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Bring Out Your Dead…

Remember my battle with the Amazon Kindle? Well it felt like all the machines were against me around June which was documented here and while most of them were remedied my frustration continued with the Kindle and was vented here. I think the Kindle and I were just not meant to be friend. Ah such is life.

Let it not be said that I am not resourceful. While the 3rd Kindle worked, I wanted nothing to do with it and wanted to get it out of my life. I decided to take the loss and trade it in. I did a bit of research, the most I could get from Amazon would be 46 (US) dollars and some change in Amazon credit. I thought maybe a store (Target, Best Buy, etc.) and most of them offered around 27 to 40 (US) dollars usually in store credit or a visa card. Sony offered 47 (US) dollars, but towards future Sony products. Then I found ecoNEW and they offered 55 (US) dollars in a visa prepaid card. I have sent it in and they checked it almost immediately upon receipt and I am now awaiting my Visa Prepaid Reward Card. I think that trading in your electronics is a great way to move on with your life. Here are a few thing to remember:

  • Once you send it in there are no takesies backsies, you agree to them keeping the product and giving you whatever they determine is fair. Now I’ve been burned before by Sony when they said they would do me a solid and recycle a Sony PSP, so in that case I received nothing. If you are uncertain about your trade-in value it may be better to go to a store and have it appraised there, that way you can walk out with the reward or with your item.
  • Most of the places paid for shipping, but make sure that you package it well so that it does not become damaged during shipment.  Most places will provide guidelines and if it is visible that you have followed those guidelines and it was damaged any way they will take care of it on their end, however if it is not packaged correctly then it’s on you.
  • My only issue with ecoNEW is that it takes a few weeks for them to send it out, but I prefer to wait opposed to less money.
  • Remember to read all the fine print and make sure that you understand what you need to do and what you should expect.
  • Depending on location the vendors programs may not be available to you, but I am sure that there are others. And as the “customer service rep” on Amazon said I could always sell it. But that seems like a bit of a pain to do on eBay or Amazon Market.
So does anyone have anything that they want to get rid of like the plague (get it, get it, because of the bring out your dead reference)? Or have you done a trade in before, liked it, hated it?