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My Dearest Friends,

Last week was a very unkind week. It was one I hope not to repeat. It made me feel sad, dejected and quite tired as it progressed and thus very few posts. I am hoping this week will improve, but I wonder. In fact I ended the week with many questions running through my head. All the questions, which are still unanswered, have me quite worried, not just for me, but for the future of all of us.

Even though I ended the week badly, I am trying to start the new week better. An experience is only a complete disaster if you do not take a lesson from it. After assessing all that went wrong, I felt a bit bleak. I wanted to remind myself of some positive thoughts. I started to think of what my relationship with education was and what it may evolve into. I came to the conclusion that with regard to education, I believe in a few critical ideas:

  1. That each person learns in their own way. But each way is no less valid, just as long as the concept to be learned is not lost. (Reminding myself to take a deep breath and have patience and practice acceptance)
  2. As long as the individual wants to learn they can be taught, it may just take more effort and more time. But as long as they want to learn and they don’t quit, it will happen. Isn’t this true for everything.
  3. Children are the same no matter what. Think of all those kids who get new toys on Christmas, only to play with the box. Little kids love games and stickers. They really are sweet little lights, you just have to treat them like that.
  4. Children are curious by nature, they want to learn, they want to please, and they want to be rewarded. I think that’s all part of human nature.
  5. Memorizing is not the same as understanding. Once you understand a concept, it is yours to use however you like. From your understanding comes creativity.

I personally operate all my teaching, training and mentoring in this way (be they a child or adult). I try not to criticize, and if I need to point something out I focus not on the person, but rather the thing that needs to be fixed. We all make mistakes, but it’s what we do after that is the most telling.

So right now I am gathering my thoughts and preparing my heart for another week. Actually the kids and I are getting into a groove. I think sometimes it’s the adults that get in the way of education. I trying not to impede their learning, and giving it my best effort to help facilitate their learning.

It’s a bit of a sigh sort of post, isn’t it? I hope I won’t have many posts that heave a sigh in the future.

Thank you for reading,


10 thoughts on “Last Week…

  1. Some good points there, I hope you are alright. Sorry you had such a bad ending to your week 😦

    • I’m trying to be, it’s just been a rocky road. I think it has to do with the company that I am working with. A lot of the problems I seem to be having could have been avoided and some dealt with differently. I am hoping things will sort themselves out, but another issue with my contact person seems to have a personality which clashes with mine. It doesn’t happen to often, but I just get the feeling she doesn’t like me. I’m not the only one who feels this way. It is sad really.

      • She clashes with others? sorry it’s going so badly, keep your chin up and a smile though! I know you always make me smile when you comment 🙂

      • Someone else mentioned it too. But she gave me a compliment today. It was nice, but I wasn’t sure how to take it. *Sigh* today the kids were a bit out of hand. I think because their parents are there.

        Your posts make me smile. Today I am pretty close to losing my voice, and a couple of times I lost my temper. I feel bad because I can’t seem to control them sometimes. I’m doing some research to figure out better tactics.

  2. So sorry to hear you had a bad week. I hope things are brighter soon. Stay strong!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad week. Hopefully this week was much improved! My sister who works with problem youth also had a trying time last week and had a mini-meltdown. I don’t know how you guys do it. Let me know how you are this week!

    • It’s over and it is starting to improve. I’ve been thinking about things that I can do for them which integrates my experience. Also things that I can do after the program is finished that can be a positive tool for education. But last week and earlier this week I was just about ready for that melt down, I had my bags packed for the funny farm. I think the first issue is that their not really your kids. So it is going to be hard, or rather it can be hard, to control them initially. The second is that some families don’t value education and so you’re battling that too.

  4. Just keep on truckin’. Your good enough to do this.

    Awesome dog agrees.

    • I love your support and encouragement. I’m working my way through it. It takes a ton of work if you want to do it right I think. And I really do. I’ve been trying various ways to get them more involved and generate a love of words. I figure once you love words then you can be with them and play with them. I just wish I was given more time to work with them one-on-one. So many of them need special attention.

      Yay, I’m taking the awesome dog with my in my heart so I can brave another day. Deep breath, I can do this…

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