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Today I’ve been a very naughty girl (calling myself a woman in this instance felt like I would need to arm myself with a whip and some sort of dominatrix outfit and I would not have the slightest idea where to obtain these). I felt like airing myself out and going for a little shopping at an outlet mall, do you not see the danger ahead I did but proceeded anyway. I had some rewards certificates and thought it could be harmless fun. Boy was I wrong, you see they opened a Coach store and I am a gal that cannot resist a bargain nor can I resist leather (hmm…this isn’t sounding so innocent now). Thankfully I’ve come down from my euphoric shopping high and reality has hit me as well as the ridiculous bill that I signed my name to. Needless to say I am quite thankful that they have a generous return policy.

Now that I am surrounded by all my possessions can I truly grasp that I don’t need one more thing. No, I have spent too much time, and money accumulating things that I really didn’t need, and now don’t particularly want. Normally I just give away some things and not give another consideration to the situation only to repeat the cycle. Lately I’ve been good at not adding too much stuff, and relatively good about going through my things to either rediscover an old treasure or try to find new uses for them.

However, every so often I have a little break and buy a bit of nonsense. It’s usually nothing I need, but something fun as a pick-me-up. I’ve started to think that even that is a waste, but I still justify it as a treat. Since it’s few and far between I can use that argument to further justify the purchase. But now I am wondering if there is a way to make those little indulgences a little more special. One of my favorite things to do was to have my jeweler create something of my own design for me. Unfortunately he’s moved to South Carolina, but fortunately he can still take orders. I haven’t purchased something since he’s left though. I am also a fan of Etsy artists. There’s a page of some of my favorite shops. I love the idea of buying something handmade or customized, it make the whole experience that much more unique. The bonus is that you are supporting an individual rather than an impersonal transaction between you and a corporation.

Here are two items from The Angry Weather’s Etsy shop that I have been stalking. How cute is this teapot necklace? I am in love with the seed ring. They’re just so fun!!!

Teapot Necklace from The Angry Weather...clicking on photo will take you the item page...

Seed Ring from The Angry Weather Etsy Shop...clicking will take you to the item page.


The women in my family are Shoppers, I think I may have been born with a charge card in my hands. They are also gals who appreciate well made items and love antiques. While I believe that there are bits of treasures to be found in many places, I have yet to become an antiques lover, much to my Mother’s chagrin. I think the aversion has something to do with owning something that another person that I do not know owned, it’s a little off-putting to me. But I will say that it is ridiculous, and it is one of my quirks. I heard that the Chinese believe that when you give away something that is unlucky you are giving the bad luck to the next person, and I really relate to the notion.  Just so you know, I heard this as a grown woman, so that is not the reason for my silliness. I really do like the idea that things that still have a wonderful life ahead of them have the chance to live out their purpose and livelihood. I love little shops that find these treasures and present them with care, it makes me want to get over my odd issues. Reuse/recycling is such a great thing.

There are also some great vintage shops on Etsy. I am in love with tea-cups. I want to get a Russian Tea Cup. I found a fantastic one from Chatworth Vintage shop on Etsy. Isn’t she lovely? This may just help rehabilitate me from my phobia of vintage products.

Ooooohhhhh soooooo Ppppppprreeeettttyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Click will transport you to the item page….

So friends, what are your shopping habits and how have they evolved? What would you like to change about them if anything? And of course, what are your fantastic favorites, old and/or soon (someday) to become yours? Please share with the rest of the group.

12 thoughts on “Sh-Opportunity…

  1. Oh dear… I’m currently drafting a confessional on what I DID buy. But it feels hypocritical after blabbing on about the things I discouraged getting. And this is how it always works. I wish I were one of those people who didn’t feel guilty after nor care at all before/during/after! But then you, Danielle, and I wouldn’t be friends without this self-awareness, would we? 🙂

    I think I’ve improved drastically in certain areas. I’m definitely not hauling bags, shoes and clothes as much. Skincare and haircare have also reduced. But makeup… yikes. The nail polish addiction is the hardest to curb.

    I come from a family of non-shoppers. I happen to be the most frivolous of all of them (which is probably where my guilty feelings originate). Just due to the society we live in, I think we fall into the trap of resorting to retail therapy, no matter where we come from or what we do. Resisting what’s always in your face is no easy feat.

    • But I love your point about infusing more meaning into the things that we do get! I don’t think I have anything that can be considered legacy items, perhaps aside from my book collection. Most of my possessions are very much of the disposal kind, which is sad. I’m going to be thinking about your post much more as the holiday fever draws closer and closer. Thanks for this, friend!

      • I don’t think that having personal possessions is wrong, but I think it’s sad when they have little to no meaning to us at all. Then it seems wasteful, at least this is the conclusion that I am coming to. I think Christmas stress is a legitimate thing, and it takes away from what the season should be. At least I think the time should be spent joyously with friends and family. Although Christmas is a religious thing, but for those who aren’t Christian this is less of a point. I think being with loved ones and creating warm fuzzy memories is what it’s about. It’s also a blessing to have them with you. Absolute treasure. Plus I am so happy to have fantastic friends that I’ve made through this blog, you guys are a treasure to me.

    • You are so right my friend Liz, our self awareness, or evolving selves have united us in a wonderful way. We’re both trying to adjust our habits to a way that is positive for us. I think we’re at a weird place in our lives especially with society goes through so many changes.

      There is definitely an aspect of therapeutic feelings when shopping. Nothing wrong with shopping, but maybe better to keep it in perspective. For myself I think I used it for mask some of the things I wasn’t happy with. I figured I was making good money so what if the job wasn’t making me happy. Had a bad day, head on over to Saks, coworkers being jerks why not stop by Nordstroms on your way home. Which is fine every so often, but when it becomes your pattern you have to stop and think there is something seriously wrong here. This was a bit ago, and I’ve been many other things and had many experiences since then, even got my masters, but I am still searching for the best fit. But that’s life and that’s what they forget to tell you in college, that you will be so many things some good and some bad. But all of them will serve you in some way.

      I think at first it’s resistance, but eventually we learn to let go and the feelings of longing diminish. We were the ones that created them after all and we are the ones to destroy them in the end.

  2. That teacup is just delightful. I go through phases of high spending on fashion, then very poor phases (which are often self-inflicted, as I save for the next Prada). It’s very bad. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I finally move into a place which I can fill with my own decor (I’ve been moving a lot so am always renting furnished apartments). Generally, though, the search tends to be the most exciting bit. Every time I tick something off my list (which is currently 3 pages long in my filofax), I add another 5.

    • Oh I do the same thing, my thinking is to try and go for the more quality pieces and pass on the fast fashion. But sometimes I am lured by the cheap fix. I try to make sure that it is still made nicely then wear it a few times and donate. I have clothes math, like if you pay a small price you have to wear it at least five times. I love when you buy something inexpensive and it turns out that you love it and it wears really well. I think saving for the thing you really want is a brilliant idea and helps you to say no to the things you don’t need or want. For instance, I would prefer a Mui Mui and that is helping me say no the super cheap Coach.

      I’m a nester too. I love furnishing, but I’ve run out of room. I think it’s also fun to day dream about design, it’s one of my happy places. Oh you’ll need more pages for your filofax, I’ve got little notebooks and cut out pictures sometimes. I’m sort of funny that way.

  3. the the theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ringgggggg 😮 so pretty, D !! I wish i get one like dis when i marry…….

  4. Hey D! Long time no chat! I’m loving the seed ring find. How cute would that be for an expectant mother?! Hope all is well.


    • Hi Mindy, I know it’s been a while. All is well :D, hope all is well with you too!!! Oh that would be the perfect ring for an expecting Mom, or to give to a girl on her wedding day.

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