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Super Bowl Sunday…

Superbowl Sunday is a big day for folks in the U.S. You can go out during game time and the first thing you notice immediately is that the streets are empty. You can also hear a block wide silence followed by a hardy cheer from fans interjected with the occasional “Oooooohhhhh!!!”

It’s a time for ribs, barbecue, wings, pizza, beer, chips, dips and hoagies. It’s definitely not a girly moment. I am not a football kind of gal, so I find it nice to drive about and do my weekend shopping in the afternoon. What I do like about Superbowl Sunday are, oddly enough, the commercials. Companies go all out to create what they hope to be funny and memorable ads. A lot of times they are successful.

Here are a few that had me chuckling (they mostly seem to be cars huh?):

Do I know how to waste time or what? Eh, wasting time can be good. Let’s your neurons relax.