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Hats, Doughnuts and Other Random Notions….


Today was a bit chilly, well chilly for Southern California. It was about 64°, so that means chilly, man people must be thinking I’m a weather wimp. I think I just might be. I even thought of picking up a chapeau whilst at Target. It was from their limited edition Albertus Swanepoel line, but I didn’t see it online, but it looked like this one. But I was on a mission and could not be distracted with such things. A little more easily distracted, I saw the hat below on the cover of Sundance, Robert Redford’s clothing catalog. Being the DIY beaver that I am, I straight away started to figure out a way to make it. I love it when I have a new little project.

I fibbed, I was a bit distracted at Target as somehow doughnuts made their way into my cart. They just jumped in there, at first I was alarmed, but they were such sweet talkers I let them stay. I then popped on my iMac and traversed the internet to see this tutorial from Cooking with Dog. And I thought maybe I should have tried this out, but recalled the beignet debacle and thought better of it (I blame Emeril Lagasse for my phobia).

Just for fun I saw this felt doughnut tutorial posted by Paperpastels waiting for me off to the side.

Let’s end this random ramble right and bring it back to food, because it always seems to come back to food with me. I received an e-mail from one of my favorite Japanese Tea Stores, Lupicia. I am also a sucker for honey and things that I can spread on toast. It seems to be some sort of scrumptious concoction of vanilla and nut butter. What the what!!! How did I live without it? I’m just sitting here imagining what it would taste like, oh when sipping some glorious tea on a warm toasted crusty bread. Sigh, almond dream.

Where is your mind wandering? I bet it’s somewhere nice…

10 thoughts on “Hats, Doughnuts and Other Random Notions….

  1. lol the poodle was just patiently waiting for a chance to have one!! yummy doughnut!

  2. Reblogged this on My story to you.. and commented:
    ❤ Doughnuts!

  3. I think my thought’s stuck on Almond Dream for the rest of the night. WHAT is this marvelous spread?

    Sometimes I eat spoonfuls of Nutella in the most gross and unsophisticated way. I love spreads too. Do you like high teas? That’s what I feel like partaking in right now. Sweet/savoury delights with a quality cup of tea. Mmmm-mmmm.

    • I don’t know what Almond Dream is, but I need to find out. Can’t you smell and taste it? It’s yummy in my minds mouth…

      There is no shame in eating food with gusto. I want to like Nutella more than I do. I mean I love chocolate and I love hazelnut, just love it, but my Nutella just sat there unloved. It was sad too. I have never been to high tea at a place, but my Aunt/Tia used to host tea parties. Those were fun, she would have all sorts of yummy things on the three tiered cake platter as we delicately sipped out tea. We need to live closer to each other so we can have impromptu tea parties. I picked up a new tea at Trader Joe’s, I’m hoping it will be yummy. It’s called slumber tea I think…or sleepy tea, well it’s supposed to make me snoozy.

  4. Vanilla Nut Spread? I MUST know what this is!! Anything vanilla just calls my name, you know? And I had to laugh when I read Liz’s response, cause I please guilty to the Nutella scarfing too, lol! I can’t help it; it’s like eating chocolate for lazy people, who can’t even be bothered to chew! Now the hat….how cute is that?

    • I wish the store was closer, but I am probably going to have to wait till I place an order with Lupicia.

      Now the Nutella love, that’s a crack up. When we get together we’re going to have to make Nutella smores, have you ever had that?

      I love cute hats, they make me really happy!!!

  5. I’ve had smores, especially when we go to my cottage in the country (ahhhh, Danielle…you’d love it; up in the mountains, surrounded by forest and nature – I totally recharge when I’m there, which I haven’t done in a couple of years now *gulp*). There’s something about a campfire, foraging for the perfect stick to spear your marshmallow on, then when it’s roasted to perfection, slapping it between a couple of graham wafers & a hunk of chocolate….darn! Now I’m craving marshmallow (still haven’t tried the homemade ones that we talked about…yet!!). I haven’t tried a Nutella smore, but you’ve given me ideas…..

    Cute hats make anyone happy! If I thought I could get away with it, I would be wearing one with “ears” this winter!!

    • Oh it does sound lovely. I’ve often thought of doing a mountain getaway sort of trip. I even thought of doing something different and take a little gig in Aspen. I think the brisk mountain air is so refreshing. I know I haven’t had much time to make many yummy dishes either. I just bought some blueberry streusel bread and toasted it and put a bit of cream cheese so yummy. I think I may have it with jam and a cup of tea as a snack tonight.

      You know I almost got one at Macy’s this evening. Nuts huh? Mom and I thought they looked cute and I thought it would be a fun thing to have.

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