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Don’t Forget The Silly…

Today I spent the day organizing and preparing for next week. You must know by now my friends that I am a bit of an organizer. It’s been a little cumbersome, as I tinkered away on a database with software that I am not accustomed too (Open Office as opposed to Microsoft Access) and going through some paperwork and checking to see that I have all my tools. Actually a lot of this is extra work that I am creating for myself, but when I take on a project I like to invest myself, no matter how small or large. I’ve busied myself away all day, and quite frankly I am pooped.

This exhaustion means that I need to relax and treat myself. For such occasions sometimes a bit of silliness is in order, as it seems completely unnecessary to take oneself so seriously all the time.

I feel for Ben Stiller…I really do…oh Kevin Spacey.

And I realize this LMFAO video (Sexy and I know it)┬ámay be a bit raunchy (so much so that I don’t really want it on my blog), but it’s so dumb it makes me laugh. It makes me laugh and want to head on to Venice Beach. So very wrong.

But this little guy makes me laugh. He can be on the blog.

I wonder what everyone else does to shake off tension. Do tell…