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My quest continues…I’m not sure what exactly to call this quest as it is still ongoing and seems to be evolving. However, I have found quite a few things along the way, some of them people who have wonderful ideas and brilliant spirits. Today I saw a clip of an interview with Majora Carter on PBS. Mrs. Carter had some interesting things to say so I wanted to hear more. I researched a bit about her and found the Majora Carter Group. The group focuses on helping communities improve (by greening) their environment.

These sort of topics may seem applicable solely for urban environments, but I think the message can be applied to developing nations. I think that countries/communities that still have majority of their natural landscape untouched should consider how they want to develop. To avoid the mistakes that we have made by overdevelopment and not looking at the long-term damages we could be creating. I am also beginning to believe that we not only have to lessen our footprints but we have to find a way erase the damage they may have caused, if possible. I think our focus should shift from profit to sustainability, the value of paper money should be less important than the quality of our environment. For that shift to occur it has to be a societal effort. I also think the “Occupation Rallies” energy would be better served in these sort of efforts. Although they are drawing attention to the problem with our society, but now we have to focus on solving them. But that is just my opinion.

Mrs. Carter does speak professionally and I thought I would include her Ted Talk speech, there are tons of her talks on Youtube if you want to hear more. Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Inspired Hometown Security…

  1. *bookmarking post for when I have my thinking cap on* 🙂

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