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Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!!


It’s turkey day, which is a big cooking day for us in the U.S. My pie is done and the turkey and side dishes are on the way. All of this commotion can lead to the holiday being a stressful time for cooking, there is always the possibility for things not going quite as planned.

We were taught in school that Thanksgiving was a time when the Pilgrims had a feast to give thanks for surviving in a new settlement. We were also trained to turn our little hands in school into turkeys, very useful in our future lives :D.

As adults many of us are eagerly awaiting Black Friday, the traditionally largest shopping day of the year and the accepted beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Why does that phrase sound like the starter gun at the beginning of the race? Some wonderful people volunteer to help feed the homeless and donate food to feeding the homeless, although the food banks need that generosity year round. And lastly, if not most importantly, we take time to acknowledge what we are thankful for. To cast aside our habit of taking things for granted and letting our loved ones know that we are grateful for all the things that we are blessed with in our lives. One of the many things that I am grateful for are the friends I made through this blog and the outlet this blog provides for communication and creativity. So while I munch on turkey and pie and watch a little “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” I was be thinking of you all. Happy Thanksgiving my Friends!!!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, D!!!

    Hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful day. πŸ˜€

    • We sure did. There was a bit of turkey drama but that’s just par for the course. I’m now in a black Friday haze.

      • Oh no! (Or is that an OH YES!!!?) πŸ˜‰

        I expect nothing less than a follow-up post, of course, detailing how many you killed and how much bounty you brought home. LOL

      • It’s probably a little bit of both. I’ve got to write that post and a few others. This weekend has got me coming and going and I haven’t had the energy, chance nor spirit to write it yet. But i’ve got to give myself a kick in the butt.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving (belated)!! How was your day?
    We were entertaining hubby’s family for 4 days. I’m still recovering.

    • Yikes, four days of in-law, or was it a good time? I hope so.

      Mine was a bit more tranquil, my family is all over the country so we don’t have a big to-do right now. It’s more small and understated, it was a huge deal before folks would fly in. I think I prefer the understated, but sometimes miss having to fuss over things.

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