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Trouble On The Farm Ma and Pa…Or…When Things Fall Apart…


I have some sad news to report my friends, my mini urban farm is not doing so well. I find it queer how much emotion one goes through with these sort of things. I think I may have become way too attached. In fact there is a huge possibility that I may have elmira’d it. Hopefully you remember Elmira, that nutty broad who used to “love” animals and babies to death. Her desire to take care of things was so extreme that it tended to inflict pain and suffering on the recipient. Just in case you don’t here is a clip of her babysitting:

Honestly I am not sure what went wrong. I may have over wet them. It may have been too cold. The atmosphere may have been too inconsistent (we went from 80 degrees to rainy 60 degrees right back to 80’s this week), and that may have been too stressful. Maybe I was over attentive or maybe my they felt my personal stress. I even tried a second time and things again did not go as planned, I think I feared over wetting so went in the opposite direction. Right now I am not sure what went wrong but have managed to salvage a few hardy little plants.

The entire downfall was quite distressing. The idea that a living thing that you were trying to nurture has gone and kicked the bucket is always disturbing. I tended to mope around a bit, absolutely sullen that things were not turning out as I had hoped despite all my efforts. I may have even gone through Kübler-Ross’ Five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance). My Mom reminded me of something that life has taught me over and over again, that maybe it was not the time for it now. Despite all my effort and resource it could be a culmination of things which led to the demise and that I can replant in the Spring when the weather is a bit more stable. Ah yes, it is good when someone in our lives help us to snap out of it and move on.

I think this is one of the lessons that I have the hardest time grasping. Learning to let go, it’s easier as I get older since I don’t fixate on things and situations as much (or at least make the attempt), but there are times when I need to be reminded. For me, this year has not been my favorite but I am ready to start anew and let this one go. It  may be one of those situations in which one has to be resilient and willing to let go of the things that just aren’t working and start over with a new resolve. But then again that may just be the way that things are in life, let go of the things that are bad and grow the things that are good.

16 thoughts on “Trouble On The Farm Ma and Pa…Or…When Things Fall Apart…

  1. Weather has been a little weird all over the world, today went from slightly warmer to freezing then back to warmer again here in Vancouver: (

    • It’s been nuts here today. Windstorms Andy windstorms. LAX lost power last night. Luckily we have not lost our patch of electricity. I wish I used wind energy though. I would save it up if I could.

      • There are a lot of houses up here that have started installing solar panels for daytime, then a few smaller scale wind turbines for the evening just to take advantage of the environment no matter what 🙂 it’s worth a try!

      • You are so right. I’ve been researching ways to make my lifestyle greener. Solar panels are a great idea. 🙂

  2. Best part is? it doesn’t cost much and you save too on hydro, maybe even a few trees 😀

  3. I hope next year is brighter for you hun xx

  4. Awww… RIP to your wee garden. 😦

    I’m always surprised to see indoor plants thriving. A lot of people have trouble growing plants — you could have done everything right but the temperature or sunlight was lacking! It could be so many things. I want to start with a little pot of basil and see if anything will happen. My family always overkilled everything and we once killed 10 goldfish in two weeks. (Every time someone passed by the fish bowl, they’d feed the fish. And we never changed the water!) Try again, D! You’ll find success eventually. 🙂

    • Thanks Liz, I will try it again. I was a little distraught at first, but I’ve come to accept what happened and am willing to give it another go. Hopefully it will work out better. They were so good for a month and then when the weather changed I had no luck at all. I am hoping that your little pot will thrive once you get it going. I think I took it hard too because this year has been not as I had wanted, but I have things I should be thankful for. It’s so hard when the things I feel like grumbling about are the only things on my mind.

      OMG, goldfish are tricky, they are suicidal little things. We had some in a tank and they kept jumping out, as if they were trying to hurl themselves out of the tank. It’s nuts.

  5. D…., I’m so sorry to hear about your garden! I think it was the “mood swings” in the weather. I live in So Cal too and my garden just threw in the towel too. My squash shriveled and my romaine lettuce just stopped growing all together (and the leaves are now bitter). Here I was trying to be so “Sunset magazine” but this winter garden stuff isn’t easy in this locale.

    Hopefully we can both try again in the Spring 🙂

    • Thanks for the condolences on my garden’s demise. The weather here has been nuts has it not. I feel so confused, what is the deal with the windstorms. And of course the weather people were freaking out.

      I’m sorry about your garden too. It sounds like it was pretty far along and then mother nature just zapped the heck out of it.

      I hope we can both have great gardens in the Spring too. It’s only a few months away.

  6. I’m really sorry to hear this. Was this your herb garden?

    • Thanks for the condolences Lucy, yeah, my little herb garden kicked the proverbial bucket. I am just going to have to try it again when the weather is more stable. Hopefully in February the conditions will be a bit better.

  7. If it helps, I did the same thing with my first apple tree. I keep fussing over it, and watering it. And one day it just withered and died.

    But then with the next batch, I just planted them outside and left it to nature. Granted about forty started out and only three have made it but still, more than would’ve under my care.

    You’ll get there. I’m sure of it. Things just take time is all.

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’d been sad about it for a long time, but my resolve is strong. I’m going to keep trying. I think you are quite right, I fussed too much and I should just let nature take it’s course. There are other plants out there and they lived perfectly well without too much human intervention.

      Thanks so much for sharing your story my friend, I don’t feel so alone right now. 😀

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