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Year Of The Dragon!!!!


Happy Lunar New Year!!! It’s the year of the dragon. This year is actually going to be the year of the Water Dragon. It is the belief that the years associated with water will bring wealth and prosperity and/or natural disaster. There are a few attributes attributed to water like wisdom and intelligence. Additionally, think of all the attributes for water, such as its flexibility and necessary balance. An imbalance of water could translate to consequences suffered.  Dragons are thought of as colorful, creative, dynamic, and hot-headed.

I am not sure I believe in all of this, but I like to think of it as parlour game. You are just messing around with luck. I thought since this is all in fun, I would add some fun New Years videos.

I thought this was different…


In Vegas…

In truth the scared me when I was a small girl. But now I think it’s interesting. Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!!! May it be a wonderful one.

10 thoughts on “Year Of The Dragon!!!!

  1. Happy CNY D…!!!!! 😀

  2. Happy new year, D!

    I had no idea there were different types of dragons for designated years. Makes perfect sense, though! I’ve always wished I was a dragon. I was born in the year of the horse. How about you?

    • I think there are a lot of things going on with all those traditions. I’m actually a dragon, so this is my year. I looked it up, it doesn’t say that we’re incompatible, but what it says is that the horse is not compatible with the monkey or rat, but the dragon is compatible with the monkey or rat. Go figure. Eh, I say we do as we please.

      Happy New Year to you too Liz!!! Let’s get ourselves some noodles (long life) and dim sum. Supposedly you’re not to sweep or clean for the first few days because you’ll sweep away all the good luck.

      • My dad is a rat and his father was a monkey. Hmmm… 😉

        I have a cousin who is a dragon and we always got along great. I don’t put a lot of stock into these things (like horoscopes) but I appreciate the symbolism behind the traditions. Yes, noodles and dim sum please. 😀

      • That’s me too, don’t put too much stock in it, just for kicks. Liz, we’re going to need stretchy pants when we meet/eat (meat?) I think. I used to have a friend who we’d do shop and eat marathons. We figured all the walking around LA helped digest our meals. It actually worked. Then again I was 23.

  3. Firstly, a very belated Happy Year of the Dragon.

    And secondly, everyone loves dragons. At least that’s what I am assuming.

    • Thank you my friend. I hope this year bring you much deserved success.

      I think a lot of people do like them as they can be very lucky. But you know I think some cultures see them as scary, so I wonder.

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