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Things To Make On Rainy Days…


Disclaimer: This is one long post….

My dearest friends, it’s lovely when we meet new and wonderful friends, isn’t it? I feel really lucky to have met some truly fantastic people through blogging. I think one of the ways we recognize each other’s blog is through our blogging awards. My new friend Andy(1076) has been so kind as to award me the Versatile Blogger Award. Now I know that I’ve received  this award from a couple of other lovely ladies before Liz and Tien, but such kindness is always welcomed. Part of the awards is that the recipient lists seven facts about themselves. Now, you know I like my themed lists, I’m sort of nutty that way. Well here comes another. It rained quite a bit on Sunday and I thought now there’s a good list. So here it is, seven things to make on rainy days.

7 Things To Make On Rainy Days

  1.  You wake up and the first thing you hear are the smallest of pitter patters on your window pane. Ah yes, the weatherman finally got it right and it is raining. Still a little groggy, maybe even in disbelief (in Southern California it rains so infrequently that it’s a big deal here, panic-stricken) you must brew yourself the elixir which will help your addled brain to function. Yes you have to make yourself a stiff cup of java, and if you can get some fresh roasted beans.
  2. If on this rainy day you find that you are not required to leave your house, you may want to think about making some muffins. Realistically I love to bake when it’s cold outside but for this example I thought of muffins. Why, because there is nothing so cheery in the morning as muffins. There are many different types of muffins, so why not try something new. I thought rather than blueberries make some of Nigella’s Chocolate Chip Muffins, although any muffins seems like a good muffin to me. I know Nigella’s a little nuts, but that is what I like about her. I like to look for those moments when makes those funny faces. Like she wants to tell you she’s crackers, but she’s trying to hold it in. Stop holding it in, we already know. 😀 
  3. As your day progresses maybe the downpour has your nerves may feel a bit frayed. To soothe frayed nerves there is nothing better than a relaxing cup of tea, at least in my opinion. I think I have mentioned a few (maybe more like several) times my love of tea. I’m hoping that you would be open to a nice cup of relaxation, maybe mint or chamomile, any cup that you may fancy.
  4. Wondering what to make for a healthy hearty lunch, perhaps something that isn’t fussy and does not require you to leave your house. I say either a soup or a stew is the way to go. I would search my pantry for veggies and raid my refrigerator for some meat and bones. It is important to have bones to flavor your broth, without it your stock would be so bland. You should also have on hand an onion and some garlic. Most homes would have the ingredients for a mirepoix, which is onions, celery and carrots. You saute these items (till they begin to become translucent) in butter or some olive oil. This becomes the base layer of your soup. Then add the water and bones as well as the garlic. Soups are the easiest things to make, all you are doing is adding flavors and layers. I love to add mushrooms or sometimes ginger, it depend on the type of soup I am going to make. Honestly the possibilities are endless. Seriously I could go on and on about soup… Here are two different versions of stew. Both look good. 
    And having to contend with the rain and making yourself some comfort stew you should perhaps have a little laugh. 
  5. Perhaps you were second guessing the weatherman, after all that is the only job you get paid to guess what may or may not happen, and made plans to go out. If you’ve been sidelined due to the droplets of water falling from the sky and need a new activity, perhaps crochet. I know it seems like a granny-esque thing to do, but it’s really fun, therapeutic and you end up with something you can use (maybe the first few items may look askew, but with practice you’ll be great). The best way to think of it is that crocheting and knitting are creating a series of knots, the crochet hook is probably easier to start with. One thing to remember is to take breaks, if you don’t you may end up with a claw for a hand and it can be hard on your nail. Teresa has some great tutorials on her blog and her youtube account.  
  6. Having made it through the day you think to yourself I need something super hearty to knock me out. Maybe something that will give you a good case of meat coma, you know when you’ve eaten so much meat that it knocks you straight out. I think a good heavy dinner with some sort of roasted meat (maybe beef, chicken or even pork) with some veggies will just do the trick. Hopefully you have something in your fridge or the rain has let up enough for you to run to the market. I like to brown the meat in my Le Creuset dutch oven, saute the onion slices, add celery slices add some baby carrots, mushrooms and chicken stock cover and pop in the oven. It’s a one pot happy meal. Another option is Eric Ripert suggestion for Christmas Dinner. I think pork is an overlooked meat and this is a great idea. 
  7. It’s right before you tuck yourself in, what you really need is a nice mug of cocoa with marshmallows. And it’s off to dreamland for you. Maybe it’s sprinkling and the sound of the rain can lull you to sleep. Nighty night my friend.

Wow, this is a long rainy day isn’t it? What would you suggest for a rainy day?

10 thoughts on “Things To Make On Rainy Days…

  1. “No more soup for you!!” XD

  2. This is the loveliest rainy day ever. Except for the crochet, lol — I’d play on my rusty piano or pick up a good book instead. You’re so productive, D! In reality, I just laze around with coffee or wine and do a lot of internet surfing or movie-watching. 😉

    • Haha, crochet is an acquired taste. I think i’d still do some web surfing and lazing about too. My family tends to love to eat a lot when it’s cold. On Satuday night we had steaks and scalloped potatoes. Then on Sunday Alfredo pasta and then spaghetti with meat sauce. I feel bloated so lower fat meals for today and tomorrow.

  3. Oh I have a muffin for breakfast every morning. Do you know I have never made soup? I keep meaning to give it ago but never get round to it. Oh and the soup Nazi – hilarious!

    • I love that you have muffins for breakfast every morning, and you are still so tiny. I’m a little surprised you’ve never given soup a go, but maybe it was never the right time. I think it’s one of those super easy things to just throw together.
      I love Seinfeld, they’re got a skit for every one of life’s bizarre little scenarios.

  4. I love comfort food, anything with mash 🙂

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