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Found It….I Think…


So remember my search for the unnamed plummy taupe with silver strewn through it, well after an exhaustive search (ah you’d swear I just spent twenty days traveling through the desert searching for a specific grain of sand) I think I’ve found it.


Me thinks it’s Marble from Smashbox. It looks so much better in person, it’s a bit of a chameleon I think.

Now here’s the rub, it is in a way. They only cart it out for certain collection. It’s in this palette (which is exclusive to Sephora) as well as theĀ Pretty in Pictures Holiday Set. Grrr to marketing.

6 thoughts on “Found It….I Think…

  1. Wow, you really were relentless in your search! lol

    I’ve fallen out of love with Smashbox, though I was tempted by this kit. (But then I’m tempted by ALL kits.)

    Are you getting it then or no?

    • I pictured myself in the desert with this crumbled eyeshadow in this Lawrence of Arabia outfit and desert background.

      Really, why no love for Smashbox? Did they do something wrong or is it just an arbitrary choice? I really want to know.

      It’s in my Sephora cart, but I am not sure. I really don’t need it and I think it’s a color that comes out a lot in their palettes. As of today I am not sold yet, but the colors in that palette would work (although I am not sure about the blue). I am toying with the idea of a this Shiseido palette called Pink Sand, it’s LE and Sephora is the only one still carrying it. I’m so annoyed I missed the $10 Nars, I was waiting for the 20% next week to place an order. I had it in my cart and it sold out overnight. Grrr….oh well.

      • Well, I really hate their primers which they’re more famous for than anything else. Then I never really fell in love with any of their other products, and despite being promoted as this super great beauty brand “in the industry”, no one ever quotes Smashbox as the go-to-brand. MAC, Makeup Forever, NARS, yes. Not really Smashbox. I feel like they’re super hyped and I was under the spell for no good reason. But that’s just me. Plenty of people I know have loved their stuff. You keep on loving that shadow — my bias is unsound and cannot be trusted!

        As for missing out on the Sephora flash sales — we Canadians are always exempt from it. I’ve become numb to the pain.

      • You know I haven’t really tried their primers. I like BB creams and non-silicone primers, if I am going to wear a primer. You know I wonder about the “go-to” monicker. Because I have a lot of MAC a lot of NARs and I just don’t know if I would say they are the best, I think it depends on what specifically we’re talking about. Some pieces of their collections are good, but not all. I think that there are a lot to choose from, but sometimes the color payoff is not as great as I had heard or it’s chalky and there is the problem with inconsistent quality. But that’s been my experience. Like I wanted to love MAC’s Satin Taupe, you know how it is heralded with such accolades, but the one I have just hasn’t done too much for me. It’s alright, but I just can’t say it’s as fantastic on me as other people. But I think some companies can do certain things well, and kind of slap together other things in order to have a complete collection. I think for Smashbox they do a good eyeshadow and a good blush. I am not sold on too many other parts of their product line.

        Sorry Liz, that sucks that Sephora doesn’t give Canada the flash sales. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t. It seems dumb that they don’t.

  2. Pretty In Pictures holiday set isn’t cheap. Ouch! Are you going to splurge?
    Hey, my basil has sprouted! Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Yeah, I don’t think I am going to get that set. I do have a Nordstroms note, but it’s still be a pretty penny. I think I may hold out and hope they put it in their regular line.

      Yay for the your little basil sprouting. Mines growing well too. Not to the point where I can actually pick the leaves, but someday…

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