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Hats, Doughnuts and Other Random Notions….

Today was a bit chilly, well chilly for Southern California. It was about 64°, so that means chilly, man people must be thinking I’m a weather wimp. I think I just might be. I even thought of picking up a chapeau whilst at Target. It was from their limited edition Albertus Swanepoel line, but I didn’t see it online, but it looked like this one. But I was on a mission and could not be distracted with such things. A little more easily distracted, I saw the hat below on the cover of Sundance, Robert Redford’s clothing catalog. Being the DIY beaver that I am, I straight away started to figure out a way to make it. I love it when I have a new little project.

I fibbed, I was a bit distracted at Target as somehow doughnuts made their way into my cart. They just jumped in there, at first I was alarmed, but they were such sweet talkers I let them stay. I then popped on my iMac and traversed the internet to see this tutorial from Cooking with Dog. And I thought maybe I should have tried this out, but recalled the beignet debacle and thought better of it (I blame Emeril Lagasse for my phobia).

Just for fun I saw this felt doughnut tutorial posted by Paperpastels waiting for me off to the side.

Let’s end this random ramble right and bring it back to food, because it always seems to come back to food with me. I received an e-mail from one of my favorite Japanese Tea Stores, Lupicia. I am also a sucker for honey and things that I can spread on toast. It seems to be some sort of scrumptious concoction of vanilla and nut butter. What the what!!! How did I live without it? I’m just sitting here imagining what it would taste like, oh when sipping some glorious tea on a warm toasted crusty bread. Sigh, almond dream.

Where is your mind wandering? I bet it’s somewhere nice…