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Super Bowl Sunday…


Superbowl Sunday is a big day for folks in the U.S. You can go out during game time and the first thing you notice immediately is that the streets are empty. You can also hear a block wide silence followed by a hardy cheer from fans interjected with the occasional “Oooooohhhhh!!!”

It’s a time for ribs, barbecue, wings, pizza, beer, chips, dips and hoagies. It’s definitely not a girly moment. I am not a football kind of gal, so I find it nice to drive about and do my weekend shopping in the afternoon. What I do like about Superbowl Sunday are, oddly enough, the commercials. Companies go all out to create what they hope to be funny and memorable ads. A lot of times they are successful.

Here are a few that had me chuckling (they mostly seem to be cars huh?):

Do I know how to waste time or what? Eh, wasting time can be good. Let’s your neurons relax.

24 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday…

  1. The last one’s too funny!! XD

  2. For your next birthday I shall get you a darth vader helm and play that theme for you lol! XD

  3. You know, I can’t watch it this year. Have to get up early in the morning.

    And this is a little sad, but without the Saints playing, I really just don’t care. All that much.

    • A lot of people don’t watch if their team isn’t playing. It’s normal I think. And if you’d have to get up early to watch some team you didn’t really care about I can see skipping it.

      • Still, I stayed up too late, nearly got up late and spent the first half calling out plays and stuff.

        God I love this game.

      • You crack me up. I tend to stay up too late and just figure I’ll stay up and watch junk online till I pass out. It sort of just started happening a few years ago when I was working on my masters and my classmates were around the world and I was too stressed to sleep. That and my best friend is always in another time zone so we would get caught up that way too.

  4. I’m looking forward to the commercials, the game not so much! LOL

  5. Dun-Dun-Dun-Dun-Ta-Dun indeed!! 😉

    • You know the song has been in my head all day long…walking through Costco I thought for a minute I can open that refrigerator door with the force :D.

  6. I like playing sports but can’t stand watching a game. To be honest, I’m not into the commercials or shows either. I am a little surprised that Madonna hadn’t performed during it until this year.

    • You know that is surprising. She’s done everything else.

      I’m not particularly athletic, I think there’s a part of me that doesn’t like sports competitiveness. But I can be somewhat competitive in everything else. I like activities to be fun. Some people take it way too seriously.

      • I actually love the competitiveness of sports. Can’t stand being on a treadmill but I have no problem running if I have to tackle someone, lol.

        And there are always people who take everything too seriously. I want to tackle them at work!

      • I think that’s really cool that you are into the whole competition of things. I try not to be that way because knowing my personality I will get carried away with things and someone is going to have to drag me off somewhere. Wait, scratch that, they’re going to have to pry me off of someone and drag me off somewhere (I don’t take it seriously, but I think I get worked up too much). I tend to get excited sometimes. That’s why indoor equipment is good for a spaz such as myself. No one else gets harmed, I may need a hamster wheel. 😀

  7. The main thing that attracts me to Super Bowl is the uniforms… I can actually watch the entire game (not even knowing the rules), the commercials are cool too. What did you think about the half-time show this year? At first I thought they were rerunning Chinese Olympics!

    • Haha, that’s a good point. They do have such tight uniforms for such beefy men, I was just thinking about it while I was watching. I just think it’s funny that some man renamed himself Ocho Cinco. I was disappointed in a lot of the commercials this year though. I thought it would be better. I like the online versions better, their longer and usually more detailed.

      I was wondering why they went with Madonna this year. Usually it’s a big show, the halftime. But she seems a little less relevant right now. I know just a few weeks ago Steven Tyler butchered the national anthem. A lot of folks were upset. But I think it was the best he could do. I also think it’s the people who organize it who should take blame.

  8. I like the sound of all of the “male” food, I love junky food like that once in a while.
    Oh they must be really expensive advertising slots, captive audience!

    • It’s definitely a man-food-gorgefest. It’s a good set up for an antacid commercial. I think they’re the most expensive slots of the year. I think that’s what it’s known for too. It’s a lot of car and chips ads. Funny that is the target audience.

  9. Madonna interesting, I agree, she’s great but I thought they would have used someone more ‘of the moment”

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