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12 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!!!!

  1. Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day, Danielle! May you always be surrounded by love and beauty! Hugs! xx

    • Oh Eugenia that is the most beautiful thing Valentine’s greeting that I think I’ve ever heard. I do wish the same thing for you and your loved ones as well.

      I hope you and your hubby are having a wonderful Valentines Day together!!! A lovely stress free night with yummy food, pleasant company, and if the stars are aligned diamonds. Swoon, chocolates and diamonds, sounds so fantastic.

      • Haha! Thanks so much, Danny! I had a truly relaxing Valentine’s Day, wrapped in the warmth of my husband, daughter and dog! It doesn’t get sweeter than that for me! We celebrate 365 days a year, so this was just another love-filled day for us! I cooked a wonderful traditional meat sauce with some broad pasta noodles, a tangy green salad, and some wine to wash everything down with! I hope you had a lovely day as well, and enjoyed it doing all that you love most!

      • We’re so simpatico. I just made a turkey and sausage tomato sauce with thin spaghetti yesterday. It was my first time doing it with turkey. It wasn’t quite the same as regular meat, but it was pretty good. And quite a bit healthier.
        I had a lovely relaxed day with family. Just thinking of planning my lesson for tomorrow soon.

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