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My Dear Friends,

My lovely friend Andy has awarded me with the Versatile blogger award. He seems to get a lot of awards, and they are all well deserved. He has a fantastic blog, I feel it is unabashedly him. I love that he is brave enough to allow himself to be vulnerable and share with us his emotions. I think it’s something that is discouraged a lot of times. If only we were more accepting of our emotions and expressive of them I think we would all have more honest relationships. That was my long-winded way of saying thanks and paying tribute to Andy.

Onto the list of seven random facts about me. First, to know me is to know that my Spanish is not as it should be. I say should be as Spanish was the other language spoken, quite frequently, in my house. I can understand most of it, bearing in mind I have to sit there and translate it in my head into English, but I am too shy to try to speak it. The problem is the conjugation of verbs, my pronunciation is fine. So now you know my secret shame.

Second, I have favorite Spanish words. One of my favorites is llamativo. It literally translates to, “it calls to me.” According to Merriam-Webster it means flashy, showy, striking. I prefer to think of it as things that beckon my name. You know those things that are just so lovely that they draw you in.  It’s like some sort of tractor beam and you can’t help but go towards the object of your affection. And that’s how I use it, when describing something to my Mom and I can not explain why I love it I tend to say it has “llamativo” funnily enough there is always some sort of hand gesture that goes along with it. Incidentally that’s the third thing, that I talk emphatically with my hands.

I took this picture because, well because it called to me. My fourth random thing is that I am a glasses wearer. I don’t mind them, but I’m not in love with the fact that I need them sometimes. My fifth random thing is my  love for the color red. I really like it in all it’s forms. I am also glad that as a grown woman I can pull off red lipstick better than when I was a teenager. I looked like I was going to married off against my will when I wore it, a sad little thing that was perhaps traded for a goat. The synopsis makes me feel a bit sad and queasy.

Fifth random thing, when I’m a bit down I tend to put on make-up. I just play around and dab here and there. Sometimes I end up looking like a clown. Other times it comes out great. Most of the times I end up doing my nails. I can’t explain why, but playing with color just makes me happy.

Sixth random thing, I am not a fan or reading directions. I am more likely to just dive in when I have an idea of what is going on. I’m not above reading directions, just sometimes I like to play around and learn from my playing.

Seventh and final random thing, I like to collect cups and tea pots. I like the shape and colors. I love that someone took the time to create something beautiful with care.

The last step is to award the prize to 15 other bloggers. I think I’ve passed this on to many of you at one point in time or another. I am going to nominate all the bloggers who are reading this right now. I would love for you to accept the award and if you’d like do a post and comment below linking so others can see  your seven random facts about yourself that would be fantastic.

Thank you my friends!!!