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Confessions of a Face Painter…


Alright, deep breath, I am going to divulge something to you my friends that may or may not come as a surprise to you. I am…a…face painter. Now when most people think of face painting there are two things that may come to mind:

  1. Painting flowers and other decorations on faces, such as children and perhaps hippies.
  2. Sports fans…remember David Putty from Seinfeld, you know support the team. I am not sure why but all of life’s moments can be hearkened back a Seinfeld episode.

However, I would like to suggest a third option. My face painting has more to do with my feeling on the aesthetics of beauty. I don’t think of my make-up application as act of slapping on some goo, but rather a bit of a cathartic ritual. For me, there is a psychological experience that goes along with it. It’s not that I am creating a mask, but I am allowing myself to be creative, to play with color and decorate myself accordingly. It is something that I really enjoy doing, there is a focus and a calm that goes through me. To that end I also enjoy watching other people apply make-up and seeing what they end up creating. Many times it will inspire me to try something new or perhaps I just stand in awe of how beautiful the outcome was.

Lately I have been thinking about usage of bright and cheery colors. I think this resurgence began a couple of months ago when I saw this e-mail from Face Stockholm. The use of the blaze of orange to accent her eye complimented by that orange lipstick made me think it was time to dig out that MAC Orange Eyeshadow that has seen very little light of day. The key to the usage of such bold color is, as with anything in life and art, balance. The strong color is used in moderation and supported by colors with a lighter quality.

I actually did not have the opportunity to play with orange as digging through the nicely packed case seemed like a bit more stress than I was ready for. But my curiosity for bright statement color was piqued once again when I saw this video from my much beloved Lisa Eldridge. While I may not do the look in such a bold way I thought why not red, although one does take the risk of looking like you were on the losing end of a fight or even worse suffering from a case of pink eye. But I was more determined. I ordered a red eyeshadow from Inglot, and found a few MAC shadows which were red or reddy pink and even red.

Then last week I stumbled upon a photo from a Shu Uemura e-mail ad from 2008 that I saved because I was so enamored with it. Honestly three years later and I still think it’s divine. I think the use of pink is so breathtakingly beautiful, it’s reminiscent of geisha make up. The face is left evened out with slight accents on the eyes and strong lips. This look is absolutely wearable as it has been augmented to be more modern.

In fact I was so moved by it’s loveliness that I e-mailed the company to see what products they used. And they so kindly answered me back with the following, in case you were interested in achieving this look:

  • Rouge unlimited crème matte OR 534M / RD 165 M
  • Glow-on M orange 55/ M pink 30/ M Brick 65
  • Face architect remodeling cream foundation he used with Foundation brush 18 goat, using Buffing technique.
  • Face powder matt colorless
  • Powder foundation natural glow finish (Only the cheek area for shade and glow)
  • UV Underbase 
  • Brushes for the visual: Pony #17, Sable # 8HR, Kolinsky #5R, Kolinsky/sable #10

I know that some people view make-up as silly or as a mask that women wear trying to obfuscate their opponent (i.e. men and perhaps other women). And maybe that is accurate for some, we all have our reasons. My reason is not to cover my face. I actually don’t mind my bare face one bit, on some days it’s just sunscreen and lip balm. Rather it is to pay a bit of attention to myself (muching up as my Granny would say) and let my creativity flow. To the same extent I paint my nails, especially if I am feeling a bit stressed or down it feels like a nice thing I do for myself and it perks me up immediately, an absolute stress reliever.

So what do you do for fun? Sorry boys if this was not fun, I’ve got one more girly post to do. I guess it’s girly time.

10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Face Painter…

  1. I wish I could do awesome make up, or just decent, like in these pictures!

    • I think it takes practice. I know I’ve had my catastrophes, but now I’m pretty comfortable with application. Although I will say that every so often it all blows up on me, but that’s why there’s make up remover, right?

  2. Oh… I’m in love with that last pic as well! I might scope out Shu Uemura for some of those items you kindly listed. That lipstick looks great for every day polish.

    I’ve been trying to keep my face makeup free for the past 4 days but this new thing called Skype and Facetime made me realize that now looking sloppy in the privacy of my own home is beginning to seem an issue. I have to admit that it’s very rare for me to go out in public without foundation on but hopefully the new addition to my skincare regimen (Clarisonic finally!!) will help with the acne/scars and I can sport a proud bare face to the world eventually.

    • Make up free days are so good for your face. I think skype and facetime were created by some evil people. I mean I want to chat or IM, but I want to do it in my PJs while chilling some days. When it’s nine in the night I don’t want to be bothered with gloss and all that stuff. I think I am just shy with my face. The Clarisonic is awesome, you will love it. As for the scars, cocoa butter is the best thing for it. I think you are gorgeous any way you look at it my friend. But I get the whole wanting to be perfect all the time. I have been messing with my routine so it’s been doing weird things with my skin, I think I may have over-moisturized to compensate for under-moisturizing for a long time.

      I think that picture is just too ridiculously beautiful, and it’s a doable look, like it doesn’t take a lot of product to get it right, just a good hand. It’s subtle and glowy.

  3. I’m noticing the stain effect on the nails for the first time. Did you see that? Oh, and the tips of the ears too! God, they’re precise. That shade is just lovely.

    Well, I only skype/facetime with my sisters and they already know me at my worst, but boy, do I ever look a mess first thing in the morning or very late at night. 🙂

    • Oh-mo-mo (I think I’ve been watching too many Korean dramas, because that’s what came to mind). I hadn’t really noticed that. I may have when I first saw it, but now seeing it again that is attention to detail. It’s sort of gorgeous isn’t it?

      You know no one looks good in the morning or late at night. My Mom once told me that I look pretty when I’m sleeping, but I think it’s because I’m docile and quiet. That rarely happens when I am awake. :D. I’m still not down with vid chats, it just seems like more pressure than I need for a phone call. Man, I’ve been procrastinating writing that Asian beauty post. OK going to do it in a bit.

      • LOL @ oh-mo-mo! It has no literal meaning and I love that it’s just this auditory thing that transcends definition and language. One just picks it up!

        I’m sure you’re so pretty when you’re sleeping. Awww. 🙂

      • It’s just so funny that it’s one of those things that I just picked up. I don’t know when I did, I guess all those K-doramas. I think I may be a little addicted to some of those things.

        It’s possible, because as you know Asian Moms are not one to give out compliments too freely. So I remember that moment quite well. I think it’s that I looked so peaceful.

  4. I found yet another commonality between us; Seinfeld! My husband and I (both complete & utter fans of that show) know every episode forward and backwards, and find a Seinfeld-esque moment in so many daily doings! As to the reasons for “painting one’s face” (love the analogy!), I like to think that makeup has more of a pedigree that most people think; the Japanese art of Kabuki makeup is nothing short of cosmetic perfection, and cultures the world over have added colour to their face for so many reasons, so applying a little makeup today, is just keeping up with tradition, wouldn’t you say?! Actually, my favourite reason for indulging in some face painting of my own, is because it feels like a mini work of art every time…plus, I really like it. Enhancing one’s features for one’s own self, is the very best reason, as far as I’m concerned. Whenever I’m “creating” someone else’s look, it puts me in a zen-like place where nothing matters except the look I’m trying to coax from my products and brushes; there’s a deep satisfaction to be found when you can translate the image in your head onto a real life “canvas”. Plus, there’s always remover for those oops moments! The last image, is incredible! Apart from her sublime makeup (which I will be attempting to recreate tomorrow!), the other thing I noticed is the ombré style nail polish….something else to copy! Thanks to Liz, I took a second look and noticed the lightly stained earlobes – how brilliant, even if not exactly wearable…still, it does tie in the entire look. What’s odd, is that having recently picked up NARS’ Hanamichi palette, I was inspired to create a “geisha” style look but didn’t think it would suit my features; this photo you featured is so much more doable and wearable. Gorgeous….thank you a million times over for introducing it to me!

    • Eugenia it’s like we’re two peas, one beautiful pod (oh and I can picture it now, some beautiful mod looking off white ceramic sort of pod). It’s hysterical how so many of the Seinfeld moments happen to all of us.

      I love your take on beauty. I don’t judge those who don’t like to wear it nor do I judge the folks who just slap it on. I do want to help those who make a hot mess of themselves though. I know their heart was in it, but somehow something went terribly wrong. But how do you go up to a complete stranger and tell them you’re here to help as you gentle take out a wipe? I just say a mental make-up prayer for them that they find their way. Maybe it’s just their way of expressing themselves, who knows.

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