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Today’s Journey…

Lately I’ve been a bit busy and feeling a bit run down, trying to stay healthy and fighting off a cold. That is the inevitable risk one takes when working with kids, cootie infestation. Thankfully I am pretty healthy and have managed to not really get too sick, but just a mild version of a cold seemed to try to take hold. So I fight on, the current score is Danielle – 1 Kiddie Cootie – 0.

But being run down from a variety of stresses has made me feel that today should be a lazy day. I have got a long weekend, since the kiddies have a long weekend. I was in need of a replacement bulb for my headlight and decided to take a bit of a constitutional. The crisp wintry air was refreshing as I walked against the brisk winds. My scarf flew around as the thought came to me that I should have worn a thicker sweater. It may sound strange, but I enjoy these sort of cloudy almost gloomy days. With their promise of rain the dark clouds break up the onslaught of seemingly¬†perennial summer days. For me it’s a welcome change of pace.

It inspired me to take out my little Olympus, whom I think I should name Ollie, and snap away. This time I went with the pinhole setting. I think they came out pretty well. I went with a slide show and a gallery display. Let me know what you think.

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