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In My Neighborhood…

I finally got a new camera back in December and have been tinkering with it. The problem, or rather one of the problems, is that I have not really been taking too many pictures. Just a here and there, every so often. I think I feel a bit of a tourist taking pictures, there is a stereotype of Asian tourists visiting NY, LA, Las Vegas…etc. and taking a lot of pictures. I think people here used to feel that it was a bit strange to drag out your camera to capture an image that was otherwise be considered banal. But I am trying to overcome that ridiculous notion and take more pictures.

At first I would wait for moments when there wasn’t anyone around to see me in action. Exhibit A…

I am not quite sure what that red-winged object was, but I just liked the name A to Z Mart.


Then a few days later I was sitting in my car at the red light waiting. I looked over and thought that the landscape looked pretty. So I snuck out my camera and click.

Here is the landscape with its original colors.

Then I got a little photo edit happy and messed with the color of another shot.


Feeling my Wheaties I found and stalked a squirrel a week later. But he got the better of me.

At first he just plays with the nut he finds.

Then he decided he wanted none of me and made his getaway.


Over the weekend I went for some dim sum and noodles, it was New Years Eve after all. While waiting for my take out I noticed how pretty they had decorated the dining area. I realized there was a wedding reception to take place in a few hours. There was only one other set of customers so tried to look nonchalant as I surreptitiously took out my camera.

I did play with the color a bit and blurred the edges a bit.

And today while at the bank I decided to play with the fish eye feature of my little Olympus. (Claps hands and says, “Go little cheap camera!!!”)

I really can't help myself, I think I like playing with the after effects way too much.

It's a hamburger dive, I think the owner really likes to decorate their joint.

Now that I think about it, this actually turned out to be a photo journal of the month of January.