A Thematic List of Seven

  1. Love this list! I think it’s always so fun to get to know each other in these seemingly surface-y kind of way but knowing what people love (or don’t) can reveal so much! I knew my D would have some interesting things to say. 🙂

    I’m not into jazz at all though I thought that I would be by now. (I had this silly thought in my head that It was one of those things you “get into” as a real adult!) I don’t dislike it but I don’t think I know what I’m listening to. You can give me a tutorial some day!

    I agree with everything else on this list except for #5 because my mom by contrast can be quite difficult… lol. She’d yell my Korean name and it would be followed by some disagreeable words or tasks.

    Finally, have you seen the talking twins? It’s a little creepy how much I adore them.

    • I’m glad you liked it. It was fun to do.

      I know what you mean about jazz being an adult thing, sort of like black coffee. There are so many types of jazz that a lot of times people need to find that one. Like I am not a big fan of light jazz, it’s a little to commercial for my taste. It’s always good to start with the classics, Kind of Blue is the perfect starter I think. When we finally meet up in NY we’ll have to go the Blue Note one night after dinner, although tickets are kind of pricey. Hmm…maybe we’ll have to find a smaller club, as most of our money is going to shopping and food.

      You see when my Mom is mad at me she calls me Dan-Yell, it is loud stern and I know I’m going to get it when I see her. Although maybe she’d try and screw with me one day and call me Dan or Danny and lull me into a false sense of security, then lower the boom when I get there. Ugh….

      Those babies crack me up, that’s insane that they are having a full on conversation. I mean there’s sitting there talking ba-ba-ba-ba. Funny I used to say ta for everything when I was a baby. I would point or just respond ta, weird huh? Until I learned how to say thank you, but it came out tank ooo.

      • I still don’t drink black so maybe I’m the non-adult in this conversation after all. 😉

        I’m cracking up at the visual of your mom lulling you into a false sense of security! The other day my mom said she coudln’t decide whether to be really mad at me or indulgent, so she gave me a Korean cookie box instead of the stirring lecture she had in mind. Needless to say, the cookies fostered more goodwill than the lecture ever would have!

      • I just finished my cup of black coffee. But I still like to watch anime, so maybe both of us are non-adults. 😀

        It is a funny thought. She’s that adorable sort (well most of the time) so it would be easy to do, it would be a bit like smelling a rose and getting stung by a bee. And I have the suspicion that she’s crafty. Yikes, I think I might turn a bit paranoid thinking like this. Like I could never relax because who knows what she’s up to, what she’s planning. And maybe that’s part of it, make me work myself up. OMG she’s a maniacal genius, wrapped up in a cute little innocent looking package.

        Haha, I’m laughing at the idea that your Mom just didn’t know which way to go so she gave you a box of Korean cookies. Now I want a Korean cookie, I’ll have to go out in the rain to go to my Korean Bakery (do you have Paris Baguette by you?). Yeah, the lecture is less effective at our age, we’ve gotten all the talking to that we can bare and now we have to make our own decisions, at least that’s my excuse. But it doesn’t hold as much water as I hoped it would. And cookies always foster good will. Man, now I have to find my umbrella, I need COOKIES!!!!!

      • What’s Paris Baguette? I’m missing out on something wonderful again, aren’t I?!?

        Seriously, lectures don’t work anymore. I mean, they did work for a very long time on me — longer than they would on other people — but ever since the day I had the screaming fit burst of rebellion, they’ve been rather useless.

        My mom’s similarly adorable when she’s feeling normal — like a fat tabby cat — but piss her off and suddenly she’s a hellhound that knows no limits. Perhaps she and your crafty cute mom can get together and think of how to give their daughters less stress by baking cookies and learning to sing lullabyes again.

      • Oh Liz, Paris Baguette is this fantastic Korean Bakery. You have to come and visit me one day. We’ll eat our way through Southern California. Wear stretchy pants!!!! I’d send you something, but it would get stale by the time it gets to you….I’ve got to figure something out. There are a couple of different Korean Bakeries out there, OMG, so good.

        Yeah I just think as adults it’s better if they talk to us in reasonable tones and get their points across that way.

        I think all Asian Moms are like that, Hispanic Moms are just as bad (I had a combo of the two, yikes!!!!). Hmm…getting our Moms together could either be good or bad. They could bake and learn to freak out less, but I think they’d just take notes on how to work us over. We could be creating a tag team of super Momdom. Oh no….

  2. So What has quite possibly the best intro of any piece of music ever. Its so perfect, like the rest of the album. Its one of those few albums I get legitmately confused when people don’t like it (I know I shouldn’t do that).

    And I like the list of sounds. Made me think of a few my own favourites.

    • I know what you mean, I don’t think I would be able to process the idea of someone not liking Kind of Blue. It almost hurts my feelings, I think I may take it personally. It is mind altering, at least for us it is.

      Thinking of your own favorite sounds is always a good time.

  3. That was such a beautiful read and such change from the usual lists, I too love Miles Davis especially listing to him by candlelight on a dark night in winter.

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